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As of late… snapshots from September

Juno in a box - The cat, you and us
Today we have a rather different story to share, it's that time of the month when we look back at what September brought us but we never got to share before on the blog. Luckily our faithful phones are there when we are too lazy to bring the big camera and we have plenty pretty things to show you today: want to go back to September with us? we'd love to give you a ride!... Continue reading ⇢


Instax challenge: September 2015

Instax Challenge September - The cat, you and us
Here we have an early edition of the Instax Challenge for this month of September! yuhu! I think we have never been able to publish it so soon, but this time I got a little help from the fairies (a.k.a Dani) who travelled us to Carcassone... Continue reading ⇢


Up and down, high and low

Juno and the box - The cat, you and us
Today I'm sharing the a-m-a-z-i-n-g gift I got from Fiona, whom has become a bff when I thought bffs didn't existed (for me) anymore, thanks girl for the heart beating feeling and excitement I had when receiving it and the love and dedication you put in this - add big heart crying emoji eyes (although they don't exist, they should, apple calling). ... Continue reading ⇢


Singin’ happy birthday in the rain

Singin' happy birthday in the rain - The cat, you and us
Today is my birthday! And it seems that the day is not here alone, it also brings the fall weather with it, great! I was missing fall, it's always my favorite: I like to wear light tights and sleeves, drink hot chocolate, or chai... or the new maple drink at starbucks which I can't fail to be excited about.... Continue reading ⇢


As of late… snapshots from August

As of late snapshots from August - The cat, you and us
Friday at last! I think it was never more welcomed an end of week, and month for that matter, as this one. Besides that we do have exciting things around the corner for this next September: staycation and my birthday. But we couldn't start this time off (well, we will stick around the blog, no worries, ha!) without talking a little bit about how our August looked like via our more informal phone snapshots.... Continue reading ⇢