Susi you’re sweet

Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us

At this time of year I’m really counting back the days left to holidays. Are you the same? This weekend was the last one of June which in my mind marks the beginning of the two months of “summer”; when the temperatures rise higher, that planned for months getaway looks closer and I can live in dresses & skirts. However, as I am writing this the weather seems playful and I’m back to my jeans, the more reason (if being Monday was not per se enough) to stick to this last weekend, right?

On Friday afternoon we visited a vintage clothing market called Susi sweet dress. Susana – Susi is the shorter for her name – does not host a typical vintage market, instead she sells dresses that, at the same time, she has bought on other vintage markets all around (I guess in big batches, but always noticing her favorite patterns), which then sews in more contemporary looking shapes: shorter hems, more fitting & (in lots of them) sleeveless option. Although the former idea was selling dresses, the market has grown during the years and now you can find cute skirts, blouses and t-shirts. { Rumor has it this year they were also expanding to men clothing }. But the Susi sweet market is always more than her clothes, this last edition Susi co-hosts included the adorable jewelery designs of Fauna y Flora, the illustrator Lyona and the kids complements of LittleLia. As a compliment for all attendants they had beer, cava, mini nocilla (chocolate spread similar to Nutella) sandwiches and activities like the sweetest braids workshop made by the lovely Viviana or chocolate lollipops decoration for kids.

Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us

I am wearing all Susi sweet dress ensamble including a green srtipes t-shirt, blue gingham skirt & little roses headband.

Cat shoes - The cat, you and us

I added my go-to beloved kitty ballerinas for an added sugary taste ;)

Since my friend Lucila discovered the market a few years ago, I have tried to add every single edition in my calendar. I like to buy each time a couple pieces because they always end up being the most used and comfy pieces in my wardrobe, plus the idea of having a unique item is always nice and the prices are really affordable, 30 € for a dress, 10€ a skirt or t-shirt, not bad at all. Do you have a similar market in your city? Have you ever bought vintage clothing to sew it and adapt it to another pattern?

With my purchases in hand I couldn’t help but putting them on right away on the following day, and go for a very romantic walk, to keep the same feeling their clothes give. On Saturday we thus visited el Parc Cervantes, that for its famous roses is one of the places in Barcelona that I always think about when talking about a lovey-dovey surrounding. We also edited the pictures very soft to add to the charming atmosphere, hope that you like them!

Parc Cervantes - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Parc Cervantes - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us

Since I was a little kid I haven’t stop jumping around to make the skirts float ;) it is something that always makes me smile, minus one time during my birthday (while I was around 9) the skirt floated a little too much, oops, that was an embarrassing moment. I’m sure I have to be one more of the million girls with a similar skirt story.

Parc Cervantes - The cat, you and us Reading on the park - The cat, you and us

And here Dani reading. The following two pictures represent what boyfriends and husbands do while patiently waiting their girl partners trying the clothes at a Susi sweet dress market. The dressing rooms are a big single common room with mirrors here & there. As a joke I call it the black hole, because once in there you not only try your choices but everyone else’s discard piles and the time there tends to be 10 times the number of pieces in your initial selection. Beer, cava and nocilla sandwiches also them cheer up.

The invisible man - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us

The little pink roses in my headband a little bit closer.

Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us

The flirting sun light at the golden hour is as sweet as it can be. We realized that in Barcelona it starts around 8:15-30pm at this time of year. C’mon sun, don’t be so sticky, that I need to fly to dinner don’t you see I’m all dressed up for a summer date?

Susi you're sweet - The cat, you and us
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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    it’s such a pretty piece. and i love the rosebud headband! i do love summer for skirts and dresses too :)

    30th June 2014
  2. petra ADDS...

    that is a very cute and romantic outfit. and the market sounds great. I don’t have anything like this where I live right now. I can buy tons of westernized cheap local garments though, mostly batik stuff. not bad either, albeit not very unique :)

    30th June 2014
  3. Such a darling photo shoot! Makes me so happy that summer is here. And I adore your outfit… especially the kitty flats :) xo

    1st July 2014
  4. Courtney ADDS...

    Love the way that these photos turned out. The lighting and editing is so perfect! Lovely job!

    1st July 2014
  5. kitsune-kun ADDS...

    so many pretty flowers! <3

    1st July 2014
  6. Mariko ADDS...

    Your outfit is incredibly cute! I wish we had something like that in Montreal, but there is a trend of refashioning here. Unfortunately, the trend here is more towards patchwork looking clothes that use a lot of synthetic fabrics, which aren’t really my style.

    2nd July 2014
  7. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh such dreamy photos and you’re outfit is super sweet (love hearing about the designs!). I had to chuckle at the skirt mishap, as someone who wears skirts 90% of the time I can definitely relate :P I’m adding cute rose headband to things I desperately want as well :)

    2nd July 2014
  8. Marlen ADDS...

    these are such gorgeous photos (as usual) and I LOVE the mix of the stripes and gingham skirt. And I love vintage markets like that- they always have the sweetest dresses. This just reminded me to mark down the ones that are coming to Chicago so I don’t miss them :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    2nd July 2014
  9. Sara ADDS...

    you look totally adorable <3

    2nd July 2014
    • We reply...

  10. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    You look amazing in your entirely vintage look! I really wanne
    visit this vintage market by Susi :c The pictures are again
    lovely and warm c: Xx

    2nd July 2014
    • We reply...

      I think the idea behind the market is great, because when you go thrifting the problem usually can be the fitting or the sometimes weird sleeves. Thanks for the lovely words!

  11. Deniz ADDS...

    Oh, Damaris did I say how I love your “this kind of posts”; one capture another, with a beautiful view at the background…
    And this outfit is soooooo my cup of tea <33 so Frenchy :) We have unfortunately very few affordable vintage stores in my city; cause vintage is so popular :)) but I started to buy some vintage patterned fabrics and Turker's mum sewed some for me, also I'll give some of them to my cousin who loves sewing; maybe it's the time to create a little online "storm vintage" vintage clothing store for my blog, who knows :)
    hugs to hot summer weekends & holidays.

    3rd July 2014
    • We reply...

      A storm vintage would be awesome because I like a lot all your outfit choices; I still have in mind the tennis-ish overalls you talked about in the other post, I need to see them soon :)

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