As of late… snapshots summer edition

Cosmo La Central - The cat, you and us
We are bringing the snapshots back! A couple of days ago we were planning the calendar for the blog and had a sudden realization: we have been neglecting the snapshots section since April (!). But is never too late and we have today a refreshing summer edition with the snaps from our phones from May to August; there's always a silver lining, right? ... Continue reading ⇢


NYC: I ♥ Soho

Arlo Soho Hotel NYC - The cat, you and us
We are back home & back at blogging with a fuller heart. Our summer vacation in the UK last week - did you check our Instagram stories? - was very healing, I guess it has something to do with a mix between the fresh air and the cream teas ^wink^ As you can imagine, we have yet to edit too many pictures to be able to show them today but we still had two special (for us!) posts left from New York, hoping they will make the wait a sweet one.... Continue reading ⇢