As of late… snapshots from October

Alvine Ruta rug IKEA and Juno - The cat, you and us
Taking into account the amount of pics we have from October we realize that our phone has been as quiet as our blog, no surprise, right? We were busy watching non-stop movies at Sitges film festival, but also had time to organize our home a little bit; not only the closets are now much more clear and tidy but we finally decided to take our rug out to the cleaners.... Continue reading ⇢


3 years

3 years - The cat, you and us
Today is our third wedding anniversary! Yay! I still remember our wedding preparations very vividly and sometimes I get to remember those details with friends that are in the wishlist stage, which is always nice, but no wonder is quite a milestone to celebrate. I think I have that feeling because I start counting our life together... Continue reading ⇢


Carcassone: Part II

Carcassonne - The cat, you and us
Hello there! Here we have a selection of the rest of the pictures we shot at Carcassonne. With them we are also waving today goodbye to the gorgeous medieval town, want to join us in the so longs?... Continue reading ⇢


Carcassonne: Part I

Carcassonne - The cat, you and us
Do you remember how last month Dani was teasing me on how I should dress like a medieval princess for my birthday? Finally (finaaaally) we are able to share with all of you the pictures we took at the loveliest Carcassonne, the medieval town from the South of France!... Continue reading ⇢