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Barcelona city guide: Eixample + Sant Antoni

Barcelona City Guide - Sant Antoni + Eixample - The cat, you and us
Last post (for now!) of our Barcelona City Guide, and probably one of our favorite videos. We are pairing together in the same area two relevant neighborhoods in Barcelona. On one hand, Sant Antoni is probably the trendiest in our city, mainly revitalized by interesting food places that are not only good to your stomach but also pleasant to the eye. ... Continue reading ⇢


Barcelona city guide: Raval

Raval / Barcelona City Guide - The cat, you and us
Raval is just on the opposite side of Gotic, separated by Las Ramblas, the most well-known avenue in Barcelona: facing Las Ramblas from the sea, Gotic is on the right, Raval on the left. It is what we could define as the old town of Barcelona and a neighborhood not only known for its nightlife and diversity, but also acknowledged as a modern & contemporary art hub with... Continue reading ⇢


Barcelona city guide: Barceloneta

Barceloneta / Barcelona City Guide - The cat, you and us
Whenever we visit La Barceloneta neighborhood we always have that same amusing surprise realizing how much like a sea town our city looks like from there. La Barceloneta is an area to walk/jog/ride the boardwalk, admire the sea (or venture a dip), to eat a good paella and get lost in its little and very mediterranean-looking streets with an ice-cream in your hand. ... Continue reading ⇢