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Whenever we visit La Barceloneta neighborhood we always have that same amusing surprise realizing how much like a sea town our city looks like from there. La Barceloneta is an area to walk/jog/ride the boardwalk, admire the sea (or venture a dip), to eat a good paella and get lost in its little and very mediterranean-looking streets with an ice-cream in your hand. We only go to the beach occasionally and when we do is usually on the Costa Brava (up north and more rocky) or abroad, but we love La Barceloneta beach to refill energy with sea sighting while going up and down the broadwalk with our scotter. An instant feel-better place for us, and a must stop to keep on visiting the city.


  • Bacoa: If you are in the mood for a fast (yet tasty) eat, or would like to have a picnic at the beach you can stop by Bacoa. Whether it is on La Barceloneta or in any of their other locations, you can't miss Bacoa burgers with their eco meats. My favorite is "La Manchega" adding french fries as a side.
    Address: Carrer del Judici, 15


  • Lost & Found market: We don't usually shop at La Barceloneta, but we certainly don't miss the Lost & Found market held there just by the beach when there is a new edition. They sell vintage clothes and objects. In summer they usually have two editions (during winter they change locations to the nearby Estació de França). Make sure to check their website to know exactly the dates the market will take place.
    Address: Pg. Joan de Borbó-Pl. del Mar
    Featured in our blog: here Red Gingham dress with ethnical purse - The cat, you and us


  • Passeig marítim (Boardwalk): This is how we call the seaside boardwalk in our city. It's the perfect place to ride a bike, scotter, skate, run or simply walk while enjoying the glorious sea breeze. I am a big lover of the sea and find it healing, it always lifts me up when I am in a bad mood. Passeig maritim- The cat, you and us Barceloneta - The cat, you and us
  • Streets of La Barceloneta: La Barceloneta has some charming streets next to the beach, you will easily recognize its mediterranean flavor with the clothes hanging from the balconies and its pastel colors. Streets of la Barceloneta - The cat, you and us
  • Museu blau (Natual History Museum): At the very end of the boardwalk you will find an area called Forum that was created on 2004 to host the Universal Forum of Cultures and that it's now mainly used for music festivals and as a public space. The Natural History Museum is located in what is called the Blue building, giving the collection a very special look. The collection is rather small, but it's very enjoyable, if you are fan like myself of natural history museums I'm sure you'll have a great time. Also, tip! Make sure to check the free entrance schedule, since it's quite small with a couple hours you will have enough.
    Featured in our blog: here. Museu blau

Check this & more (equally cool) addresses of the area in our map:

Featured in the video:
Bacoa, Barceloneta boardwalk (passeig marítim), and Vioko.
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  1. Marine ADDS...

    I wish you had this around when I visited Barcelona last year! Looks like I’ll have to go back ;)

    19th May 2016
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Ohhh I really like this area, even though you guys always say which areas you blogs are set it’s nice to see them altogether and now I feel all knowledgeable about la Barceloneta! I love you’re videos so much – so much charm!!

    20th May 2016
  3. I have a friend who is studying abroad in Barcelona next semester, so I’ve shared this post with her! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to make use of it myself too :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st May 2016

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