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Flowers in your hair

Yellow happiness - The cat, you and us
This yellow road and green field of el Delta del Llobregat was our last hike of the day; we were so happy for the complete day full of fun discoveries that when we saw the beautiful lane with all the yellow flowers... Continue reading ⇢


Bates Beach House

Bates Beach House - The cat, you and us
Last week when we shared the first part of our walk around Delta del Llobregat, we talked about the different trails that you can follow to either trace planes, watch birds or follow the shore. In fact our very first choice was to get to the beach... Continue reading ⇢



Planes in sight - The cat, you and us
When spring and summer knock on the door we are ready to add different activities to our weekends. We have been trying to find places for beginners to hike near Barcelona, because as I have already told you long before, we are more of the let's take pictures & walk (with converse-like shoes) type, rather than real mountain hardcore hikers.... Continue reading ⇢