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South Wales: Dreaming castles

Caerphilly castle - The cat, you and us
For today's post we have wrapped together all our castles visits for the fun of it (list lover here, are you the same?). Castles were maybe THE main attraction of the area, altogether with the Pembrokeshire coast walks, and we knew we wanted to visit a bunch of them: at least 3 or 4. I have to admit that ... Continue reading ⇢


South Wales: Gardens of rain

One of the attractions we knew we couldn't miss in South Wales was visiting some of its gardens. Being from a drier country the amount of flowers and plants in the United Kingdom garden visits always impresses me, and this was again... Continue reading ⇢


South Wales: Saint Davids

Saint Davids - The cat, you and us
On the 3rd day at South Wales we went to visit Saint Davids, a little town near the coast which is famous for its cathedral. A part from the obvious visit to the cathedral itself our plans were slightly different for this village.... Continue reading ⇢


South Wales: Carreg Cennen

Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us
On the first day in Wales we visited Carreg Cennen, one of the oldest castles (dates 12th century & they found even prehistoric remains) and maybe the most striking sight of our trip. Although we are planning on making a wrap up post showing all the castles... Continue reading ⇢