As of late… snapshots from April

Juno B&W - The cat, you and us
Hello again! I'm glad to be posting on a regular basis although my cold persist (buuh!) but since I don't want to focus on this stubborn nuisance anymore, let's quickly move on and take a flight back to what April brought us through our daily snapshots.... Continue reading ⇢


Still here

Sant Jordi 2016 - The cat, you and us
Since on Saturday I was almost on my way to mend, I couldn't miss the festive day of Sant Jordi (Saint George), which we celebrate in Barcelona (it's a national Catalonian day, in fact) giving roses and books. ... Continue reading ⇢


Down the corridor

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us
I guess I am nostalgic these days, not a reason why, but I feel like an old lady with my head full of anecdotes. While editing these outfit pictures we took this last weekend on a charming passage in the Gothic neighborhood, the image of my childhood home corridor came to my mind.... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… our favorites #1

Favorites #1 - The cat, you and us
Hello! Monday is here and although our heads are still in weekend mode we are thrilled to start a new section inside our "As of late" series. Altogether with our "snapshots from..." - month recap via our phone pics - we are adding an occasional "our favorites" type of posts, yay? ... Continue reading ⇢