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Hop over!

Winding Ridge Lane collaboration - The cat, you and us
Today I'm part of the new series of the lovely Jane at his sweet, cozy and fun online place called Winding Ridge Lane. Hop over and make yourself feel at home... Continue reading ⇢


Yay-ing around

Yay-ing around outfit - The cat, you and us
How is spring going for you so far? I have seen snowy pictures from New York and other US cities illustrating that first day of spring, quite not the image I had in mind when longing for the new season to come. Specially when I've shyly started to add a few new pieces to my spring/summer wardrobe and I'm more than ready to wear them right away. Do you also feel the urge to wear that new piece almost right after you are running out of the store?... Continue reading ⇢


Travel memories

Travel memories albums - The cat, you and us
With the spring season around the corner one thing pops up in my mind every 5 seconds: travel! And since we can't make our minds of where we could go this summer and in what budget, I have decided to fulfill my travel appetite by keeping in order our last adventures memories.... Continue reading ⇢