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The calm before the bells start ringing

Double Tree Hilton La Mola - The cat, you and us
This Saturday we were invited to Dani's cousin wedding that took place in the hotel you can see in these pics. In fact the actual wedding was in a nearby rural house, that also belongs to the venue, while the bride and groom, all the family and some guests were able to get dressed and spent the night in the hotel.... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… our favorites #2

Favorites #2 - The cat, you and us
Do you remember how on April we started a new section under our "As of late" series featuring our favorites? Well, finally here we are with its second edition, featuring an illustration, a documentary recommendation and clothing hair accessories.... Continue reading ⇢


All the girls

I have this thing with walls - The cat, you and us
Yesterday we had the most unexpected discovery in our neighborhood: an impressive colorful wall art featuring a graffiti of women representing several cultures around the world.... Continue reading ⇢