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The sea - The cat, you and us

Last Sunday we headed to Barcelona’s beach, la Barceloneta, with my mom to celebrate half her birthday. In fact we had two presents for her, while on Saturday evening we bought theater tickets for a Tennessee Williams play called “The glass menagerie”, on Sunday the plan was a (yummy) foodie one: to eat for the first time the acclaimed best paella in Barcelona. Not a bad celebration, do you agree?

We are going to divide this Sunday in two posts because the pictures turned out quite different and we would like to share a little bit more photos without overloading you with them in a single post. For this first part we have ready the Lost & Found market adventures.

In order to prepare our stomachs for a big paella lunch we planned to first visit a thrift market that was also taking place in la Barceloneta. It was our first time at a Lost & Found market and although sometimes that type of open air thrift markets overwhelm me a little bit with so many stalls with not very curated items, I was really impressed with the quality of the stalls and the prices of this one.

Lost & Found - The cat, you and us Checking a rack - The cat, you and us

I was about to buy this white jeanette t-shirt, marked at 10€ If it were half the price I think it would have been mine ;)

Shoes - The cat, you and us

I believe that most of the stalls had clothes, but there were also a few with home decor objects, music vinyls, geek stuff and even a very hipster-ish hairdresser, drinks and live dj music. I liked that it was so complete, feeling it more like a beach party than a market itself, a place to have fun and score nice stuff at the same time.

The location right next to the beach was beautiful, summery, colorful – I liked all the beach umbrellas to protect from the sun every booth – and was also perfect for Barcelona’s visitors (usually fans of the beach as well) to casually stop by the market. On the downside, the 6th was a really hot day making it a little difficult to walk around during the strong sun hours (sun lotion a must) and was also tricky for some sellers that even with the umbrella, had to wear bathing clothes in order to put up with the heat.

I was tempted to buy a t-shirt, a few dresses, and some home decor items, but finally left empty handed (boo me). I think the fact that I was focused on spending time with my mom for her birthday kept me away from a buying mood. I must then come back to their next edition, right?

Mirroring us - The cat, you and us Thrifting guys - The cat, you and us Happy thrifting - The cat, you and us Big white hat - The cat, you and us Pretty dresses rack - The cat, you and us

This dresses were very pretty, they followed the same idea of Susi sweet dress, they were vintage clothes re-styled into more modern fits.

Meanwhile on the beach - The cat, you and us

It was nice to turn a corner and see what was happening meanwhile on the beach.

Dotted skirt & red backpack - The cat, you and us

That bag was also really tempting, but it had stains and I wasn’t sure I was able to take them off because I am not very skilled with leather cleaning.

Ropa de chico guapo - The cat, you and us

“Handsome guys clothing rack”, that must be the best catch line to check the rack.

Vinyl music - The cat, you and us Barber shop - The cat, you and us

The barbershop with two very blonde hairdressers and a very bearded customer.

Mirroring us II - The cat, you and us

The gang, all ready to have some lunch!

Is summer the best season for thrift markets? If we look at Barcelona’s agenda it seems so! Does the same happen in your city? Do you put up well with high temperatures?

Keep tuned for the paella in the next post! I can tell you in advance that its fame is deserved.

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    what a lovely outing and with your mom too :) that must’ve made it that much more sweeter. and oh those dresses! bet there were some pretty ones there. next time!

    10th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh! The dresses were one of the things that I most regretted not looking more properly. However I learnt that they sell also in little stores, maybe I still can score one :)

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    Looks like you all had a lovely time. That t-shirt also would have been very tempting to me. And I can’t wait to hear about the paella, although I’m afraid it will make me too hungry and jealous!

    10th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Just now I finished writing the paella post that is going to be published tomorrow, and I feel I could run for another one right away! hahaha.

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh my gosh – I have to run away to a wedding but I wanted to say – I WANT THAT BEACH PRINT! The one with the life guard in the middle. You guys need to sell prints of your photos and I’ll happily buy one – super large!! Ahh sooo amazing :) (I’m 100% serious too, would look amazing huge on a wall)

    Also the market looks super rad and I think you’re a lovely daughter for being shopping distracted for your mum :P he he he.

    11th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Fee! Thank you so much for your kind words! :) A print shop is something it would be so fun. I have always thought I would love to have a pretty decorated and curated little ole’ shoppe with lots of cute goodies (or a candy store!)? :) Maybe it’s never too late!?

  4. petra ADDS...

    looks very cool. I miss Barcelona :)

    11th July 2014
  5. Deniz ADDS...

    this market seems so fun! everytime we look at your pics, we told that wish we have known you when we went to Barcelona! and this beach picture is so so so lovely, I don’t know why, but it makes me feel different in a good way. and happy birthday for your mom <3

    11th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much, I’ll give your congratulations to my mom :) I know! You must come back then to Barcelona sometime ;)

  6. ALICE ADDS...

    L O V E!

    11th July 2014
  7. Sara ADDS...

    I would love to run to a beach all summer and only return to the city in Autumn!
    Flea markets and thrift markets here happen all year ago,Porto is a ‘second hand city’ you will love it once you come here :D

    11th July 2014
    • We reply...

      :) Second hand city sounds my kind of place! :) hahhaa, I would love to visit Porto one day! We are doing the first steps and will be visiting Portugal for the first time ever (wow, kind of crazy, since both countries are so close together) this summer.

  8. Kristine ADDS...

    Oh my goodness, that thrift market looks like a dream! Wish we had that here.

    11th July 2014
    • We reply...

      The location was so nice! kudos to the organizers for thinking about this :)

  9. Sally ADDS...

    This looks like such a great market, and such an amazing location too!
    Love your photos, looks like you’ve got gorgeous sunshine!

    11th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Blue skies and blue sea made it a really beautiful day indeed! :) I agree the location was a hit! thanks Sally!

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