Crazy cat dude

Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us

A few weeks ago I saw this article that raised my attention. It was about a photographer taking pictures of men with their cats in order to reclaim the figure of the crazy cat dude. Since it couldn’t be more real in our case, Dani is definitely the mad in love cat guy, I thought we could add our bit to the claim of boys being as affected by cats cuteness as we ladies are – although maybe less effusive in their words and manners.

IMG_0790 Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us

Juno and Dani have a very different relationship from the one she has with me. While I like to hug her and pet her around my arms, sometimes more than she can possibly stand (poor one!), Dani carefully respects her own space. He knows how Juno loves to inspect corners she can’t reach on her own, so they play with the box, the spaceship (remember from here?), travelling around the house and flying up high where she can prospect “new” lands. I like that we have our own different games with her, the box is Dani’s thing.

Another of Dani’s rituals with Juno is to open our bedroom door. Every time Dani arrives at home the same thing happens, Juno runs to the door to greet him for a minute and then goes to the bedroom door (usually closed) and demands him to open it for her. She jumps to the bed so Dani can pet her and then they both leave the bedroom closing the door. It’s funny how she almost never asks me to open that door, she knows it’s part of what she and Dani share together daily.

Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us Crazy cat dude - The cat, you and us

Which rituals do you have with your little furry one? Do they differ from the ones from your partner? What do you think about crazy cat dudes, maybe more hidden than us girls but definitely as big cat fous as we are?

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  1. Lauren Marie ADDS...

    My husband LOVES our cats! I send him photos of them during his work day if they are doing something cute, which is always. He’s probably as big of a fan as I am!

    19th March 2015
    • We reply...

      I also send pictures from Juno to Dani during work to cheer him up! :) love to read that your hubs is also a cat loving dude!

  2. amanda ADDS...

    This is awesome! My boyfriend is a crazy cat dude, too! He loves our kitty and I think she love him more than me because he gives her all the attention!

    19th March 2015
    • We reply...

      Hahaha I also feel the same sometimes, as I am such a hugging monster Juno occasionally runs from me, but never from Dani :)

  3. petra ADDS...

    too cute :)))

    19th March 2015
    • We reply...

      They are best pals! I love to see them playing together.

  4. Hey Rita ADDS...

    My husband is one BIG crazy cat dude. ahaha Every evening they play hunt / hide and seek wrestle for a while – then it’s treat time. Yoshi, our cat, loves his Whiskas small treats after playing. :)


    19th March 2015
    • We reply...

      Great to read that your husband is also part of the crazy cat dudes gang :) Juno loves her Whiskas malt ball treats! Which ones does Yoshi favour? Btw, Yoshi is a cool name!

  5. Denysia Yu ADDS...

    Juno is so adorable! I wish I had a furry friend like her to keep me company.

    20th March 2015
  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i love this! i love how dani takes her to new unchartered lands so that they can scope it out. and that last picture! omg! how cute! :)

    20th March 2015
  7. Kati ADDS...

    Haha, Aidan also has his own games with our cats – he likes to play fight with them whilst I always only cuddle! :-)
    Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!

    Have a great day,

    23rd March 2015
  8. Fiona ADDS...

    Yay – this is awesome :) I love hearing fun play time Juno stories! Yay for Dani being a cat guy too! Ben actually got me loving cats so I have a lot to thank for him. Gremlin and I do a lot of grooming together, it’s definitely our thing, I like to play but sometimes I get genuinely scared when it comes to hide and seek or games involving claws, so I used toys with long arm reaches. I like to give Gremlin lots of kisses and Ben likes to carry or we say “promenade” gremlin around the house so he gets a higher perspective on life :P Ben also plays really rough with Gremlin and doesn’t mind being play scratched by him. I still have that tiny ounce somewhere inside of me, of being scared of cats :P but Gremlin is so sweet and knows I’m a super wiener so he makes sure he hides the claws from me!

    24th March 2015
  9. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awww really cute quality bonding with your cats Juno c:
    And never knew Juno would greet Dan like a dog
    greet his owner would do! Xx

    25th March 2015

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