The worst of 2017: bloopers recap

Bloppers 2017 - The cat, you and us
We couldn't miss our annual date to show you those blooper, and mostly photo bombs, that our cameras captures in-between the good takes during the whole year. So, ladies & gentlemen, here we are to present the third edition of our worst of 2017! Hope we can rise a smile from you to end this year.... Continue reading ⇢


LOVE to you & yours!

Happy Christmas - The cat, you and us
Happy Christmas! I know this may be a little spoiler for those lazy cards (mailing services, argg!) that didn't got in time to your homes, but hey, this is a digital advance of our love! Merry days!... Continue reading ⇢


Cotswolds: The most beautiful English town

Bibury - The cat, you and us
We are back in the Cotswolds today! I know the title can be a little confusing, as there are lots of gorgeous towns in England that could rise that first prize trophy. We are bringing today our experience at Bibury, a quaint & chqrming textile town by the Coln riverside that makes you fall in love even more with the Cotswolds.... Continue reading ⇢