Tips to travel the Cotswolds using public transport & our film!

Today we are bringing the last post of our Cotswolds trip with a beautiful film which is up ready on our Youtube channel. Together with the film in this post, we are providing a few tips in case the vlog raises your interest in the Cotswolds and you wish to start planning it right away.

Here’s the list of posts we have published from our Cotswolds travel to help you with your planning too:

If, like us, you are not driving a car in the area, here are some tips to make the most of it!

Cotswolds train station - The cat, you and us

Tip 1: Set your home base in Moreton-in-Marsh

Moreton-in-Marsh is already one of the cute stone-built villages but it has a very useful train station. We took a plane to Gatwick, from there we took a direct bus to Oxford (reserve your tickets in advance for a cheaper fare) and from the city we took a 10 minute train to Moreton. You can also land in Birmingham but it takes almost the same time to arrive to Moreton-in-marsh.

Moreton-in-marsh train station - The cat, you and us Moreton-in-marsh - The cat, you and us Sheep in Cotswolds - The cat, you and us

Tip 2: Don’t miss the walk from Bourton-on-the-water to Stow-on-the-wold

It is amazing because you’ll have a taste of the best of the Cotswolds: gorgeous towns, green fields and farm animals. Check our post to read everything about this walk. One of the perks of travelling with public transport is that you don’t have to do circular walks and thus end up visiting more with the same amount of time. Visit also Bibury, Broadway, Chipping Campden and if you have more time Castle Combe, which is a southern town on the Cotswolds area. We already knew Bath from a former travel, so we skipped it this time, but it’s a total MUST for those who haven’t visited it yet.

Lower Slaughter - The cat, you and us Horses in the middle of a Cotswolds walk - The cat, you and us Lower Slaughter - The cat, you and us
Upper Slaughter - The cat, you and us
Lower Slaughter - The cat, you and us
Cows in the middle of Cotswolds walks - The cat, you and us Stow on the wold - The cat, you and us Bibury - The cat, you and us

Tip 3: Visit Bourton-on-the-water in the morning

This tip goes together with the second because to visit the Slaughters we started at Bourton-on-the-water. The official National trail recommends walking it on the opposite side, but if you trust us you’ll be able to enjoy a almost empty Bourton-on-the-water in the morning and believe us, this is a great treat (it’s a super popular town).

Bourton the water - The cat, you and us

Tip 4: Pulham & Johnsons couches will be your best friends

Check their websites to know the timetables: Pulham & Johnsons. You’ll take 801, 855 and Lines 1, 2 from the latter. They are always on time and reliable.

Pulhams Cotswolds - The cat, you and us

Tip 5: Make reservations for dinner

If you are like us visiting it with public transport, the easiest would be to have dinner in your same hotel. Almost all the hotels we checked had their own restaurant, or even both, a bar (which served food as well) and a restaurant. Since lots of the hotel residents, plus locals and guests from other hotels will be eating in your hotel restaurant, it is convenient to make a reservation. We reserve them at the same time of our booking to release our minds of this.

Manor House Brasserie - The cat, you and us Manor House Brasserie - The cat, you and us

Tip 6: Visit Oxford, it’s only a 10 minute train ride!

Oxford deserves a couple or three days on its own. But at least to take a good taste, leave a day in your trip to visit it. It is only 10 minutes away from Moreton with trains riding until late at night, so you are able to also go there for a couple of hours or even to only have dinner. One of the nights we had dinner in Oxford’s Jamie Oliver’s Italian. Oxford’s Harry Potter real locations are a MUST no matter if you are a fan of the saga or not.

Cotswolds train station - The cat, you and us Kingham train station - The cat, you and us Christ Church College Oxford - The cat, you and us Christ Church College Oxford - The cat, you and us
Oxford The handle bar café and kitchen - The cat, you and us
Oxford The handle bar café and kitchen - The cat, you and us

Hope you enjoyed it! If you are planning your own trip, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we will be happy to guide you!

Bibury red phone cabin - The cat, you and us
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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Sencillamente maravillosas!!

    16th May 2018
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    eeeeeeeep!!! SO SO cute and magical you guys!!!! I felt like I was watching a wes anderson short! The sections with you both in together were my absolute favourites and of course waving to the cows too :) :) Big Smile on my face now! Oh and the song was so lovely, maybe an idea for a future post a bunch of your fav musicians and songs (or maybe you have already done one similar??).

    18th May 2018
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Fee! It means truly so much to us!! The videos are so tricky to think & long to edit, we know that there’s a lot to learn here, reading your comment it’s very encouraging to keep up! Also the sections when we are together are my fav, we should bring the tripod more often oh! And great idea about the music post, Daniel specially selects the music for the films & keeps lists on Spotify, I’m sure we can come up with something, thanks! ❤️

  3. Louise ADDS...

    This is SUCH a nice (and inspiring) post. I feel like planning my trip to the Cotswolds (and Oxford!!!) right away. It’s so dreamy — and travel by train is lovely esp. that I neither have a car nor a license. Also, the video is so cute and aesthetic… big love!

    19th May 2018
    • We reply...

      So happy that it looks good in the film & pics! We loved it so much ❤️ and it’s easy to plan with public transport on your own to avoid organized groups crowds. Thank you dear Louise!

  4. Mary ADDS...

    Beautiful, beautiful! Love your video!

    20th May 2018
    • We reply...

      Million thanks Mary! Means the world

  5. Jenn ADDS...

    Hi there! Me and my best friend are planning our own trip to The Cotswolds this spring and I stumbled across your lovely blog while I was researching how to get around with public transit. Your video and imagery are SO beautiful! You’ve inspired us to base in Moreton-in-Marsh as well and spend our days exploring from there, but I’m curious if you would mind sharing a more detailed itinerary of what you did each day? For example, I’ve read all of your posts and it looks like you were able to cover a lot of ground fairly simply by taking the bus or walking, but I’m wondering how realistic it is to see multiple villages in a day, how you split yours up, how much time to allot to Blenheim Palace, etc. Finally, did you two make it north to Chipping Campden or Broadway at all? Thank you so much!!! – Jenn ♡

    1st March 2020
    • We reply...

      Hello Jenn! So happy that our posts can be helpful to plan your trip to the Cotswolds, it was such a wonderful trip, I’m sure you will love the place. We are definitely going back again another time to see more hidden gems. Our plan was the following:

      • Day 0 – fly to London, direct bus from the airport to Oxford, train from Oxford to Moreton, visit Moreton and we did a 30 minute walk around Moreton fields.
      • Day 1 – Bus to Bourton on the water, visit Bourton, walk to the Slaughters, visit both Lower and Upper Slaughter, walk to Stow on the wold, visit the town, bus to Moreton
      • Day 2 – Bus to Bibury, visit Bibury, bus to Moreton, train to Oxford, visit Oxford in the afternoon and we had dinner there.
      • Day 3 – Train+Bus to Blenheim, visit Blenheim, bus+train to Moreton
      • Day 4 – Visit Oxford in the morning (we had tickets reserved for Christ Church), and fly back home

      About Blenheim don’t believe Google Maps, it shows a walking path from the station to the palace through the gardens, but the only real way to get to the entrance is by a bus you can take at Hanborough station. We followed the walking route back to the train station proposed by Google and lead us to private fields (be careful!) we had to walk twice the gardens to undo our walk, consequently losing the train+bus combo that allowed us to visit Broadway that same afternoon. I would allot at least 3h for the palace and to be able to walk nearer the lake, and visit the gardens too, we weren’t able to walk until the Marlborough Maze though.

      For day 2 or 3 we also had the alternative plan of Broadway + Snowshill + Chipping Campden, which was also perfectly doable in one day and included a walk. However, since we didn’t know Oxford I finally ended up using 2 half days for it. Also, Bibury is a 2 hour bus journey, but it was amazing and wouldn’t miss it!

  6. Jenn ADDS...

    Wow, thank you SO much for such a detailed itinerary! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. We’re definitely going to follow this very closely, and I can’t wait for our trip. Thanks again! :)

    2nd March 2020

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