As of late… snapshots from August

As of late snapshots from August - The cat, you and us
Friday at last! I think it was never more welcomed an end of week, and month for that matter, as this one. Besides that we do have exciting things around the corner for this next September: staycation and my birthday. But we couldn't start this time off (well, we will stick around the blog, no worries, ha!) without talking a little bit about how our August looked like via our more informal phone snapshots.... Continue reading ⇢


Flowers in our mail

Analogue flowers photography - The cat, you and us
A few weeks ago I participated in the lovely giveaway from Pratiksha from the blog In search of..., where she shares what catches her eye from her analogue lens. And...luckily... I won one of the photography kits! uoo!... Continue reading ⇢


#tbt G of Thrones

Girona - The cat, you and us
There has been a lot of buzz & hassle around here lately with the announcement that Girona, a little city halfway between Barcelona and my hometown, is going to be a location for the next season of Games of Thrones.... Continue reading ⇢


“Spring” (Summer…) home project – Part II

String pocket after - The cat, you and us
I should first start explaining that title which seems more a joke than a proper name. Do you remember how back on Spring we changed our living room storage buying the cute white wallpapered bookshelves with doors? That post was called Part I with a purpose, we already had in mind that we didn't want to stop at the bookshelves but also wished to change a little bit the too plain space next to them.... Continue reading ⇢