1st anniversary week: the party

Here it is the third and (at last :P) final episode of our wedding diary that we share just one year after it all happened (today is our anniversary day!); let’s get the party started.

We chose a relaxed feeling restaurant with a very New York vibe in Barcelona to have lunch with our family and closest friends. The distribution of the venue was great as it had two different zones, which allowed us to have cocktails (strawberry mojitos!) and some tapas in the bar zone while the lunch took place on the other part with all the seating and tables.

It is quite funny to know that it was the first wedding ever that they hosted in the restaurant because it is not the kind of place that in Spain is used as a wedding venue; however it fitted our type of event perfectly! They were beyond excited to have us and were very kind and receptive with our ideas.

All the venue decoration was DIY by us and although very simple had details of our obsessions :) For instance the tables had not numbers but names of freak and geek stuff: we had the Star Wars table (ours!), the Jurassic Park or the Space Invaders one. We found the most amazing postcards designs of the skyline of Barcelona with those characters interacting with the city.

The tables also had little sweet bottles with wild flowers, similar to the ones in my bouquet, and the same cups as used in the confetti with small cacti that were part of the favors for our guests. The cups were bought in an etsy store, the cacti were from a cute local shop in Gracia called “Oh La” and the stickers, again matching our invitation suite design, were printed at Moo.

We also gave as favors handmade candies from a little shop called PapaBubble with the shape of salmon and tuna makis that were a nod to our honeymoon destination. They were very impressive, if we dare say! They looked exactly as little sushi makis and even in the package they had two small wooden sticks (kawaii!! :P).

After lunch we surprised everyone with a homemade video clip that featured us dancing the She & Him song “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” as performed by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We are not as good dancers (not slightly similar to them) but fortunately it was quite the hit! :)

Thanks for following us along this anniversary week; it has been really exciting to share it with you!

** This post is part of our wedding series **

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

The Space Invaders table! You can see here how the tables looked like. We loved that there were both sofas and armchairs to sit.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

We had tree type of cocktails: regular mojitos, strawberry mojitos and mimosa.

Damaris + Dani wedding

Dani’s mom looking beautiful!

Damaris + Dani wedding

The bar had lots of books to decorate the place, and an awesome textured wallpaper.

Damaris + Dani wedding

We don’t know if it was the nice staff who had this book called “A favor del amor” (“In favor of love”) specially featured for us, but I think it is a great detail.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

Instead of the traditional cake we had a very smooth cheesecake, nevertheless we had our own wooden hand-painted Leia and Han Solo wedding “cake” toppers (yep, etsy again! it was a serious life saver :P)

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

Here is the “sushi” to take away as favors. In the second picture you can see the name holders we printed using the same typography as in the invitation and adding washi.

Damaris + Dani wedding

Dani’s brother was in charge to take a polaroid-ish (a Fujifilm instax wide) picture to everyone. Then we asked to add one of the pics to our guestbook, to feel free to enjoy some scrapbooking and to leave us a message.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

And here is a gif with the amazing results of the guestbook scrapbooking, those guys are talented! ;) when we are at home we love to go through the pages.

Damaris + Dani wedding

Shhhh that’s a family secret, Dani and his brother have other way more important second lives ;)

Damaris + Dani wedding

That is an awesome picture right? hahaha, love the boys faces and Anna’s resignation one ;P Albert, you rocked that t-shirt! thanks! :)

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

This is our daily reminder that the adventure begins every day! We have the print now hanging at home.

Photo credits: Díez & Bordons

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  1. jude ADDS...

    Felicitats!!Molt original el lloc. jiji, el germà de’n Dani està igualet que fa mil anys.

    20th October 2013
    • We reply...

      :) Merci!! Doncs sí que és veritat, jajaja, aquest s’ha encomanat al diable o alguna cosa similar XD

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I’m loving the lay out of the party! Lots of DIY like
    you’ve said before, the guestbook signing is probably
    the best part! Really unique! Xx

    20th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! We bought lots of washi and had personalized sticks with the same theme as in the invitation suite. Everyone was so clever with their scrapbooking; a precious memory! :)

  3. Sara ADDS...

    Your guestbook is the best i’ve seen in years :D

    20th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! It was also so fun to have everyone taking pictures with the Instax and playing with all the scrapbooking materials :)

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    WHAT! you had names of freaks and geeks stuff instead of numbers, so awesome! If I ever have a wedding I’m definitely stealing your guest book idea, how amazing is that and I’m sure so fun to look back on too :) Ah gosh all the details are so good and strawberry mojitos are one of my favourite drinks! I love these posts, I’m a little sad they’re over :( Have a great anniversary!

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      Your comments are always so cherished Fiona, thanks! :) We’ll definitely have some strawberry mojitos together one day :)

  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    all the diy and details are really sweet. hope you had a wonderful anniversary! here’s to many many more!

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! :) We did have a terrific time in Paris to celeberate the anniversary, we will post a quick recap in pictures soon. Oh la la! :)

  6. Mollie ADDS...

    Looks like an absolutely perfect day, the love you two share shines through in every one of these photos.

    P.S. I LOVE, love, love the Han Solo and Leia wedding cake toppers, fabulous touch. :)

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      There are so many cute things in etsy, We were very happy to find the little handmade painted wood toppers in a geek (and important to us) theme :P Thanks Mollie!!!

  7. Albert ADDS...

    Ningun cassament està complet sense el seu troll hunter ;-)
    Gràcies a vosaltres que us veu currar un dia perfecte.

    22nd October 2013
    • We reply...

      Uo!! Caldria que es convertís en una tradició, molt millor que lo de la katana, hahahaha Merci a vosaltres!!! ♥

  8. TJ ADDS...

    I absolutely love all of these pictures down to all the tiny details! Especially the sign book! :)
    xo TJ


    28th October 2013
  9. Irela ADDS...

    This was the perfect “venue” for the reception. Nice, quaint and cozy. It’s certainly more lovely in my eyes than a big banquet hall or something equally grandiose. I am a huge fan of intimate cozy settings. This was perfection ♥

    29th October 2013

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