Making a gallery wall for the living room

Making a wallart for the living room - The cat, you and us

If you have been reading the last (dozen) posts in this blog you may remember that in numerous times I have been teasing about the fact that I was adding a gallery wall in our living room and that I was going to share soon the results. Well, it may (or may have not, I won't confirm, ha!) have passed 2 years in the making *wink* but we are now ready to share an initial result that makes us happy. Tuut!! Never too late, right?...

Staycation: Miravet

Miravet - The cat, you and us

Very last day of August, undoubtedly this marks the end of summer in our minds, and with it, we haver ready our last "Staycation" post of the 2020 summer. To end these series we are visiting the most charming riverside town in Catalonia, Miravet. Flow with us!...

Staycation: Costa Brava 2020

Costa Brava 2020 S'agaró - The cat, you and us

For the second and third week Daniel joined me for the holidays and we planned three different 1-day getaways. They had to comply the following: doable in one day, so we would get back home with Juno, and choose only places where social distancing was possible. I was craving for the sea, so of course 2 of the three would be at my beloved Costa Brava....

Blade Runner 2020

Parc de Montjuic Barcelona - The cat, you and us

How are you feeling?
It's already the 22nd of June and this is the first one of the month. The Virgo in me would normally freak out at this thought, but I've finally made amends with my inner demanding self and I'm now (trying to be) ok with only sharing occasionally. I think these set of pics turned quite nice and, in addition, the post-apocalyptic vibes I get from them also match well with the current worldwide covid scenario. Shall we step together into what looks as pink palace ruins?...

Which Jane Austen (Super) Heroine Are You?

King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us

It is a truth universally acknowledged that my forever literary love will be Jane Austen <3<
My brother-in-law in a video call told us that we look as super heroes with our Japanese masks (isn't it a rad remark?), and with this cute outfit (favorite dress in my closet, yes!) I see myself like I could be a Jane Austen masked heroine, right?...

Staying at home diary: the music of our lives

Vinyl collection - The cat, you and us

One of the side effects of being more time at home (well, "more" it's a complete understatement in this case... 24h a day, ha!) is that I've been observing more closely all the things we have around our home that raise happiness in me and also reviewing photo albums and looking through our collections. So I thought I could share one of them with you today, the vinyl collection!...