As of late… snapshots from August

Colorful murals in Gracia - The cat, you and us
Tomorrow it's the first day of September, and I have to admit that I'm very excited for my birthday month to begin! To avoid moving forward so fast, let's look together to how August looked like for a few minutes via our phone pictures, shall we? During August it was all work, except that this sounds a little sad while this is not exactly how it felt... Continue reading ⇢


South England road trip in (retro) film

South UK road trip: the film - The cat, you and us
We have a rather different type of post today, it's like opening one of those memory boxes you stumble upon during a spring cleaning: oldie yet unpublished videos from one of our travels, where we were lucky to discover Bath, Brighton, Stonehenge and Brighton, among other British gems. Fancy some retro fun screening?... Continue reading ⇢



Segovia - The cat, you and us
During that week off on July we visited my family in Madrid, but since Segovia is only 30 minutes away it makes a great 1-day getaway. If you are ever visiting Madrid and have an extra day we definitely recommend it! We took the fast train (here it is called AVE) in the early morning ready to... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from July

A cat in an IKEA RASKOG - The cat, you and us
Hello my sweeties! This week almost finishes with a "no-post" from us, which seemed a few minutes ago quite unavoidable, but since the 31st sounds as the best possible date to share a recap of the month, here I am last-minuting a snapshots series post to talk about this summery month.... Continue reading ⇢