9 years sharing ice-cream (and lots of love!)

Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us

Happy adoption day, Juno!

I feel Juno has always been a part of our lives but officially we became a cat family 9 years ago, when we were driving to take her home, a little furry ball in her carrier; she occupied like 1% of it (now 50%, she is tiny!)

I was so scared at first, I had thoughts like, what if she doesn't like us? or what if she doesn't like our home? But no matter how shy she was, we connected in less than an hour, which was the time she was waiting on the bathroom to have enough courage to check the living room & us.

Juno has a strong character, is stubborn, easily annoyed and definitely not a lap cat. But she is also super sweet and is like a shadow following us everywhere we go. It's adorable to see her super happy when we get home, specially after the sun has set down when she gets more anxious for us. Also, when one of us is not home, she makes extra effort to give us love.

Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us

Juno's favorite summer food is ice-cream. When I get a tub from the refrigerator she literally thinks it's a treat for her, and comes to my side to eat some (only from my fingers, don't worry, she eats less than half a teaspoon in total). She prefers creamy sweet ice-creams like vanilla salty caramel or dulce de leche. Also she was very fond on violet & coconut ice-cream from Rocambolesc but lately I'm not able to find it easily, so Häagen-Dazs it is.

I know it's not super healthy for her, but our vet gave us a green light to give her a little. The vet was very suprised to know that she was so much in love with ice-creams because usually milk can be heavy for cat stomachs. But hey, Juno is quite different in that, she loves goat cheese and ice-creams!

Does your furry pal also have a passion for something unusual?

Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us

Dat face! hahaha, I was completely taken away, and well, she is not impressed at all :)

Ice-cream with Juno the cat - The cat, you and us

Love you ladybug, with all our heart!

Also a little update, if you are following her health issues this last month (thanks for the messages!) we are finally testing her again this week, and we are crossing fingers and toes.

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Estáis muy guapas! Juno feliz, comiendo una chispita de su helado favorito.

    23rd July 2019
  2. Mary ADDS...

    Happy Adoption Day, Juno! What a wonderful parents you have :)

    26th July 2019
    • We reply...

      <3 <3 Biggest hug Mary! Thank you!

  3. Jennifer ADDS...

    That is so cute she likes ice cream! I remember my cat Toulouse would lick my ice cream spoon if i let her. Or she would lick clean a container. Know what is weird though? Supposedly cats don’t have any sweet taste receptors! I wonder what is in that caramel that Juno likes?!

    3rd August 2019
    • We reply...

      oh Toulouse was the same with ice-cream! So I guess there should be something there that appeals some cats too, we need to investigate ;)

  4. Fee ADDS...

    Such sweet photos and story and super fingers crossed for her getting the all clear, we just moved and haven’t had internet for a while so I’m sure this message comes a little late but hopefully after all good news :) :)

    4th August 2019
    • We reply...

      Thank you lovely! We have indeed good news, we just got her last tests and she is healthy, not any bacteria traces left! We are super happy <3 Oh! and congrats on the move, hope I get to see some pictures of your new place <3 <3 big hug!

  5. Fee ADDS...

    Yay, I’m so glad to hear of the great GREAT news!!!!

    5th August 2019
    • We reply...

      Aww, thank you dear! It truly means a lot <3

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