Sakura in Japan: the film (& guide update!)

Finally we can share the last surprise we had prepared about our Japan trip during the 2019 sakura season (yes, it took us 1 year to complete, ha! but it is worthy!):

🎥 our film!

We are super happy of how it turned out, please check it out and let us know which part is your favorite! Also, there's a not-so-hidden homage to one of our favorite ever films. Do you know which one is it without looking to the title?

Also, we seize this opportunity to make a little round-up list of all the posts we have published so far for this Sakura in Japan travel, so you have it in just one place:

Finally, we have updated our (ultimate) Japan guide in 15 days, with some of the new things we have been able to discover during this trip and have provided a better itinerary for you and our last tips for restaurants and shopping! Hope it might be helpful if you wish to use this quarantine time to plan a trip for next year!


What to visit, eat and shop in 2 weeks

Oh... Japan, we were supposed to be re-united in a month, we had lots of fun plans prepared, but we had to cancel them due to you-know-who... anyways, you know that our heart belongs to you, always, so we will be back with you soon....


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  1. Fee ADDS...

    What is this wizardry!!!!! *gasp* Such magical film making you two. I love love all the little jumps and cuts and motions (snow falling on the rooftop!!). 100% transported back to Japan. Too much talent for just two people! Thanks for making and sharing! Sorry, your plans got railroaded too :(

    12th April 2020
  2. Louise ADDS...

    Nooooooo! You were supposed to go to Japan now!??? That’s such a…. bummer (and that word really doesn’t cover how much of a bummer that is). My brother’s honeymoon also had to be cancelled due to Rona :(

    I absolutely loved (!!!) the video you put together– but I’m going down these guides for my next trip for sure. Thanks and stay safe~~! xx

    13th April 2020

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