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Run the world (Girls)

Girls t-shirt & Sant Antonio wall-art - The cat, you and us
Last Sunday, inspired by the recent discovery that the artist Emily Eldridge had painted a mural called "Smartphone love story" on a nearby skate park we decided to pay it a visit to see how the mural look liked and share some street art love. Unfortunately this isn't the case of the post, we are not featuring... Continue reading ⇢


Travel memories: our newest photo albums

Blurb photo album travel memories - The cat, you and us
February is almost ending and with it the two most nostalgic months of the year come to an end. Lately January & February have been also the coldest months, much more than in December, which means flu flying on every corner & lots of indoor time. Well, I have had both things, flu with high fever last week (not pretty) which meant that the blog & IG have been quieter than usual, and also more time at home.... Continue reading ⇢


Baby, I was made for u

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us
I know today has usually a very cheesy celebration attached to it, but as it happens with Christmas, I like to think about it more globally and celebrate LOVE, in capital letters, of all kinds. It may seem silly that we need a day to... Continue reading ⇢


Starting 2018, at full speed?

Train to New Year - The cat, you and us

Happy 2018!

We are officially starting the year today with a brand new photoshoot at one of our fav locations in Barcelona, tuut! According to our book there's nothing better than to wish you new adventures and travels, and the train definitely conveys all of that, right?

... Continue reading ⇢


The worst of 2017: bloopers recap

Bloppers 2017 - The cat, you and us
We couldn't miss our annual date to show you those blooper, and mostly photo bombs, that our cameras captures in-between the good takes during the whole year. So, ladies & gentlemen, here we are to present the third edition of our worst of 2017! Hope we can rise a smile from you to end this year.... Continue reading ⇢