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Cup and cake - The cat, you and us

During winter season we usually have this routine on weekends where we pick a place we would like to eat (not a bad routine, isn’t it?) and then plan around the location of our choice. The plan is usually not big at all, it just involves walking around or going back home just wandering and looking more carefully at things rather than we are able to do during weekdays.

This is also fun because wandering is where you usually find the most perfect photo spots (for outfit-ish sessions or for The cat in love engagement sessions), but that’s not our case today, I will just show you how a simple weekend date for us is!

We started Sunday craving for Peruvian food which is not weird at all (are we too tiresome with our obsession?) and remembered a restaurant we don’t visit often (but we love) named Ceviche 103. We called, they had a free table, so that was a done deal! We located it on the map and decided that we could walk to it, since it was around 20 minutes from home and then from there, go to our favorite pedestrian street, Enric Granados (see it here) to wander around.

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us

Through our Peruvian cuisine madness during the last year we have discovered several places around the city, from our most visited homemade style local restaurant Santa Ceviche, to the fanciest gastronomic experience (it was a birthday present, can you remember it from here?) at Pakta. Ceviche 103 would be in the middle, the dishes are fancier presented and with surprising touches but at the same time it’s a weekend date that would not empty your pockets.

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us Shrimp & avocado peruvian causa - The cat, you and us

Shrimp causita limeña in black (that’s the surprising touch!) and the cutest presentation ever.

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us

Classic ceviche made with sea bass.

Inca kola - The cat, you and us

We tasted for the first time Inca kola. It’s a very popular Peruvian soft drink that I would compare to Dr. Pepper, because it has a very syrup-like sweet flavor and it is very well-known locally but less internationally.

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us

Ceviche 103 powerful decoration cheers me up!

Noodles and meat with huncaina sauce - The cat, you and us

With full bellies we walked towards Enric Granados to almost immediately stumble upon Cup and cake, which was a mandatory stop: Dani and coffee are inseparable companions, I even should be jealous, ha!

Cup and Cake is a famous coffee shop in Barcelona with lots of american sweets such as red velvet cake, cheesecake or cupcakes (the name is certainly a good clue!). I was too full to succumb to a red velvet slice but an orange juice is always appreciated. I usually would go for a chai latte if I was for instance at Cosmo (another coffee shop in the same street), but I don’t like theirs a lot (it is infused directly in the hot milk with a tea bag and it ends up being not that tasty), so juice for me!

Enric Granados - The cat, you and us

I was too bold wearing a light coat, although it promised to be a sunny one, it was still super chilly! Lucky I had my wool scarf with me.

Enric Granados - The cat, you and us

I always have to stop at this knick-knack store in Enric Granados street. Say hi to Gizmo-Juno! Aren’t they alike? Oh hey, do you remember our last year’s super silly april’s fool where we “introduced” Gizmo to the family? Ohmy, shame on us!

Enric Granados - The cat, you and us Cup and cake - The cat, you and us Cup and cake - The cat, you and us Cup and cake - The cat, you and us Cup and cake - The cat, you and us

The first time I visited this coffee place I fell in love with their glorious red velvet. It doesn’t look bad at all, right?

Cup and cake - The cat, you and us

My sleepy face next to an orange juice, that’s a usual combo, ha!

Cup and cake - The cat, you and us

How do your weekends look like? Do you usually plan a food date and then the rest, or are we too obsessed with food? We are going to have a rather unusual weekend as we have a wedding on Sunday, so, not lot of food to be consumed (for us, photographers, ha!) but lots of love all around to feed us!

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  1. What a wonderful routine you have! I love the idea! And the Peruvian restaurant looks so good and it’s so colorful :)

    15th March 2016
  2. Mariko ADDS...

    This is a great weekend tradition. Rick and I like to do something similar in the spring/summer since it’s much harder to get around in the winter and we’d rather hibernate with Netflix on the weekends. But we definitely consider ourselves foodies. On a related note, why do restaurants insist on putting teabags in steamed milk and calling it chai?! Just. Say. No.

    15th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! Is this hideous teabags-with-steamed-milk thing a worldwide issue!? I was blaming poor Spanish skills with tea related stuff :S I’m joining your “say no!” right away :) Big hug!

  3. Sophie ADDS...

    Ever since I recently stumbled upon your blog, I’ve been lusting after an adventure in Barcelona! Thank you for brightening up my grey London day with this little slice of colour. I hope you have a wonderful week :)

    15th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Barcelona is a good adventure idea! :) We will be sharing more about our city during May (spoiler alert, ha!), hope you like it!

  4. Kimmy ADDS...

    This is a great way to spend a weekend!
    Mine usually consists of working and then coming home and passing out. But every once in a while, I get to explore…places I’ve already discovered and love. Haven’t been able to discover new places in awhile. And food is important, so obsess away! :3

    16th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Sorry that you have to work during weekends. Wish you lots of new discoveries on the following weeks, spring is always a good time to have adventures! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Jess ADDS...

    Oh, I just love your photography style so much. The photos in the coffee shop have the most perfect atmosphere to them, they make me want to run straight to my nearest cosy coffee shop! The decor in the restaurant is so cute too, you couldn’t sit there and not feel cheery! You’re totally not weird for basing your weekend plans around the place you want to eat. Food is always a central part of my weekend plans! Even today I was in a really weird mood, and so my boyfriend and I decided to go for a very lavish dinner at one of our favourite places to cheer me up. Good food soothes the soul <3


    18th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks for your comment! It means a lot! <3 Glad to hear that it is also a central part of your weekend plans, good food and a lovely atmosphere make wonders.

  6. Bivi ADDS...

    Hi there, Dani, Juno and Damaris!
    I’ve just recently stumbled upon your comment on The Clothes Horse and decided to click through to see if you have a blog. Man, am I glad to have wound up here. Your blog is super cute and quirky and lovely. Your photography is really nice and homey, it calms me down to look at them.
    This seems like such a low key and relaxing way to spend the weekend. Eating good food with your partner—and Peruvian? I’m intrigued to try!—then hanging out at a small local café? Yes, please! That red velvet looks scrumptious too!
    Okay, sorry for the too long comment (you probably won’t read). Love your blog and will keep coming back! Please come to mine, if you’d like. I’ll leave the link below ;)

    Alive as Always

    19th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Aww, thanks for your super sweet comment and to visit us here! I definitely visit you as well :)

  7. Jane Y. ADDS...

    There is a local peruvian chicken place here and it’s one of our favorites. The sauce especially is so so good :) looks like a wonderful weekend!

    21st March 2016
  8. Vane Ruh ADDS...

    Hermosas rutinas de finde!!! ¿ y adivina qué? … Llegó mi postal de navidad, es la postal más linda de navidad recibida en verano. Por un momento pensé que se había perdido en el mundo del correo postal, pero no, sí llegó y me hizo muy feliz.
    Muchas gracias al crew, está hermosa!!!

    24th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! Que bien que llegó al final! Tres meses más tarde, eso sí que es un milagro de Navidad :) Me alegro mucho que os guste! Un beso grande a toda la family!

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