Tibidabo outfit - The cat, you and us
Hello from the heights of Tibidabo! A couple of weekends ago we paid a visit to Tibidabo, one of the most iconic viewpoints in Barcelona with its classic funfair, that's up there in one of the mountains surrounding the city. ... Continue reading ⇢


(Ultimate) Japan Guide: What to visit, eat and shop in 2 weeks

Since helping people to plan a trip to Japan is always a favorite thing to do, we decided that it was about time that we wrote all those suggestions down in one single (and very complete) guide to Japan. Here's everything you need to know if it's your first time visiting, but also there are some eating & shopping tips that will be helpful for Japan addicts as ourselves too.... Continue reading ⇢


Office buddies

in juno

Juno at home - The cat, you and us
Since we are taking a couple of days off work in mid April to go to Madrid - to see my family & meet my new nephew Oliver - we will be working all Easter holidays. One of the perks of working while the office is (actually) closed is that I get to work from my home with a very furry work pal: our sweet Juno.... Continue reading ⇢


Run the world (Girls)

Girls t-shirt & Sant Antonio wall-art - The cat, you and us
Last Sunday, inspired by the recent discovery that the artist Emily Eldridge had painted a mural called "Smartphone love story" on a nearby skate park we decided to pay it a visit to see how the mural look liked and share some street art love. Unfortunately this isn't the case of the post, we are not featuring... Continue reading ⇢