Elena+Eugeni (& big project reveal!)

in love

Elena+Eugeni - The cat in love
Today we bring great news with one of our favorite photoshoots so far. Although I have been giving some hints here and there I didn't want to share more before everything was ready, and here it is, we are starting our own photography project: The cat in love!... Continue reading ⇢


Singin’ happy birthday in the rain

Singin' happy birthday in the rain - The cat, you and us
Today is my birthday! And it seems that the day is not here alone, it also brings the fall weather with it, great! I was missing fall, it's always my favorite: I like to wear light tights and sleeves, drink hot chocolate, or chai... or the new maple drink at starbucks which I can't fail to be excited about.... Continue reading ⇢


Madrid: Summer palace

Palacio de Cristal - The cat, you and us
We are starting the Madrid short trip series of posts with a rather unusual one, an outfit post. I am really eager to explain a little bit what we visited in Madrid and how it felt being with my family, but since this was a very unusual travel as well, I think it could be fun to simply start with my favorite place in the city: El Palacio de Cristal.... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from August

As of late snapshots from August - The cat, you and us
Friday at last! I think it was never more welcomed an end of week, and month for that matter, as this one. Besides that we do have exciting things around the corner for this next September: staycation and my birthday. But we couldn't start this time off (well, we will stick around the blog, no worries, ha!) without talking a little bit about how our August looked like via our more informal phone snapshots.... Continue reading ⇢