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Hello there! We have ready the first new for this Blogiversary month! We are happy to announce that the section Barcelona will now host a complete Barcelona guide of the city with a local flavour, with all our favorite addresses gathered together and with videos for each one of the areas.

As big Barcelona enthusiasts we have shared with you our food dates or walks around the city in several posts, but all the addresses where scattered here and there. Since we are fans of blogger’s city guides (they always enclose local surprises that make a tourist smile) we thought we could give our five cents to which parts of Barcelona we do enjoy most while creating our own Barcelona city guide.


Images of this post are screenshots from the upcoming videos!


However, as long term readers of this blog well-know, we are not those to take the easy path, ha! and decided to create videos (yes, several!) to better illustrate our recommendations. I have to say that video editing always overwhelms us (and still does!), but I’m glad we went for it. It was fun & refreshing and at the same time a good learning experience. Our main goal behind was not only give more good vibes to the guide but also to learn more about video for our future travels. We definitely want to add a little video in our next destination!

If you jump now to the Barcelona menu, you will be able to watch the same sneak peek video included in this post, and then the main areas of the city we are dividing our guide into: Born + Gotic, Barceloneta, Raval, Montjuïc and Sant Antoni + Eixample. If you click on any of them (once they are unblocked) you will get a specific video on top and our best addresses. First area available will be Born + Gotic that’s going to be published next Wednesday, and that will continue for the next 5 weeks, publishing one per week as a new post, so at the end of the month (sort of, more like June) all areas are active. New areas will appear afterwards (like Gracia), but we will certainly share it as a new post, you won’t miss any new video!

Sant Antoni

If your trip to Barcelona is too soon to wait for all the areas and videos to be revealed on the following weeks, at the end of the main page a complete google map is ready for you to bring it in your next trip. On the map there are bonus recommendations, so make sure to check it out. Also we are adding a quick access to the guide on the blog’s lateral menu.

I know this change will be more appealing to those with Barcelona in their travelling wishlist, but I hope nevertheless all of you have fun with our videos, don’t forget to tell us what do you think, we specially would love to see which ones are your favorite parts!

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Ahhh! Fun!
    The video intro looks good and inviting and it makes me miss Barcelona a lot!
    Like tapas at Moritz :P
    I have attempted to make travel video’s but ugh, so much work and time to edit it!

    4th May 2016
  2. Mariko ADDS...

    So cool! Definitely need to start planning a Barcelona trip.

    4th May 2016
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys have out done yourselves as someone that has a love/hate of videos – love to watch, hate to edit :P I applaud the awesomen-ness!! Plus your outfits are killer Damaris!

    5th May 2016

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