A morning o’clock (with a JORD wood watch GIVEAWAY!)

JORD wood watch - The cat, you and us
The hubs sometimes shies away from the highlight of the outfits posts for the blog, but believe me when I say that he is not an Instagram husband always stuck at the other side of the camera. Not at all. He likes to think about his outfits too, and although he has a steady laid-back style, always tries to add a little touch of his personality by bringing in a (cat, Star Wars, you mention!) pin, a colorful wool hat or scarf. One thing he absolutely loves (LOVES) is wearing a watch because it's more than an outfit choice for him.... Continue reading ⇢


Cotswolds: Sheep & sunset

Moreton-in-marsh walk - The cat, you and us
First chapter of our Cotswolds trip! We are super excited to finally being able to share our UK whereabouts at the amazing natural area of the Cotswolds, starting today with our first English sunset surrounded by wheat fields and cutie patootie sheep. ... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from September

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us
This September was quite hectic for us, we usually take an excuse my birthday to have some days off but this year due to my work I was only able to have one single day off. The rest of the month has been quite uneventful, so I think that's the reason we only have pictures of my birthday celebration and a just couple more. Nevertheless, I would love if you could join me to remember that day, and hence the month, through our phone pics, shall we?... Continue reading ⇢