Homemade gyoza, oishii!

Homemade gyoza - The cat, you and us
Hello there! Today we have quite an unusual post to share, a recipe! (...) With the winter we try to eat more at home which is not only healthier but also cuts expenses and as a super bonus, it just feels the best to be at home with the cold weather. With this in mind we seized the weekend to cook homemade gyozas so we could freeze them and cook something in just a few minutes when we come late and exhausted from work. They are super yummy and quite easy, would you like to try them yourself?... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from January

Winter light - The cat, you and us
How is this first week of February going on? Already into the loving Valentine's mood? Well, we aren't quite ready yet, so let's first go back to January through our on-going series "As of late... snapshots from" where we share our phone pictures, those that reflect our daily endeavours which most surely have not been featured in any post before.... Continue reading ⇢


Catweek: Juno and the cactus flag

in juno

Juno and the cactus flag - The cat, you and us
Hello again! And that's the third in the same week, wohoo! although it may sound a dim milestone for hardcore bloggers that post 5 times a week we are really proud to be able to deliver more than two posts in a row. Today, we have our most special guest: Juno! We realized that although we talk about Juno from time to time to all of you, we hardly explain her little rituals she has with us, so let's make amends thanks to the catweek. ... Continue reading ⇢


Catweek: Meowing in the park outfit

Catweek outfit - The cat, you and us
Hello there! Here we have the second post from the catweek, where we put lots of cat apparel on, and have some fun doing cat poses. For this outfit session we visited again the park that served as location for our first short dates when Dani and I first met. This park is quite near our University so it was the perfect background. But not only that, it is also near to the exact spot where Dani fell in love for cats the first time.... Continue reading ⇢


Catweek: Juno/Pusheen cross-stitch DIY for a sweater

Pusheen cross-stitch DIY for a sweater - The cat, you and us
Hello there! To beat the Monday morning blues (and of January to top it) we have the third edition of Catweek! Tuut tuut tuut! Be very welcome to the week where we indulge ourselves to talk about only cat related stuff! (...) Starting today we have a DIY inspired by the always amazing Pusheen and our little Juno: a cross-stitch emblem to embellish a plain sweater.... Continue reading ⇢