Think pink

pink - The cat, you and us
I finally made it, I colored my hair pink! For a long time I have had a love relationship with colored hair, and have been hesitant to try it on my hair because ... Continue reading ⇢


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2016 - The cat, you and us
Wish you a sweet holiday, for Dani's dismay we are not having chocolate this time (whaaaat?) but we have our favorite "bunny" (a.k.a Juno) with us to hop around the house! This is the only picture we snapped with Juno because... Continue reading ⇢

Foodie dates

Cup and cake - The cat, you and us
During winter season we usually have this routine on weekends where we pick a place we would like to eat (not a bad routine, isn't it?) and then plan around that choice location. The plan is usually not big at all, it just involves walking around or going back home just wandering and looking more carefully at things than we are able to do during weekdays.... Continue reading ⇢