As of late… snapshots from (last year) December

Winter time - The cat, you and us

Why it feels more weird to review the last month when there is the change of year in between? I guess specially when you see the Christmas decorations that might feel a little off now… well, not here in Barcelona where we are kind of still on Christmas season, at least until yesterday 6th, when we celebrated the three kings tradition (the three wise men). So – luckily for us – perfectly adequate to keep all the Christmas decor until the weekend, yay!

Taking a look at our phone snaps, December was a good month, no doubts about it: we decorated our home (and recorded a video!), send our love via Christmas cards, visited Festivalet – our favorite Christmas market – for gift hunting, received lots of love via cards and thoughtful gifts from you, discovered new foodie places in Barcelona and watched & loved Star Wars VII (in a super cute & geek movie theater).

Ready to jump in our time machine?

Christmas tree - The cat, you and us Casa Batlló - The cat, you and us

This is the back of the famous Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, the one with the colorful mosaic façade. Look at the interesting patio floor tiles!

Casa Batlló - The cat, you and us De Paula burger - The cat, you and us

We tried De Paula, a Brazilian-Catalan burger place, yumm!

De Paula burger - The cat, you and us With love - The cat, you and us

Love. This was our first Christmas card this year, thanks dear Fee for the anticipation!

With love - The cat, you and us Festivalet 2015 - The cat, you and us

If you are in Barcelona during the Festivalet weekend you definitely should never miss it, great selection of crafters, food trucks & stands and a mindful organization.

Festivalet 2015 - The cat, you and us Festivalet 2015 - The cat, you and us Festivalet 2015 - The cat, you and us Star Wars premiere - The cat, you and us

Yes, we were one of those people waiting in line for its premiere at 00:05 on Thursday 17th :) the movie theater has awesome decoration that homages Jaws, the Shinning or Alien. I loved that all the staff was wearing that day Star Wars themed outfits.

Phenomena - The cat, you and us Prrruuuty pliz - The cat, you and us Heart enamel pin - The cat, you and us

Juno “eating” strange things, how she will relate an enamel pin & wood ornament with food? Both presents from the cute Elena, thanks girl!

Red nose - The cat, you and us

Red nose for my Juno-Rudolph, ha!

Colorful pillow - The cat, you and us

When a coffee shop has a pillow as cute as this!

Cometa - The cat, you and us Instagramming - The cat, you and us Fish and Chips shop - The cat, you and us

One of our favorite discoveries (and reconciliation with the most famous English meal) was the Fish and Chips shop, with fresh hake and homemade tartar sauce and mango chutney. Too delish!

Fish and Chips shop - The cat, you and us Fish and Chips shop - The cat, you and us Happy Christmas - The cat, you and us

This is the last Christmas card we have received. It’s from the lovely Yoos, thanks guys! And thank you again to everyone who were super thoughtful with us!

New Year's eve - The cat, you and us

This was our outfit for the countdown of New Year’s eve. You would not be surprised to learn that Juno, the diva, was not interested whatsoever in matching us, and was not even impressed with her Hawaiian collar ;)

Thanks for going back with us for a few minutes, now let’s put our energies on making the best of this 2016! We are going to keep the snapshots series for this 2016 because it’s fun to see what our phones stored during the month, hope you like it too!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    lovely snapshots! :) hope your january is going well~ it’s always so dreary, no? after all the festivities and celebrations have ended. but this year for us it’s been ok. the transition has always been a little hard but it’s been ok this year. thank goodness for that :)

    7th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Since our Christmas ended on the 6th of January I felt this weekend the post-vacation blues a lot, but today I’m trying to look forward to 2016. As you say 2015 was ok, we have to be thankful and wishful we have another ok year. Big hug!

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    That last photo is so funny! Happy new year! I agree about December feeling like it belongs in a different category other than a month ago! I guess it’s nice to feel like we’re now looking forward to an exciting beginning! I love your snap shot series, look forward for next months :) :)

    9th January 2016
    • We reply...

      My mom told me: you have not seriously posted that picture! hahahaha, poor mom, she has to deal with blogger madness from time to time :) With the tree kings tradition it feels like I’m just starting 2016 now, kind of weird. Let’s see what January has in the store for all of us dear friend!

  3. Louise ADDS...

    Awww, lovely!! I think the beginning of the new year should always involve a little bit of the Christmas magic that’s still left. Otherwise the days would be too dark!! These snaps are really cute and homely! The first picture looks a bit like a view in Moomin Valley… so pretty!
    Your get up for NYE looks brilliant, loving the glasses! ;)

    12th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Never thought about the Moomin Valley similarity but you’re so right! :) The place in the first pic is next to my work, now this ressemblance will put a smile in my face every time I walk past by, thanks lovely Louise! <3

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