Blue Lion

Museu Blau - The cat, you and us

For quite a long time we have had a visit to the new Natural History Museum (called the Blue Museum) in our agenda. In fact, since it changed locations from the small but amazingly (in a vintage fashion) building at the Ciutadella Park to the uber modern current location at the Forum premises, surrounded by the latest architecture style.

Natural History Museums always create a magnetism in me, I am torn to visit them and feel like I am at an enchanted place. I think I have never shared this on the blog before, but I was about to study Biology as my bachelor degree, only at the last minute decided against. The head does crazy things sometimes, I guess some part of me was unsure about the type of career I wanted to achieve, and that’s not weird at all, as I’m still struggling to know it.

Museu Blau - The cat, you and us Museu Blau - The cat, you and us

Vintage dress, Camper booties and (awesome) Sunshine Coast seashell necklace handmade by Burntfeather.

Seashell necklace - The cat, you and us Museu Blau - The cat, you and us Forum - The cat, you and us

I had my concerns about the move to the new premises, since the collection was quite small and the main charm (or so I thought) lied in the old building that contained it. I recall it being a super (super!) tiny version of the Natural History Museum of Paris, of some sorts. However, I have to admit that it blowed me away by creating a mystery while playing with the low lights, the blue and all the cabinets containing the collection. The main part of the collection is the bones and taxidermy halls. Museu Blau - The cat, you and us Lion Museu Blau - The cat, you and us Lion - The cat, you and us Cocoon - The cat, you and us Pelican - The cat, you and us Monkey and stork - The cat, you and us Skeletons - The cat, you and us Skeleton - The cat, you and us Minerals - The cat, you and us Seashell necklace - The cat, you and us Museu Blau - The cat, you and us Museu Blau - The cat, you and us

Do you enjoy Natural History Museums? Which part of them is your favorite? What is your position with taxidermy in museums?

Hope you liked the pictures that tell the story of the two kiddos (at heart, ha!) visiting the majestic Lion from the Blue Museum!

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    We used to go to nature parks and natural history museums and aquariums a lot when I was a kid, so I also almost did a degree in Biology, but wussed out and went the English Lit route. Love that necklace, btw. It’s even on theme.

    6th April 2016
    • We reply...

      I went to the computer science route, but definitely your story sounds very familiar to me ♥ Who knows! Maybe if it was my profession the magic I get whenever we visit a Natural History Museum would not be the same ;)

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Awwww that melted my heart seeing the necklace!! Very cute outfit, love those boots!! I agree about the love of these cabinets and dark moody lighting! Normally they have horrible yellow cast lights but it makes it way more magical with the blue :) I love museums!

    8th April 2016
    • We reply...

      The necklace is definitely my favorite part from the outfit! This museum is quite near the sea, although you can’t tell from the pictures, so I thought it was a good idea to bring it to Barcelona’s seaside :)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    oh that’s super nice – our two countries get to meet :) :) he he he

    9th April 2016
  4. Indy ADDS...

    Wow, what gorgeous photography! I especially love the one with the bird skeleton – so beautiful.

    10th April 2016
  5. Kimmy ADDS...

    I love museums so much. I work at the Science Museum in my city, and it’s so much fun. I get to spend time with butterflies and dinosaurs. We do have a wildlife exhibit that has been in the museum for decades. Taxidermy makes me a bit uncomfortable, to think that these animals were once living yet look so different behind the glass compared to how they look in documentaries or even zoos. But all in all, I enjoy learning new things and museums are a wonderful place to learn.
    Also, your pictures are absolutely breath taking. Love them!!!

    10th April 2016
  6. Marine ADDS...

    Natural history museums are my favorite! All things animal/science related! I wish I had thought to visit this when I was in Barcelona last year. Hm… I guess I’ll have to make another trip! ;)

    10th April 2016
  7. daria ADDS...

    I love Natural History Museums! They make a great background for pictures – your pics stand as proof!

    21st April 2016

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