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NYC: the sneak peek

Brooklyn bridge New York City - The cat, you and us
Recently, people from New York taught me an incredible lesson in how to be nice to each other, even in the busiest & (sometimes) toughest city in the world. I was fascinating seeing the interaction between people in the city and taking good notes. The city made me feel happy & came back home with more nostalgia than I had anticipated. I guess having (almost) every corner looking like a movie set made part of the charm, while the yummy food in our bellies was in charge of the rest of enchantment, ha!... Continue reading ⇢


Japan 2.0: Tsumago

Tsumago in the morning - The cat, you and us
Tsumago in the morning was one of those experiences that are unique of Japan and heartwarming. For those who have yet to read our previous post, Tsumago is a post town in the Nakasendo trail where samurais during the Edo period used to sleep in their route to/from Kyoto and Tokyo. ... Continue reading ⇢