Feeling full of color

Feeling full of color - The cat, you and us
Good Monday! Mid-January already, times really flies! Today we have ready a full-color outfit post that it's very dear to me. You know that we rarely share outfit sessions where I am all alone on it, but this time it's for completely justified reason... Continue reading ⇢


Luck be a (cat) lady tonight

Monopoly - The cat, you and us
One of the good things about the holiday season here in Barcelona is that it lasts until the 6th of January where we celebrate the Three Kings tradition (....) Don't get me started on how hard the comeback was, so to cheer myself up a little today I thought it would be great to remember one of those fun afternoons we devoted to board games! ... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from December

Ice Pandora Christmas card - The cat, you and us
Hello! How was your New Year's eve? January 2015 is finally here but thanks to this section, where we feature our phone snapshots - and are willing to keep rolling through this year!, I'm able to go back to the future and share our odds and bits of the last weeks of the (now) old year.... Continue reading ⇢


Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 - The cat, you and us
Happy New Year 2015!!!! (...)We have already told you how we are not ones to make goals lists because it makes us extra nervous and we already tend to be those of the obsessive type (specially one of us, and I will only tell that is not Juno neither myself ;) ) However since 2015 sounds like a good year we will make one exception: we are going to make a short (and quite silly, forgive us) list for the blog!... Continue reading ⇢


Have fun on New Year’s eve

Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us
It's no surprise to learn that we do had some bloopers from our Christmas card session, right? (...) We thought the pictures could add to the fun of this evening, what are your plans for this change of year? We will be freezing but... Continue reading ⇢