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Foodie dates

Cup and cake - The cat, you and us
During winter season we usually have this routine on weekends where we pick a place we would like to eat (not a bad routine, isn't it?) and then plan around that choice location. The plan is usually not big at all, it just involves walking around or going back home just wandering and looking more carefully at things than we are able to do during weekdays.... Continue reading ⇢


Humans +

+Humans cccb exhibition - The cat, you and us
You may think that the title of the post and the featured image are quite intriguing and it's all for a reason, we had a techie weekend were robots and "improved" humans were the main character. It all started when... Continue reading ⇢


Valentine’s kiss

Valentine's kiss - The cat, you and us
Hello love birds! We are sticking our heads out on a Sunday morning to wish you a sweet day. Whether you are a big fan or detractor of this type of celebrations there is no denying that love is always a good thing to celebrate, in fact we should create a happy un-valentine's day to celebrate everyday love, shouldn't we?... Continue reading ⇢


A (summer) day in the museum

Red Gingham dress with ethnical purse - The cat, you and us
Barcelona has been like a boiling pot for weeks, in a constant heat wave that has still to leave us for good. During weekdays we almost jump from the work's AC to ours at home but I feel I'm missing out if I don't enjoy our city during weekends, so we planned a visit to the National Museum (MNAC) this last Saturday. ... Continue reading ⇢