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Guys also buy at Lush

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us
We know the title may be a little obvious (guys also buy beauty products, duh!) but we recently had a buying experience at our local Lush store that inspired us to write about it and show our favorite products.... Continue reading ⇢


April showers bring May flowers

Yellow raincoat - The cat, you and us
April is a rainy month, at least we thought so this last Easter weekend. Since the always (too?) cautious google weather report was forecasting rain for the weekend, we temporary cancelled a hiking to a rural area near Barcelona changing it for ... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from March

Van Van Market 2015 - The cat, you and us
Another month has come and gone and here we have a new edition of our phone snapshots series. March was a little whisper, a stubborn fella that was resisting to let spring weather overcome but nevertheless brought us hope and light. However, if we take a look at the pictures March was... Continue reading ⇢