The cat
Juno is our (little spoiled, we dare say) exotic shorthair precious cat. She was born in St. Feliu. We adopted her when she was 3 months old, and since then she is completely ruling our world. Those who have cats know precisely what we are talking about. She is oh-so-very sweet but also afraid of everything, except those on her very limited trust. We believe that being the smaller sibling may had an effect on that. She is usually laying on something fluffy giving you a wink with the right eye.

Dàmaris, a.k.a thethirdlorelai. I was born in Figueres, the same town as Dali and the Tramuntana wind. As a little kid I was always with my head stuck inside a book and playing with the Gameboy alongside my girl friends (no boys allowed near our Gameboy!). My favorite game back then was Tiny Toons, but as I grew older I moved towards the Mario saga. I started living in Barcelona when I went to college and since minute one I have loved every bit of this city. There I met my best friend and current partner in crime.

Dani, a.k.a srdurden. I was born in Barcelona, an amazing city with infinite places to discover. As a little kid I was always with my head inside a sci-fi book or playing with my Spectrum, the buzz & colors when loading the game was my secret guilty pleasure. When I met her in college, I fell in love and blabbed something crazy about Cameron Diaz, which surprisingly won her heart.

A.k.a The cat, you & us. We kind of started our relationship in Barcelona’s Museum of Modern Art, which astonishes and amazes us parts equal. We have very similar interests, and always automatically take a different active part in each of them. Our love for cinema is not a secret, and we have the very good luck to have friends with whom have endless conversations about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. We got married last October 2012 (yei!), you can take a look at our wedding website. With our honeymoon we were able to make one of our dream-travels come true: Japan. One part of each of our hearts still remains in that beautiful country.

We love photography, but alas, this is something that you already knew with just a quick glance to the blog. Our gadgets include a dslr Canon 5d II equipped with a 50mm 1.4, and the analogical lc-a+ (russian camera renewed by the lomography folks) equipped with the cutest camera bag ;)

We would love to hear about you, that’s why you appear in our blog’s name!. So if you feel like explaining something or asking us anything, quick, go ahead!