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Catweek: Juno and the cactus flag

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Juno and the cactus flag - The cat, you and us
Hello again! And that's the third in the same week, wohoo! although it may sound a dim milestone for hardcore bloggers that post 5 times a week we are really proud to be able to deliver more than two posts in a row. Today, we have our most special guest: Juno! We realized that although we talk about Juno from time to time to all of you, we hardly explain her little rituals she has with us, so let's make amends thanks to the catweek. ... Continue reading ⇢


Crazy cat dude

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Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us
A few weeks ago I saw this article that raised my attention. It was about a photographer taking pictures of men with their cats in order to vindicate the figure of the crazy cat dude.... Continue reading ⇢