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Around the world blog hop

Parc Pedralbes - The cat, you and us
Hello! Here we are again this week blogging, how annoying of us to be flooding your readers! This time it's for a good reason because we have ready my answers for the Around the World blog hop. I was tagged by the lovely Mei ... Continue reading ⇢


Sitges Film Festival 2014

Sitges Film Festival 2014 - The cat, you and us
Hello there! How is your weekend going? This is a very rare occasion for us to be blogging on a Sunday; we have many posts already scheduled for next weeks and we wanted to share a little bit of our experiences at this edition of Sitges Film Festival 2014 that is closing today... Continue reading ⇢


Van Van market

Caravan Made - The cat, you and us
Last weekend we went to the Van Van Market, a gourmet food truck market that took place in La Ciutadella park during this week. Although food trucks are very popular in other countries, they are not very common in Barcelona due to... Continue reading ⇢