NYC: Dream boat

Central Park boats - The cat, you and us
Dreams, those that you put in a bucket list, can be very random and surprising sometimes. Since Dani confirmed, during a visit in Versailles that row boats where certainly his thing, he immediately put the Lake on Central Park as his number 1 row boat dream experience. ... Continue reading ⇢


NYC: Apple bite in Central Park

Central Park Big Lawn - The cat, you and us
One of the things we were looking forward for this trip was to enjoy a little bit more some parts of the city we had already visited our first time back in 2009 (I know, way too long ago, ha!). Central Park was indeed one of the highlights of the second rounds.There were certain experiences we couldn't miss this time, like sailing the lake boats (that will be a next post, spoiler alert!) but also having a picnic at the big lawn.... Continue reading ⇢


NYC: Bikes in DUMBO

Bikes at Dumbo - The cat, you and us
Although Dani and myself are not of the sporty type (minus our scooters), we had one thing very high on our bucketlist for New York: cross at least one of the famous bridges with a bike. It would not be a lot for some, but taking into account that we haven't probably ridden a bike in like 10 years, that might add a different perspective at what was for us.... Continue reading ⇢


Catweek: Cat links

Catweek links - The cat, you and us
Sunday is almost reaching its end, but we still want to peek our heads out to properly close up this Catweek. We have ready one more post with some links including cat items that I've recently discovered and I love, and also some favorite cats from the online world.... Continue reading ⇢