Juno, our instagram star

Juno is the apple of our eye, she was the first thing that came into our minds when creating the blog and thinking about the appropriate name, and is our favorite photographing model (sorry to a certain dude that is also a wonderful model :P).

If you had asked me a few years before, it would sound completely surreal to me, as I had never had any pets during my childhood, besides turtles and some fishes. Dani (who was a dog person before meeting Juno) told me how important was for him to have a furry member in the family and how you love them with passion. I couldn’t agree more now.

I was already a crazy cat lady before knowing Juno, but those with cats know how that craziness increases having them in home :) Some people talk about cats spreading pheromones, I believe it’s their attitude what most make us fall in love (well, their cute-everything doesn’t hurt either)

So, we thought that we could have this little post all Juno-centric for sharing the love and showing you our favorite pictures from our Instagram account. Hope you like them!

P.S: On a sadder note, my purse got stolen last week, just so you know why our Instagram is not so updated right now. It was a horrible situation; we must recover and see the good things in life, as our little Juno!

juno - the cat you and us juno - the cat you and us

Juno got her own superhero cape on Christmas! See below how it worked! She is showing her new superpowers :)

juno - the cat you and us
juno - the cat you and us juno - the cat you and us

Before and during bath pictures. Her “I do not approve this” face on the first cracks me up.

juno - the cat you and us

She is a winky girl, always with the right eye :)

juno - the cat you and us
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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    That’s horrible about your purse, but good for you for looking on the bright side. I’ve also heard that toxoplasmosis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasmosis )(which is carried by cats) makes you like cats more and want to be around them. But I’d rather think that it’s because they are awesome, not because they have mind controlling parasites. lol.

    26th August 2013
  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    so sorry to hear about your purse getting stole. i had my wallet stolen a few months ago and it was a pain putting it back together. juno looks like she is quite the character. i’m sure she brings so much joy to your life! i can say that about my furry member of the family! :)

    26th August 2013
  3. Jill ADDS...

    Juno is absolutely adorable! I’ve had cats all my life and I really miss having them around now that I live on my own. That sucks about your purse though :(

    26th August 2013
  4. Gerard ADDS...

    I’m so sorry for the theft of your purse! There is too much bad people in this world! :(
    Wonderful photos of your lovely cat!!!

    26th August 2013
  5. She is so cute she doesnt even look real!

    xo Lisa

    27th August 2013
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh she is such a star, I love all her cute expressions! That’s super awful about your purse, I hope it wasn’t too painful to gather new cards and all the items lost :(

    I’m glad Juno can be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow though!

    27th August 2013
  7. Jenny ADDS...

    that sucks about your purse but your cat is awesome :D you grabbed some great shots~

    27th August 2013
  8. We reply...

    Thanks to everyone for your words on my purse! really appreciated! :) :) It has been so painful for all the documentation and lost items. I also had a wallet and a little purse inside bought in Japan, which were the most hard to lose.

    And best of all, thanks for all the Juno love! She sure appreciates it a lot as well :)


  9. Leeds ADDS...

    ahhhhhH!!! i love juno! i love the name and such a cute furry little face!!! i love seeing photos of juno! & i’m sorry about your purse–that really sucks! :(

    at this volume

    28th August 2013
  10. Louise ADDS...

    People should learn how to keep there hands of other peoples properties :( I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost some of your treasured belongings. On a brighter note, Juno is so extremely cute. I love the picture with her sitting on the sofa!

    28th August 2013
  11. Camila Faria ADDS...

    Oh my, Juno is really a superstar! SO adorable! And that little cape? Gotta love it!

    29th August 2013
  12. SARA ADDS...

    Juno is a fluffy adorable thing!
    I was robbed more than 6 times in the last three years,what’s to say? it sucks but by the end if the day i’m grateful i did not got hurt :)

    30th August 2013
  13. Delphine ADDS...

    your cat is so cute!!
    i have the same rug in my living room :3

    2nd September 2013

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