Festivalet 2014: balloons, neon lights, cuteness & a photobooth!

Photomaquina - The cat, you and us

Last weekend took place our favorite winter handmade market called Festivalet and we, as the ultimate groupies, of course thoroughly enjoyed it (& had ready our camera for the occasion!). This year the organization guys (wisely) repeated venue, the amazing Barcelona’s royal dockyards which are right now part of the maritime museum, and had more than 90 different booths including handmade products, crafts material and a delicatessen area with food trucks (♥).

What I love more about this market is how everyone involved is so eager to make you enjoy your visit, from the creativity display of the booths – Don Fisher is a well-known example but this year we also were blown away by Pablo Salvaje – their lovely attitude and the little details like this edition’s 60s vintage photobooth. We already have mentioned before that Santa can’t resist making our Christmas shopping there but I’m also just happy being able to witness so many talent together.

Festivalet 2014 - The cat, you and us Miju Lee - The cat, you and us

Miju is the sweet artist behind Me and Zoo, and she was selling at the market her new prints which she confessed were somehow inspired by her lovely cat popovita.

Miju Lee - The cat, you and us Miju Lee - The cat, you and us

We (ehem Santa!) bought one for Christmas, could you guess which one is it from her online store?

Me and Zoo print - The cat, you and us Pablo Salvaje - The cat, you and us Pablo Salvaje - The cat, you and us Pablo Salvaje - The cat, you and us

This is Pablo Salvaje booth, they were selling the cutest boy scout neckerchief and bagpacks inspired by Moonrise kingdom (whom can resist a big smile? not me!)

La fuga - The cat, you and us

As soon as we got there two familiar faces showed up, our friends Silvia and Marcel! And since I believe they have still not made the proper introduction to the blog we had to take a couple pictures (sorry guys, such an ambush!). They travelled to Japan this last spring, and we are not at all jealous for that… not… a itchy… tiny… bit, ha! We also visited the market on Sunday with my mom and Anna and Albert (great companions!), and found by chance Dani’s parents walking around: quite the meeting point, isn’t it?

Having fun with friends - The cat, you and us Silvia+Marcel - The cat, you and us

To Marcel & Silvia: in case you’re reading, our caravan deal is on!

lelelerele - The cat, you and us

I was really expecting to see & touch lelelerele sweet creations, her “Nelos” “Benitos” and “Pocholines” are nothing short but adorable.

lelelerele - The cat, you and us Matagalan - The cat, you and us rronrron - The cat, you and us

Yay! Our friends of rronrron! Look at all the pictures with Juno on their wall :)

Don fisher - The cat, you and us

Don Fisher was selling this year bigger fish bags that made me swoon.

Don fisher - The cat, you and us Don fisher - The cat, you and us Festivalet 2014 - The cat, you and us

The theme this year for the decorations of the venue was focused on neon lights and they had their own personalized ones on the entrance and decorating the columns.

Damaris+Dani - The cat, you and us Ambas - The cat, you and us Softheads - The cat, you and us

Look at the big brother of our plushie little reindeer head!

Working in the redwoods - The cat, you and us Els fruits del garden - The cat, you and us
Caravan made yuca chips - The cat, you and us

The delicatessen area was a hit and fully packed but we still were able to grab a couple of yummy treats from Caravan Made and Eureka street food trucks. Caravan Made is ruled by the most charming people, we read a couple of days ago this interview about how they decided to start their adventure and I was inspired. Thanks specially to Silvia for her adorable smiles!

Eureka tacos - The cat, you and us Caravan made bou bou - The cat, you and us Festivalet 2014 - The cat, you and us

Thanks for following us around the market! Have you ever participated in a similar market? I know we have lots of super talented pals in the blog, so hope you’re not shy and share your thoughts!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend your time x

    18th December 2014
    • We reply...

      It’s amazing how everyone puts so much effort & love in everything for the market :)

  2. I’ve never been to a market like this before! I love your sweater and I love the fish bags :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    19th December 2014
    • We reply...

      It’s a very special market :) Thanks for spotting my sweater Audrey, I’m planning on wearing it almost non-stop during this holidays ;) — ohhh fish bags sooo nice! (Santa reading???? hahahaha)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahhh so awesome and what a meeting place. I tried hard to guess the print, mmm, my first guess was Black Cat but I’m quite partial to the kitty watching you and the mountain one! Ahh I have no idea :P The Pablo Salvaje peeps are sooo cute, not to forget the ever funny/cute Don Fisher and I’m also smitten by those cloth dolls! Thanks for taking such cute photos so I could feel like I was there myself :)

    19th December 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fee!! :) You got it right! The black cat is hidden now under our tree ;) (ooh and you mention precisely the other prints I had doubts with! The mountains were calling also my name, don’t know why!) Big big hug

  4. This market looks lovely, so many cute stuff! I love your fox sweater by the way ;) Have a nice christmas.

    19th December 2014
    • We reply...

      Aww thanks sweetie! Wish you also the nicest Christmas time!!! (and lots of sweet gifts & love)

  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    What a fun humble market event place!
    I love the little background info of these
    sellers here c;
    Kah, the whale bag <3 oh Santa……………

    20th December 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahahah, the whale was incredible! :) I also like that they create with the backgrounds and table a little special place and so different one from the other! xxx

  6. Sílvia & Marcel ADDS...

    Hahaha! Quina vergonya! :) Volem veure les del making off. A veure si l’any que ve tornem a aparèixer al vostre post del festivalet però dins d’una caravana. ;) Per cert… molt xules les fotos <3

    21st December 2014
    • We reply...

      hahahahahaha, us les passem de seguida que poguem! :) Mentres creem expectació i així després dieu, bé no era per tant! :) Un vot molt a favor que l’any vinent aparagueu en forma de caravana. Petooons i molts bones festes nois!

  7. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Such beautiful things! I haven’t been to a market like this in a long long long time. I need to find one near where we live. I hope there are few throughout the year. :)

    22nd December 2014
    • We reply...

      We have a couple of vintage markets that go throughout the year that are nice, but I think the ones during the winter/Christmas season are always extra special :) and we have a soft spot for Festivalet ♥

  8. Karla ADDS...

    Lovely pictures!

    22nd December 2014
    • We reply...

      thanks Karla!

  9. Louise ADDS...

    Ohh, I remember this from last year! Such a creative bunch! Definitely something I’d love to visit sometime. I loved the Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom inspired look of the lady, it was kind of spot on! Also the bearded man with the fish in his hands looks incredible haha!

    Good to hear and see you had such a fun time!!

    23rd December 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks girl! big big fan of the Suzy inspired girl, she was so sweet as to play with us for the pictures with her binoculars & lovely smiles of both of them. Wish you a nice Christmas days ahead ♥

  10. Kate ADDS...

    Wow….this looks amazing! Just perfect! The Pablo Salvaje booth would be my first stop – but it all looks pretty darn great!

    23rd December 2014
    • We reply...

      I’m still dreaming about their brilliant crafts! Santa forgot about my obsession with their Neckerchiefs but I hope I have a second chance to score one of them ;)

  11. Mika ADDS...

    Christmas markets are the best. Very colorful and original crafts :)

    30th December 2014

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