Have a little merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2016 - The cat, you and us
This year Juno all alone peeks out to wish a happy holidays to my favorite gang! We wish you from the bottom of our hearts a lovely season, full of love, and ok... also yummy food and some gifts - those never hurt anyone! ;) ... Continue reading ⇢


Christmas gift guide: for the Japan’s kawaii addicted or the tv/movie lover

Christmas gift guide for the Japan kawaii addicted - The cat, you and us
Just in time for the Black Friday we are sharing our Christmas gift guides, this time with a twist. Instead of sharing the classic "for her, him and the cat" we have two moodboards with themes strongly related to our blog. The first one for the Japan kawaii addicted (or should I better say nostalgic... a.k.a me, oops! I revealed myself, ha!), and the second board for the tv/movie non-stop watcher.... Continue reading ⇢