Instax challenge: September 2015

Instax Challenge September - The cat, you and us

Here we have an early edition of the Instax Challenge for this month of September! yuhu! I think we have never been able to publish it so soon, but this time I got a little help from the fairies (a.k.a Dani) who travelled us to Carcassone to where, of course, I insisted on bringing our Instax wide.

Although I was envisioning ending a full instax film package plus making some snapchats silly stories (are you on snapchat? we are thecatyouandus there, easy to find, right? *wink), we were finally so focused into the dslr and to enjoy the moment that forgot to take pics neither with the phone nor the instax. We ended up having only two single instax, one for each of us, at early sunset next to the castle. We temporarily stored them inside Dani’s pocket and only remembered about them when we were back at our home, having quite wrinkled pictures as a result. Well, I think it’s not that bad after all, I love the worn out effect on a polaroid-ish pic!

Instax Challenge September - The cat, you and us

Thanks for all the sweet cheering messages from last post, a big (big!) hug for all of you! Oh! and next week in The cat, you and us: Madrid! finally!

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