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Van Van market

Caravan Made - The cat, you and us
Last weekend we went to the Van Van Market, a gourmet food truck market that took place in La Ciutadella park during this week. Although food trucks are very popular in other countries, they are not very common in Barcelona due to... Continue reading ⇢


Getting lost & finding a sea of things

The sea - The cat, you and us
In order to prepare our stomachs for a big paella lunch we planned to first visit a thrift market that was also taking place in la Barceloneta. It was our first time at a Lost & Found market and although sometimes that type of open air thrift markets overwhelm me a little bit with so many stalls with not very curated items, I was really impressed with ... Continue reading ⇢


Palm beach

Barcelona sea - The cat, you and us
Today is raining non-stop in Barcelona and the temperatures have dropped down, but luckily we still have to share our sunny seaside pictures from last Poble Nou outing. Want to stroll with us to help us forget about this hideous weather?... Continue reading ⇢