Which Jane Austen (Super) Heroine Are You?

King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us

It is a truth universally acknowledged that my forever literary love will be Jane Austen <3<
My brother-in-law in a video call told us that we look as super heroes with our Japanese masks (isn't it a rad remark?), and with this cute outfit (favorite dress in my closet, yes!) I see myself like I could be a Jane Austen masked heroine, right?...

Staying at home diary: the music of our lives

Vinyl collection - The cat, you and us

One of the side effects of being more time at home (well, "more" it's a complete understatement in this case... 24h a day, ha!) is that I've been observing more closely all the things we have around our home that raise happiness in me and also reviewing photo albums and looking through our collections. So I thought I could share one of them with you today, the vinyl collection!...

Juno meets Arale chan!

Dr Slump Arale Figure rise Mechanics Bandai - The cat, you and us

Hello there! How is everything going at your home? Hope you are keeping safe and healthy! In order to help with the latter, and more precisely to keep our minds entertained during the weekend, we thought it was the perfect time to open that Arale mechanics puzzle-ish toy we bought in Japan last year....