Catweek: Modern cats of the city

Cat jumpsuit outfit - The cat, you and us
Happy Meow-nday! Finally, we are able to bring back one classic of this online home: Catweek! And to start we have a special one because this time we go international ^wink^ and happens in New York City, more precisely in front of the famous Mexican restaurant La Esquina (The Corner).... Continue reading ⇢


NYC: the sneak peek

Brooklyn bridge New York City - The cat, you and us
Recently, people from New York taught me an incredible lesson in how to be nice to each other, even in the busiest & (sometimes) toughest city in the world. I was fascinating seeing the interaction between people in the city and taking good notes. The city made me feel happy & came back home with more nostalgia than I had anticipated. I guess having (almost) every corner looking like a movie set made part of the charm, while the yummy food in our bellies was in charge of the rest of enchantment, ha!... Continue reading ⇢


Happy birthday to the ‘succulent’ boy

Dani cactus king - The cat, you and us
It's quite difficult to share a blog with your hubs while keeping him from noticing that there is a post singing him a Happy Birthday song, but I think I quite managed to keep it a surprise this time. Please indulge me with a few sentences and help me to say out loud a big Happy birthday to him!... Continue reading ⇢


Waldo goes to ….

Today we can share our next travel destination (tuuut!). We thought that instead of revealing it straightforward it would be fun to use an image guessing game mixed with an outfit post, however, I think we are not making it any hard, aren't we? ... Continue reading ⇢