Paris: Second times never been so good

Musée du Louvre - The cat, you and us
After our stop last week at Disneyland here it's the rest of Paris in all its splendour. We are including in one single post all the pictures taken during our magical days in the city of light. We thought that since we didn't share it last year we could also include here our tips between the pics, gathered from the two getaways... Continue reading ⇢


Paris: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Halloween - The cat, you and us
Do you remember how when we told you that we were going to repeat Paris as our anniversary getaway we added that it wasn't going to be the same adventure? That was because we knew Disneyland was in the most likely plans. I know it may sound silly for lots but I was truly excited to visit Disneyland during Halloween for their decorations, parades and shops. Of course we knew we would be tempted to try the most famous rides, specially the Haunted Mansion... Continue reading ⇢


Autumn leaves in short sleeves

Autumn at Jardin des Tuleries - The cat, you and us
Autumn has been MIA in Barcelona this year. Until a week ago we were still on our 68ºF (20ºC), we had our summer wardrobe at full bloom and not many beautiful shades of leaves at sight to enjoy. This lack of autumn specially upsets me because clothing-wise I love... Continue reading ⇢