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Delta del Llobregat planes viewpoint - The cat, you and us

Today we stop the Japan series to share a personal and summery pictures post.

I have several times shared my fear for planes in the blog, it's something that I can't control no matter how many times I tell myself that it's irrational and that I am in the same danger than when riding a train, bus or car (in fact, last two are way more dangerous). When the engines start, and I hear the noises from the motor, I am scared, the worse part of course is always taking off, but I am never able to disconnect from the worrying noises. For long flights it helps when the aircraft is more isolated, I have entertainment (movies help!) or it's more comfy. Apart from that, and since I don't want to take any pills, I endure the fear the best I can. Do you have any tips?

Delta del Llobregat - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat planes viewpoint - The cat, you and us
Delta del Llobregat planes viewpoint - The cat, you and us
Delta del Llobregat - The cat, you and us
Delta del Llobregat - The cat, you and us

The other day we decided that a good therapy would be to watch planes, from up close, at the Barcelona's airport viewpoint in a lovely location called Delta del Llobregat. It's so funny, because when I was there I had mixed feelings, in fact I was more excited to plan a new adventure than scared. I guess the fear is luckily not overpowering my craving of new adventures, which is great because I am already warning you that I have the need to go back to Japan (crazy gal!) and have a list of new places where to bring our camera!

Delta del Llobregat planes viewpoint - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat straw hat - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat yellow outfit - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat yellow outfit - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat yellow outfit - The cat, you and us Delta del Llobregat planes viewpoint - The cat, you and us

However, I feel I want to be completely open and honest, my biggest fear of them all has nothing to do with planes, I'm terribly scared (on a daily basis) that someone I love or myself gets severely ill.

Precisely, I've been inside my nightmares recently and completely MIA from everything in my life because Juno got sick around two weeks ago. She started on a Friday evening vomiting more than 14 times, my heart hurting so much every time I was noticing a new vomit was coming through, I'm sure you can imagine the hopeless feeling when you can't understand why this is happening.

We ran the next morning to our vet, she didn't feel her stomach swollen, so gave us some gastritis pills and send us home with the warning that we had to have an exhaustive control on her for 48h starting on Sunday, she had to eat & drink normally and not vomit a single time, otherwise we would have to run to take thorough tests.

I'm not sure if it's the same in your part of the world, but here doctors tend to give you all the possible scenarios so you have a knowledge of what could be happening, for me this is like the worst possible approach, because she scared me to death.

Luckily, I was able to work from home on Monday and Tuesday, and I was checking on Juno like every two minutes. In my head I even sometimes heard the vomiting sounds, but then it was only a ghost voice. At around 40h I was hopeful that everything was ok, but then at only 2 hours from that 48h deadline she vomited again. My heart sunk, so so deeply, I started to helplessly cry so much, which was only scaring Juno but I couldn't stop. I rang Dani to tell him (he was on his way to our home) and I could sense how he was down. We called the vet, arranged a test visit for the next morning and that night I couldn't sleep at all.

The tests took more than 4 hours and I had to wait at a café nearby just in case something was wrong and they needed our ok for an intervention. By now, I don't even need to mention how I was feeling, those 4h alone in the café, not able to sip a single drop, just looking at my phone hoping there wasn't a call, Dani joined me after a work meeting in the middle and we were like two ghosts sitting one next to the other. Luckily there wasn't a call, and when we arrived the vet told us that the tests looked quite OK. She didn't have all those horrible things she had warned us about and instead she had a gastritis combined with a UTI caused by two bacteria.

We are right now starting second week of her three-week treatment and I'm crossing fingers we are fighting those bacteria, she has vomited twice and we had to re-start the anti-vomit pill, but I really hope she is feeling better.

I've felt not only scared but also lonely, however, on a positive note, all the hassle with Juno is making me love my tiny close family and appreciate my work environment even more, people from my work have been very kind to me asking about Juno everyday and my boss made so easy for me to take care of Juno at home and going to the vet.

Delta del Llobregat - The cat, you and us

How do you deal with fears in your daily life? Or are you maybe a fearless being? In that case, I definitely envy your position!

Big hug to fellow worriers like myself! Everything will be ok. Oh! and next week we continue with the Japan series, hope you are enjoying them because I feel I could be sharing Japan photos non-stop, ha!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Qué fotos más bonitas! Es impresionante lo del avión, parece que lo tengas cerca. Me gusta el color de las fotos y la luz suave. Y tú cómo siempre, guapísima.

    2nd July 2019
  2. Fee ADDS...

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry you had to all go through such intense experience. I”m crossing everything that Juno’s course of treatment works perfectly. Our cats bring so much joy which I guess makes it even harder when they get sick. I wish the urinary issues were solvable. We’re still slightly lost with Gremlin. The vet told us he will have this condition all his life and that there is no real treatment except trying to address his anxieties that bring the UTIs on (which is a tricky process!). We are moving soon and that is a big stress factor for him. I’m trying to not let my own fears influence his fears but that’s tricky too!! On the plus side, how lovely is your work, definitely helps to have that support and flexibility. AND so good that your still able to go on planes despite your fears. That’s the true act of bravery right there!

    3rd July 2019
    • We reply...

      Thank you lovely friend!!! ❤️ we are still in the process, crossing fingers, I’m weighting the food everyday so we can know for sure she is eating. Poor Gremlin! Give him a hug for me ❤️ Is the UTI very frequent with Gremlin? Hope the moving home goes smoothly. Biggest love from your Barcelona pals ❤️

  3. Marine Leisy ADDS...

    Sending my love to all three of you! Pet health scares are, well, scary! We’ve been through that vet experience more times than I’d like to count in the past year. It always makes me feel so helpless! Our kittens were sick on and off for the first five months we had them, and after losing our last two cats to mysterious illnesses, every time something is even slightly off now, my mind goes to dark places. And yes, vets here also tell you every possibility of what could be wrong… I know they’re just covering their bases, but it doesn’t help one bit with the anxiety! All of this to say, I hope Juno recovers quickly and you can go back to less-anxiety in your day to day :) And my husband is terrified of planes- but he has never been on one! Good on you for conquering your fear each time.

    6th July 2019
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Marine, it means a lot to know that you can relate too with pet health scares <3 the mind has given me a very hard time. I've also noted lot of hair falling as an effect to the stress. Thankfully, and although last week was quite a nightmare (she reduced eating at 50%) we've already had 4 days with lot of more eating and even yesterday she played with us, so I'm now more hopeful that she is on the way to mend completely. Big hug and thanks again, your message was super comforting!

  4. Loving these summery photos! With all the travel posts from you that I love so much, I would never have thought that you had a fear of flying! I hope this trip was therapeutic for you :) // So sorry to hear about Juno! D: Hope he’s on his way to recovery <3 I'm glad your boss was so understanding! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    10th July 2019
    • We reply...

      I know it’s so contradictory that I love travelling so much but I’m afraid of flying, but I really brave it each time and it’s always so worthy. Thanks for the Juno love <3 she is on her way to full recovery now, we will be testing her again next week, so crossing all fingers. Big hug!

  5. Hanna ADDS...

    Reading this brought me back to 2 years ago when I almost lost my lovely dog to parvo virus. My family and I really took it to heart and it affected our daily routines – I remember spacing out at work and looking forward to the day to end so I could come and visit our little one in the hospital. If there’s one thing I can truly vouch for, pets feel our love for them when we show it and this gives them the strength to fight. Our little one survived and is back to her happy jumpy self to this date. I truly hope Juno and the rest of your family are fine and doing well. I felt every bit of this post as I also am a constant worrier and at this point, I am still learning to just simply live day by day managing my expectations and trying to let go of those that do not/have not yet happened.

    I enjoy your blog so much and I look forward to more!


    28th October 2019

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