Birthday Minnie

Tokyo Disneyland - The cat, you and us

Today is my birthday!

This year we don’t have a specific photo session for my birthday because I have decided that nothing can be more special, in my heart, than the combo of Japan + Disney, so here it is the first preview of our Disneyland adventure at Tokyo Disney Resort!

I know some may frown to the fact that a full grown adult like myself – and even older today, yikes, ha! – still enjoys at its max a time at a Disney park and chooses to dress in this type of outfit, but hey what a better day than a birthday to say that I don’t care, I choose to enjoy what I like and be myself. Also, I particularly want to stress how people use the word “still” as it is something you definitely have to put to an end as soon as possible.

It’s not always easy, because society does definitely put a big guillotine blade suspending on top of your neck (sorry for this horrible image!) telling what you are supposed to do and how are you supposed to feel depending on how old are you. I’m sure you have received lots of targeted campaigns or those articles telling you what you should have accomplished before your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s… and I’m frankly sorry to say this, but I feel the pressure it is even bigger with girls, specially when it comes to raising a family.

Well, just wanted to seize this opportunity to make a goal to work every day towards feeling more myself, certainly a to be continued story, not easy at all but worthy to try.

Thanks for putting up with my birthday rant, you are such a lovely bunch!

Oh! and in case you miss seeing a birthday photo session, don’t miss the last 2 years <3

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Felicidades, ratita.!!!!

    6th September 2019
  2. Sophikita ADDS...

    Yes yes yes yes yes! I also enjoy things which I catch myself thinking are too “young” for me.. thanks for the reminder to just not care! And a very happy birthday :)

    6th September 2019
  3. Fee ADDS...

    So happy to be yourself! SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I heard on a silly radio program people ranting about adults going to disneyland without kids, I was shocked and thought it was such a weird thing for people to be upset about. Some days I feel like I could be myself a little more and I do conform in terms of how I dress/present myself but hopefully as I keep getting older the rebel in me will keep getting stronger!!! You look adorable and the World would be robbed if you hid any of it away! Here’s to a pressure-free year and amazing happy lives!!!

    10th September 2019
  4. DREAMS ARE FOR EVERYONE, NOT JUST CHILDREN! KEEP LIVING YOUR DREAMS <3 hehe. Happy birthday!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    11th September 2019
  5. Mary ADDS...

    I wish you the happiest bday! May all your dreams come true <3

    16th September 2019

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