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Blogiversary: a year in review

5th blogiversary - The cat, you and us
Every blog year we have a recap of what had been going on during the last year in our lives, here it's our 5th year in pictures! If you missed any of the adventures or are a new reader (welcome!) this is the perfect chance to see our whereabouts! ... Continue reading ⇢


Calpis soda

Japanese vending machine t-shirt outfit - The cat, you and us
More Calpis soda fans out here? I just got this t-shirt from a local artist (very local! she is also from Barcelona) called Oh Caroool that sells prints, apparel, patches and pins inspired by the Japanese culture. When I saw the Japanese vending machine, screen printed on the t-shirt, it was love at first sight.... Read more »... Continue reading ⇢


Run the world (Girls)

Girls t-shirt & Sant Antonio wall-art - The cat, you and us
Last Sunday, inspired by the recent discovery that the artist Emily Eldridge had painted a mural called "Smartphone love story" on a nearby skate park we decided to pay it a visit to see how the mural look liked and share some street art love. Unfortunately this isn't the case of the post, we are not featuring... Continue reading ⇢


Travel memories: our newest photo albums

Blurb photo album travel memories - The cat, you and us
February is almost ending and with it the two most nostalgic months of the year come to an end. Lately January & February have been also the coldest months, much more than in December, which means flu flying on every corner & lots of indoor time. Well, I have had both things, flu with high fever last week (not pretty) which meant that the blog & IG have been quieter than usual, and also more time at home.... Continue reading ⇢


Baby, I was made for u

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us
I know today has usually a very cheesy celebration attached to it, but as it happens with Christmas, I like to think about it more globally and celebrate LOVE, in capital letters, of all kinds. It may seem silly that we need a day to... Continue reading ⇢