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#tbt UK, wait for us!

Damaris and Dani at Lacock Abbey - The cat, you and us
In a few weeks we will be flying to Wales! We are very excited about going for this road trip with our friends Anna and Albert; specially when it brings back to my memory our 2011 British trip around south England where we had so much fun. ... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from July

2 feet and a leaf - The cat, you and us
Although I had lots of plans to create a pretty bunch of photo sessions for this July, I finally can report that last month was not as successful as expected. (...) But there is always a silver lining to plans not going as you thought they would be, isn't it? We've had more unplanned activities, which is also always nice, and took snapshots with our phones like crazy... Continue reading ⇢


Cat girl & Bat boy find a new batcave

Catgirl & Batboy - The cat, you and us
This last week we received the most amazing visit. It was dark at night when something hit our window glass, as usual we were watching the tv - we are currently almost only into geek comedy shows, big band theory & silicon valley, alas...summer! - but Juno, who is always more at the watch out for flying creatures couldn't help but staring at the window without any eye blink: here they were... Continue reading ⇢