Getting lost & finding a sea of things

The sea - The cat, you and us
In order to prepare our stomachs for a big paella lunch we planned to first visit a thrift market that was also taking place in la Barceloneta. It was our first time at a Lost & Found market and although sometimes that type of open air thrift markets overwhelm me a little bit with so many stalls with not very curated items, I was really impressed with ... Continue reading ⇢


Pikmeow: a cat costume DIY

Pikmin cat costume DIY - The cat, you and us
Good meow-nday! Oops, sorry for the pun, but we all have to agree that a Monday with a cat sound must be a better one. Today we have a rather different post for The cat, you and us: a DIY. I think it is the first time for us (Mei made the sweetest one for our anniversary! thanks girl!), so please don't be too harsh on us ;)... Continue reading ⇢


Chasing a light

in juno

Juno chasing a light - The cat, you and us
This summer, that I don't know why this year my head is resisting to believe is already here, must bring me laughs, positivity & fun, because it always does, so why this should be different, right? The summer also brings a beautiful light every morning laying on every corner of our home, specially on weekends when we ... Continue reading ⇢


Susi you’re sweet

Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us
This weekend was the last one of June which in my mind marks the beginning of the two months of "summer"; when the temperatures rise higher, that planned for months getaway looks closer and I can live in dresses & skirts. On Friday afternoon we visited a vintage clothing market called "Susi sweet dress". Susana - Susi is the shorter for her name - does not host a typical vintage market, instead she sells dresses that... Continue reading ⇢


The day after the shortest night

Going away - The cat, you and us
The night before yesterday was an special one which is called Nit de Sant Joan, when we celebrate the shortest night of the year with fireworks and campfires in the beach. I've heard that you can ask for a wish to come true during that summer and in order to make it work you must... Continue reading ⇢


Rian, Star Wars and us

Rian Johnson to direct Star Wars VIII - The cat, you and us
We usually don't talk about movies a lot in this space, I think we only shared two posts which were absolutely dedicated to cinema this last year of blogging, although we certainly mention our love here and there. But when we read the news I knew it was the perfect excuse to ramble in the blog a little bit about one of our favorite subjects & also share a fun story we had two years ago with Rian Johnson.... Continue reading ⇢