Autumn leaves in short sleeves

Autumn at Jardin des Tuleries - The cat, you and us
Autumn has been MIA in Barcelona this year. Until a week ago we were still on our 68ºF (20ºC), we had our summer wardrobe at full bloom and not many beautiful shades of leaves at sight to enjoy. This lack of autumn specially upsets me because clothing-wise I love... Continue reading ⇢


South Wales: Worm’s head

Worms' head - The cat, you and us
Today we have a very special Welsh adventure for the physical challenge (for us! we are not the super trekkie type) and for how revealing of the true nature of their wonderful lands it was: Rhossili Bay & Worm's head. Rhossili bay is located on the... Continue reading ⇢


Around the world blog hop

Parc Pedralbes - The cat, you and us
Hello! Here we are again this week blogging, how annoying of us to be flooding your readers! This time it's for a good reason because we have ready my answers for the Around the World blog hop. I was tagged by the lovely Mei ... Continue reading ⇢