Coordinates - The cat, you and us

A very mid-September Hello!

The other day we just had those “ok-we-are-this-kind-of-people” realization moments: do we dress color coordinated?

Although Dani wakes up much earlier than I do, during weekends we usually start dressing at the same time. Being honest, I take double the time Dani does, because he usually grabs one t-shirt and some jeans, specially now with this heat there is actually nothing else he can do but to wear denim shorts and a light t-shirt.

When I am dressing I actually start by thinking: I’m in the mood to wear a dress? Which, I don’t know why, it’s happening less lately, and if I’m not I go for a skirt. Pretty easy? Ha! Well not that much, we (girls) are more complicated with clothes although my final result is a simple as Dani’s is. It’s not that I give much thought into it when we go for a casual date (I definitely don’t!) but I have more steps to think about: shoes and bag are quite essential for me too.

Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us

Off the shoulder top is from Zara, denim skirt from Pull&Bear and lemon quirky purse from Kling.

Coordinates - The cat, you and us Lemon purse from Kling - The cat, you and us

The minute I got dressed in my yellowy off the shoulder top and had decided to wear the lemon purse (do you remember I got to be twins with another reader?), I saw Dani wearing his new t-shirt, also in yellow: ha! I couldn’t help but smile and decided that we couldn’t change whatsoever. Have you seen this internet famous elderly couple that have dressed coordinated for 52 years? I hope we can be them in the future (or maybe not the color part, but yes to all the rest *wink)

Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us D-Struct project men shirt - The cat, you and us

Dani’s shirt is from D-struct project, bought in a tiny cute store in Gracia called Picnic.

Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us Coordinates - The cat, you and us

Have you ever stumbled upon your BFF or beau wearing the exact same clothing item or the same color? I recently learnt thanks to Fiona from Burntfeather that there is a Japanese fashion among girls to be wearing exactly the same called Futago Koude, interesting! Would you ever join this fashion? Let’s talk about coordinates!

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  1. deniz ADDS...

    Hi Damaris! I’ve been traveling for a while and I had never a chance to check my Bloglovin. Then today I started to check all your posts that I didn’t catch by that time :)
    You look so sweet in this blouse!! And also I love the photo filter that you use for this post. It gives an analog vibe to your captures!! Is it a ready to use filter or did you create by yourself?

    Haha :) I was wearing exactly the same things with my bff when I was 15-16… But now rather I use the same colors, same patterns with Turker :)) haha !! it’s so fun! Sometimes we wear striped t-shirts together that looks so photogenic.


    13th September 2016
    • We reply...

      I am also terribly behind my daily reads, thanks for the catching up dear Deniz! :) And also super thanks for your sweet words, we use vsco tools but in fact the edition we have right now it’s our own mix of things from here and there, it is not directly a filter. Love that it gives you the analog feeling, we definitely aim to have a texture in our pics :) You and Türker are always so chic together, love your style as a couple and individually! <3

  2. ice pandora ADDS...

    I sometimes wish I can be quick in picking clothes like
    men do, sigh. You look lovely Damaris, the lemon purse
    suits the off shoulder top a lot! Xx

    13th September 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks lovely! Nodding in total agreement to your being quick wish :)

  3. Girl & Closet ADDS...

    Your outfit is CUTE!! And yes, my hubby & I are often leaving the house/matching! Too funny, although, I have asked him to change! ;)

    14th September 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks Veronika, you’re so sweet! I love your style so much, it has that chic yet relaxed vibe.

  4. Nieves ADDS...

    Las fotos, son preciosas, sois la pareja más guay del panorama informático, me encantan todos los detalles, estáis guapísimos, gracias por las fotos.

    14th September 2016
    • We reply...

      Más pelota no se puede ser, jajajajajaj, gracias guapa! Tu que nos ves con buenos ojos.

  5. Fiona ADDS...

    ahhhh this is soooo good. I love when I see couples matching, it makes my heart melt, any outward sign of romance usually does :P I didn’t know about that internet couple – how sweet *big super smiles* the off the shoulder look is so cute too!!!

    19th September 2016
  6. Lauren ADDS...

    I love your style so much! Found you on the ModCloth style gallery, and looking forward to looking through your blog!

    20th September 2016

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