Getting lost & finding a sea of things

The sea - The cat, you and us
In order to prepare our stomachs for a big paella lunch we planned to first visit a thrift market that was also taking place in la Barceloneta. It was our first time at a Lost & Found market and although sometimes that type of open air thrift markets overwhelm me a little bit with so many stalls with not very curated items, I was really impressed with ... Continue reading ⇢


Pikmeow: a cat costume DIY

Pikmin cat costume DIY - The cat, you and us
Good meow-nday! Oops, sorry for the pun, but we all have to agree that a Monday with a cat sound must be a better one. Today we have a rather different post for The cat, you and us: a DIY. I think it is the first time for us (Mei made the sweetest one for our anniversary! thanks girl!), so please don't be too harsh on us ;)... Continue reading ⇢