Costa Brava: Tamariu, Aigua Xelida & Aiguablava in Begur, crystal waters, rocks and a trampoline!

Aigua Xelida Begur Costa Brava - The cat, you and us

Hello, welcome to a new chapter of the summer travel series in la Costa Brava! Today we have the beautiful crystal waters of Tamariu & Aiguablava for you!

If you have never visited La Costa Brava before, make sure to start in this area because you will get a very good glimpse of what la Costa Brava offers and won’t be disappointed. Probably the area of Begur is the most famous place from all the locations in La Costa Brava, we had already visited Sa Tuna, S’Eixugador, Sa Sal, Illa Roja, and other famous beaches, but this time we had the south of Begur to discover and thus we drove from Barcelona directly to Tamariu.

Come with us, there’s a trampoline on the beach that it’s so much fun!


Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us

Tamariu is a small coastal town with little white houses, once a fishermen town it is now focused on the beach tourism. Its main beach (small sized) has two separate parts and very cold waters, which is nice for those summer days.

I always tend to set our beach base near the rocks because I feel sheltered (does that make sense?), and in this case it had an extra value: the trampoline access! The town of Tamariu has drilled it into the rock, so you can have some thrilling yet very safe jumps into the water. A very dangerous activity in La Costa Brava is people trying to jump from very high rocks into the water. I would never encourage those because the coast is pretty rocky (also can be windy!) and you will never know if you are falling into a safe area or not. The water tends to be darker on the rocky areas, but it can also fool you depending on how the light touches, also don’t let other people make you think it’s safer than it is, if you want to jump use only those designated areas, like this trampoline.

The beach was super clean and the waters more cold than the ones in the Platja d’Aro area (from the previous days), we ate a picnic on the beach and bathed until we saw a few jellyfish and then ran off to the next beach. And yes, when I said we ran, we actually drove there, but it’s a very short one, only 10 minutes away.

Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us
Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us
Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us
Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us
Tamariu Costa Brava - The cat, you and us

Aigua Xelida

Aigua Xelida is a very wild cove/beach in a rocky area of Begur. The vibes reminded me a lot about those images of Ibiza, with young people drinking and playing tunes on the Spanish guitar. We decided to not stop here as it felt a little too crowded and with a friends party vibe which didn’t matched ours, so we kept walking upstairs in order to have views of the beach from the opposite side.

The views were amazing, I appreciated much more this beach thanks to this view, specially because the light was absolutely magic. I could have stayed a lot of time just sitting on the rocks, but we still had one visit left before we called it a day (a.k.a drive back home to Barcelona, which is around 2h away).


The last stop was the beautiful Aiguablava. It has all the good things of the Costa Brava pebble beaches (clear waters, rich sea bottom) but with a very soft sand. It is also very easy to reach because it has a dedicated parking lot (for around 50-70 cars) but the trade-off is that even on a June afternoon it is quite crowded. There are a couple of restaurants just by the beach too which increases the possibilities for families to make a whole day of the Aiguablava visit, and thus don’t expect a lot of shifting in the parking lot.

We took our snorkel glasses for a spin and stayed very away from the rest of people, in order to have a very nice time here. Around 7pm we packed and bid our goodbyes to the lovely Costa Brava.

These last three chapters in La Costa Brava took place during June 2021, we are hopefully visiting it again this next week when we (finally!) start our August vacations and If I’m feeling well from the second dose of the vaccine, fingers crossed!

See you soon, the next posts will have amazing mountain views for a little bit of change!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    That light! Love all those rocks and the very inviting water :) :) Cool water on a hot day is my weakness! I hope you have a lovely August vacation!

    12th August 2021

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