Japanese gummy kit fun

Popin cookin' - The cat, you and us
How is your week going? To be honest, I'm definitely excited that the weekend is close at hand (...) Today though we have a very relaxing recipe post that shows how we (almost) failed making our own japanese gummy candy... Continue reading ⇢


A Saturday eve in Gracia

Gracia - The cat, you and us
Hello there! Monday strikes back and apparently it's nothing less than blue Monday; I don't know about you but (...) This time we went for a Saturday eve in Gracia, one of the most well-known districts in Barcelona that is full of interesting shops and places to eat... Continue reading ⇢


Feeling full of color

Feeling full of color - The cat, you and us
Good Monday! Mid-January already, times really flies! Today we have ready a full-color outfit post that it's very dear to me. You know that we rarely share outfit sessions where I am all alone on it, but this time it's for completely justified reason... Continue reading ⇢


Luck be a (cat) lady tonight

Monopoly - The cat, you and us
One of the good things about the holiday season here in Barcelona is that it lasts until the 6th of January where we celebrate the Three Kings tradition (....) Don't get me started on how hard the comeback was, so to cheer myself up a little today I thought it would be great to remember one of those fun afternoons we devoted to board games! ... Continue reading ⇢