The Dinos’ theme park is (almost) open

Jurassic World - The cat, you and us
This Friday the new Jurassic Park movie is out, are you as excited as us? We know that Jurassic World may not be that good, but we don't really care that much, dinos on big screen with the theme park visualized by John Hammond finally with its gates open? that's the only thing we need to know right now... Continue reading ⇢


Spring home project – Part I

Spring home project - The cat, you and us
I've been playing for at least two years with the idea of changing our red bookcases (inherited from our previous rented apartment) in the living room for brand new white ones with doors and a wallpaper on the back. (...) I knew that I was completely over cleaning the dust of every figurine, book and decor item of our red bookcase and was ready to jump... Continue reading ⇢


Birthday x2

Angus & Julia Stone - The cat, you and us
Since we had special posts prepared during the month of the blog's anniversary we couldn't share some important dates during May like for example Juno & Dani's birthday.... Continue reading ⇢