Japan 2.0: Kamakura

Daibutsu Great Buddha Kamakura - The cat, you and us
Kamakura is a coastal town 50 minutes away from Tokyo with the famous Daibutsu, the largest buddha statue standing in open air. The visit to the statue is worthy of leaving Tokyo for a little while, but the town has way more to offer, so we decided to take a complete day-off and include many of their other wonders. We will love to show you around, let's see them!... Continue reading ⇢


A 2017 in pastel pink

Pastel sea - The cat, you and us
For the first day of the year, we are visiting Barcelona beachside to blend with the pastel colors of its sunset and instead of wishing upon a star, make it to the cotton skies. Want to join us in the best wishes & dreams for 2017? ... Continue reading ⇢