Sparkles are a girl’s best friend

Sparkles, unicorns, glitter ... everything typically girly is improving my week! The same day I decided to change my phone lock screen for a plain pink with the words "you are better than unicorns and sparkles combined" on a cute handwritten typography, I received my own amazing sparkle through snail mail thanks to the lovely Cassandre.... Continue reading ⇢


The cat in love weddings: Maria + Marc

in love

Maria + Marc wedding - The cat in love
This week has been rough both emotionally and physically thus publishing this post was quite a last minute decision for us, but we finally decided in favour of sharing a little about our work at The cat in love (our photography site), precisely to vindicate this last word: LOVE... Continue reading ⇢


Grease lightning

Grease lightning - The cat, you and us
Hello lovelies! How is this November looking like for you? Here we are in the middle of what our weather folks call "Saint Martins summer", not the most scientific name out there, right? I think it would make more sense to everyone if I just use the most well-known term "Indian Summer" or... even better, should I name it "perfect summer"?... Continue reading ⇢