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The cat, you and us is our happy shelter where we share
our daily adventures captured through our photography lens.
We’d love that you join us in this memory game!

Our favorite obsessions are travelling,
pretty things (I blame you Pinterest!),
food, anything Japanese, and our cute cat Juno.

Meet our family

The cat you and us family picture

We started our relationship during college in Barcelona (read more here). We have very similar interests, and always automatically take a different active part in each of them. Our love for cinema is not a secret, and we have the very good luck to have friends with whom have endless conversations about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. We got married on October 2012 (yei!).

We love photography, but alas, this is something that you already knew with just a quick glance to the blog. Our gadgets include a dslr Canon 5d II equipped with a 50mm 1.4, and the analogical lc-a+ (russian camera renewed by the lomography folks) equipped with the cutest camera bag ;)


We would love to hear about you, that’s why you appear in our blog’s name! We also love collaborations so if you have any idea in mind, do no think it twice, go ahead tell us what is all about and let’s go on adventures together!

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