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Madrid: 1 day guide

Madrid 1 day guide - The cat, you and us
We thought it would be fun to create a 1-day guide of Madrid for all of you similarly of what we plan for ourselves! Unlike our other guides this one plans you a complete route with stops and recommendations, hope you enjoy the walking virtual tour!... Continue reading ⇢


Madrid: Retiro

Damaris and Dani - The cat, you and us
How was your weekend? I am glad that I have found a little time to edit pictures and we are finally able to share more of the ones we took during the visit to my family this August in Madrid.... Continue reading ⇢


Madrid: Summer palace

Palacio de Cristal - The cat, you and us
We are starting the Madrid short trip series of posts with a rather unusual one, an outfit post. I am really eager to explain a little bit what we visited in Madrid and how it felt being with my family, but since this was a very unusual travel as well, I think it could be fun to simply start with my favorite place in the city: El Palacio de Cristal.... Continue reading ⇢


#tbt G of Thrones

Girona - The cat, you and us
There has been a lot of buzz & hassle around here lately with the announcement that Girona, a little city halfway between Barcelona and my hometown, is going to be a location for the next season of Games of Thrones.... Continue reading ⇢


Cinque Terre: the film

Cinque Terre the film - The cat, you and us
Inspired by the amazing travel films we have lately seen on some of our favorite blogs we thought it might be fun to try to squeeze between the many many pics some video recording during our trips starting at Cinque Terre... Continue reading ⇢