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Lumos ✨

Sparklers - The cat, you and us
Hello sweeties & hello summer! Have you already celebrated the new season? We just did this last Thursday night at Sant Joan, a catalan tradition that celebrates the arrival of summer with fireworks and campfires.... Continue reading ⇢


Searching for poppies

Wheat fields - The cat, you and us
Hello Monday! Do you see that picture on top of the post? It turned out not so bad but it is not a single bit like our minds had imagined it... A week ago and so, the lovely Elena wrote a message telling me that she just had seen an Instagram picture showing that... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from May

Juno home cleaning - The cat, you and us
After all the blogiversary-looking-back it feels a little like cheating to be writing a post summing up what May looked like via our phone. However, if you keep scrolling you are going to find lots of carefree snapshots that have not been Instagramed before which we thought are fun to review before we keep this blog moving on.... Continue reading ⇢


3rd Blogiversary: Giveaway winner

Giveaway winner 2016 - The cat, you and us
Altogether with our blogiversary, the giveaway of the fruit clutch came to an end on Friday. Thank you to all and each one of you for participating, we always have this bittersweet feeling when a giveaway ends... Continue reading ⇢