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The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

Finally I have the opportunity to chat about one of my favorite shows. Have a good guess about which one is it?

It’s no secret that in my top of tv shows there’s a variety of genres and styles, such as Friends, Mad Men or the Gilmore Girls. Although I am as a big consumer of the streaming services as everyone is, lately I haven’t add a lot of new ones to my favorite list. Exception being, The end of the f***ing world and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel – the latter shares a link with the Gilmore Girls, so it could feel like cheating a little bit *wink* –

You may think it’s kind of risky to already say that from a show that has only 1 season so far, but I absolutely fell in love with different aspects like the cinematography (amazing!), the music (both score & song list), the representation of teen angst and the dialogues, the actors (and their British accents), locations and costume design. To me, it’s a little perfect package. The premise may turn you off if you don’t enjoy dark humour and take the story too literally: James believes he is a psycopath when decides that his next move must be to kill a human and Alyssa, a classmate, looks like a good candidate. Alyssa, on her turn, has a difficult relationship with her mom (and non-existent dad) and presses James to run away together.

I guess I thought I might feel something, something other than nothing

The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

As a teen my online name was Alyssa (after a movie, but that’s another chapter!), so I have started my own transformation into this new Alyssa: I already have her same hair style. Missing the blonde color though, but I don’t think I am brave enough for that, ha!

The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

The end of the f***ing world is based on a graphic novel (same title) from the author Charles Forsman. I have to admit that the characters on the novel lay flat in comparison of the tv series. The 8th episodes, 20 minutes each, allows giving much more depth and add details to both James & Alyssa, such as Alyssa’s stepdad (new to the series), a more profound & relatable dad & son/ dad & daughter history, or meaningful changes in some of the scenes (like the one at the lingerie shop). Nevertheless it is fun to read the graphic novel & it will take you less tham what it takes to watch the pilot episode alone, thus, go for it!

The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us
The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us
The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us
The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

In case you are already a fangirl/boy like myself, and since it’s not as easy to find some fan art & merch like, let’s say, Game Of Thrones (duh!) I have compiled this board for you:

The end of the f***ing world merchandising

The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

1. Illustrated by Andrea Tobar
2. B&W by Threadless
3. 3D Pixar-like by Charlotte Lebreton
4. Illustrated collage by Haedusi (disclaimer: not sure about if this is the accurate artist!)
5. Laptop sleeve by a Sky Full of Lighters
6. B&W t-shirt by Kool Juice
7. The t-shirt I’m wearing by Offset Collage

The end of the fucking world - The cat, you and us

At the end of summer they renovated the tv show for a second season, however, without setting a relasing date. The story can’t follow the graphic novel because the first season already has the same ending of the book (with some important exceptions that would be a big spoiler to mention) so there’s not a clear idea of where will it be heading. Still, I’m excited to see how it goes with a big fear in my heart that this precious gem can be easily ruined as well. Should it remain a 1 single season show? We’ll see, I am crossing fingers that it keeps its essence.

Which tv shows do you think should have stopped way earlier than its final season? Which one should be even 1 season only? I would say Prison Break and I have a gut feeling that La casa de papel (Money Heist) will be another example.

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  1. I tried End of the F***ing World a few months ago because everyone was talking about it! I enjoyed it whilst I watched it, binged quite a few episodes during my first sitting, but didn’t pick it back up. I haven’t watched Mrs. Maisel because it’s not on Netflix, but I’ve similarly heard everyone say so many good things about this show, and my friend recommended it to me again just a few days ago :P // I looooved Prison Break! I only watched through the first season though. I don’t know why I didn’t pick it back up, but since you feel like that show was best left at the first season, maybe I’ll just leave it at that :P // omg I can think of SO many shows where I liked the first few seasons more. Grey’s Anatomy, House, How to Get Away with Murder,… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    12th February 2019
  2. Fee ADDS...

    Oh I will have to check it out :) At the moment we’re watching a bunch of things at once including Russian Doll which I give two thumbs up for :)

    13th February 2019
  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Estás preciosa en todas las fotos! Son muy chulas! Me encantan!

    18th February 2019

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