Flowers in your hair

Yellow flowers lane - The cat, you and us
♫ Flowers in your hair – The Lumineers ♫

This yellow road and green field of el Delta del Llobregat was our last hike of the day; we were so happy for the complete day full of fun discoveries that when we saw the beautiful lane with all the yellow flowers we both instantly said out loud that we couldn’t ask for a better view to end the day.

Do you remember that in the first post I told you about how we would love to make some couple sessions in here?, well, I think that with all the three posts now shared we can explain this a little bit more. We like when photography sessions on the outside gather images of several places, but that they all share like the same motto, not necessary of the same spot. El Delta had somehow that, you could take pictures with a more rustic feeling with the spikes and bushes & small streams and bridges but at the same time add interesting old architecture, sea views and then the prettiest wild flowers lanes. Oh! and don’t forget about the planes, those can make fun pics (and meaningful images of the adventures together)!

Or maybe all the above blabbing is just that wild flowers make me remember of my wedding bouquet which automatically puts my romantic mode on and can’t think of anything else besides couples, please mind my foolish romantic side today!

Delta del Llobregat green fields - The cat, you and us Red converse - The cat, you and us A plane is approaching - The cat, you and us Bye bye plane - The cat, you and us Back and yellow - The cat, you and us Yellow excitement - The cat, you and us Yellow happiness - The cat, you and us

So…loving couples out there, wanna come with us to el Delta to take some pics? we’ll make sure to bring The Lumineers soundtrack to dance around together!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    this is such a beautiful place. i would love to be here in person and take pictures :)

    18th June 2014
  2. Sara ADDS...

    I want to go there :)

    18th June 2014
  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Your hiking adventures were great and so personal,
    this is one is sure a great one to finish it c; Xx

    18th June 2014
  4. Denysia Yu ADDS...

    It looks lovely there! :)

    19th June 2014
  5. as usual, i reallly like your pictures. I would love to print some and put them in my living room, their athmosphere is so “zen”.

    Bisous from Paris!

    19th June 2014
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Naelle, your comment is very sweet!

  6. petal and plume ADDS...

    gorgeous captures :) your smile is contagious!

    19th June 2014
    • We reply...

      ♥ ♥

  7. Kati ADDS...

    Sooo cute! Love that place and your dress!


    19th June 2014
  8. TJ ADDS...

    These pictures just make my heart happy! And dancing to The Lumineers sounds perfect ;)
    xo TJ

    20th June 2014
  9. Fiona ADDS...

    I wish I lived closer I’d be signing up in a heartbeat! You guys take super magical photos!!
    I’ll cross my fingers (and toes!) you get cute couples flocking to line up for your talent :)

    20th June 2014
    • We reply...

      Awwwww Fee, thanks for the love, it makes my day!! I’ll cross fingers to meet you guys ;)

  10. Deniz ADDS...

    Very nice breathtaking place! and Damaris, your last photo is so beuatiful <333

    20th June 2014
    • We reply...

      &hearts! Thanks sweetie, it is also my favorite!, I am thinking of maybe framing a couple pics from this session for our home.

  11. Deniz ADDS...

    and also thanks for letting me remember about photo sessions, how I miss to take a session, I take my camera and will do the same this as well :)

    20th June 2014
  12. Amanda ADDS...

    Wow, great photos! Those yellow flowers are adorable!

    20th June 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Amanda! The yellow was popping, I loved this path so much.

  13. petra ADDS...

    fantastic pictures again! I gotta get out into the countryside more often again too :)

    24th June 2014
  14. I want to go back here and explore, I am told their is a creepy haunted bit… eek!
    We are also taking photographs and trying to document Barcelona.. hope you like our project :)

    20th July 2014
    • We reply...

      I’m sure it will be a little scary at the sunset, specially the beach area ;) I have checked your project and is lovely, thanks for stopping by and letting me know. Hope you also like it in here :)

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