2021 (a new) Hope

Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope GIF for 2021 - The cat, you and us

Excuse the pun in the title, but I wasn’t able to resist it after watching the entire second season of The Mandalorian during this last Christmas season, and now that I am mentioning… what a treat for Star Wars lovers this show is! Well… enough of Star Wars for now, we are here today to wish you a happy hopeful New Year!

I usually avoid making list of resolutions when a new year starts, which frankly makes more sense this year than ever. I think part of me is scared that I won’t accomplish them and thus disappoint my inner (virgo) obsessive achiever; however this time it’s a little bit different, during this 2020 I’ve tried to slowly learn to take things as they are coming.

I won’t lie, I haven’t really reached the point where I am fine with everything as it comes and that I love things as they are, not at all. I still miss our old life, with travel plans in my head to which I could mentally go back whenever I was stressed at work. It made things easier to know that the overload of work would help pay for a trip to Japan (for instance), that there would be lots of joy and excitement as a reward.

Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us
Hope for 2021 - The cat, you and us

I know joy is in lots of little things, main one for me is knowing that my loved ones are healthy and that I can hug them tightly when my mind goes a little darker. I miss my mom hugs though, I have been able to see her a total of 5 times during this year (my usual was almost every weekend, so it’s indeed way less) but just for safety we have tried to not hug and wear masks and/or have distance during our rare meet-ups. While writing this post I have checked what I wrote last year (which quite ironically was called The vibrant 20s), and this is what I asked for old 2020:

“For this 2020 I ask for health of my loved ones, because that’s my number 1 worry, and myself, but also to be able to do things without the need to feel validated.”

I found it specially striking that I said “that’s my number 1 worry” which I think quite lots of people can relate as well, specially after 2020. It’s also my number 1 this year but instead for 2021 I twitch it a little and also ask for hope, hope in that all the world would heal, hope that there’s a real more definitive solution, hope that we’ll all try to make things better.

What is it that you wish for 2021? Are you making resolutions? Let me know yours so I can be inspired! Hugs and love to you.

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me alegra que a pesar de lo pasado tengas la ilusión de levantar la moral de todos con el cartel, pidiendo en varios idiomas esperanza, qué tanto necesitamos!

    1st January 2021
  2. Fee ADDS...

    My resolution for 2021 is also to go with the flow and have hope for good things to come -I love your sentiment and sign :) So tough only seeing your Mum five times but so lucky you guys are all doing okay. I definitely want to be better at weathering the storms, stress less, and enjoy my life however it looks :) :) Trying to be more okay with change, I guess! Happy 2021 you guys, I’m optimistic it will be filled with joy!

    2nd January 2021
  3. Chelsea Finn ADDS...

    Happy New Year!! I haven’t really thought of any specific resolutions yet, other than to get back into some routine I guess. But I’m excited for a new year!

    xx Chelsea

    4th January 2021

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