Saying ’till we meet again to Tokyo: Shibuya & Harajuku wrap

And this one is officially the last post with Japan Spring 2019 pictures! Well… with the new spring season approaching it was time to give it a closure, right?

I couldn’t imagine starting or ending our Japan trip in any other place that it’s not Shibuya (& Harajuku). Back on 2012 during our honeymoon, the first image we had of Tokyo (and Japan for that matter) was the Shibuya crossing and it has stuck in my mind (and heart) ever since. After that first impression we have been lucky to visit Japan twice, and every time we end up booking our “home away from home” in Shibuya. For that reason, we usually start the first day – what we call the “Day 0 “or the “Jet-lag day” (ha!) – walking around these two neighborhoods, and not only that, we are lucky to cross the famous Shibuya crossing everyday in the morning before starting our Tokyo adventures, hence we end up having a set of out of context photos from Shibuya.

I wanted to make Shibuya its own post with those bits and bobs of photos because it really is the jewel of our hearts and we hope to see her again very soon!

Shibuya Stream

We discovered a new area of the hood, called the Shibuya stream, that newly opened in September 2018 as part of the urban planning to develop the ground on top of part of the renovations of the Shibuya station. The main key element here was the restoration of the Shibuya river while building a promenade and some facilities like a commercial zone with shops and restaurants. We stayed the last nights in a new hotel in this part and it was a blow of fresh air, and those views, wow! We even were able to see the Tokyo tower from our room.

Harajuku has changed a lot, some tourists visit Takeshita street like they are visiting a freak museum, they walk the street at the look out, they want to point out people dressing on what they think it’s extravagant. I really don’t get this type of tourism at all, and it has indeed scared some locals, why spend minutes of your travel in a place you don’t appreciate? However, Harajuku still has a lot (a lot!) to offer to both locals and visitors who appreciate its charms. We specially loved the new A peach Omotesando (kawaii at its best), and a random tiny café located in a hair salon that had a super yummy egg sandwich, we sat by the window peeking stylish people taking fashion editorial type of Instagram photos.

Apeach Omotesando
〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 4 Chome−25−9 b-town C棟 1・2F

Night, night! I’ll dream about you until the next time we can be together!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    He disfrutado muchísimo viendo estas fotos!!❤️

    19th February 2020
  2. Fee ADDS...

    Sooo much charm and all those Japanese feels! Thanks for always transporting me back there. Your photos told such a nice story – still curious about the lady in the ball gown though! love love love!

    20th February 2020

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