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Sintra: National Palace, Quinta da Regaleria & Monserrate

Monserrate - The cat, you and us
Today we are sharing the last part of our Sintra trip. It contains the pictures from our second and third day in Sintra when we visited a royal palace (The National Palace) and two palaces of very wealthy families whom established their summer headquarters in the village. At the very end of the post we are also sharing our tips with eating recommendations for Sintra as a wrap up, so if you're planning on visiting the cute village don't forget to check them.... Continue reading ⇢


Sintra: Castelo dos Mouros

Castelo dos Mouros - The cat, you and us
Here comes today the second part of our first day at Sintra which started at Palacio da Pena and finished with a visit to Castelo dos Mouros and a very nice, long and refreshing walk through the mountain to the town center. ... Continue reading ⇢


Sintra: Palacio da Pena

Palacio da Pena - The cat, you and us
Good Tuesday everyone! We have ready to share the first batch of pictures from our Sintra (Portugal) trip. Palacio da Pena, our first stop, is a royal & romanticist palace that mixes lots of different architectural styles that looks out of a movie. Follow us to check it out!... Continue reading ⇢


Sintra: the sneak peek

Back on the road at Portugal - The cat, you and us
Hello September! We are finally back from our summer adventures and more than eager to share them with all of you. Our first stop in the road was Sintra, a charming (and very popular) village next to Lisboa. This trip was a first of a couple things... Continue reading ⇢


#tbt UK, wait for us!

Damaris and Dani at Lacock Abbey - The cat, you and us
In a few weeks we will be flying to Wales! We are very excited about going for this road trip with our friends Anna and Albert; specially when it brings back to my memory our 2011 British trip around south England where we had so much fun. ... Continue reading ⇢