Amarena cherry

Ice cream date - The cat, you and us

Yesterday we headed back to la Barceloneta for an ice cream date. We have been trying to narrow down our favorite places in Barcelona to three so we can share them with you (more on this on Thursday) to add them in your itineraries in case you are visiting our city and fancy a creamy delicious treat. Just to make sure the recommendation was spot on (hmm….who I am kidding?) we visited Vioko ice-cream shop next to the beach.

Purple ice cream - The cat, you and us

Dripping ice-creams in less than a minute. Yesterday was windy but also incredibly hot.

Melting ice cream - The cat, you and us

We then hanged around the town instead of the beach because it was a quite windy day and let me tell you, wind, sand and trying to eat an ice cream are not very good together: don’t want to hear what it feels chewing sand. Plus the town, or I should more accurate say the neighborhood of La Barcelona has that coastal feeling when you suddenly can’t believe that you are still in Barcelona: people walking by in their swimming clothes, drying clothes hanging from the balconies or people in front of the doors sitting on a plastic chair reading a book.

Purple fun - The cat, you and us

Salty air from the sea side and wind also does not go that well with my hair ;)

Mini ice cream - The cat, you and us

My mini ice-cream necklace looks appetizing.

Mint & chocolate ice-cream - The cat, you and us

Dani’s choice was a rather odd (for him): mint with chocolate chunks; it was delicious.

We finally took pictures in front of a house that best represents the colors of the buildings you will find on the neighborhood. I noticed that it is pretty only neutrals in the walls there, very sandy. Hopefully my violets and blueberries ice-cream gives that punch of contrasting color.

Ice cream - The cat, you and us

It is the first time I painted my nails in two colors, never too late, isn’t it?

Ice cream date - The cat, you and us

Oh! I totally forgot to comment why I have titled the post Amarena cherry. Well, it’s my hands-down favorite flavor for ice-cream (strawberries if it’s a popsicle). Which one is yours? Keep tuned for our list of go-to places later on this week.

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  1. Deniz ADDS...

    Haha what a funny necklace! I have a pizza shaped, and cheesecake one.
    You look so colorful as a couple and I love it.
    I have the same issue with my ice-cream since the weather is soooo hot that’s why I ate them in 2-3 bites, then feel freezing :))
    My favorite is; banana, tiramisu, and strawberrry flavored one!

    21st July 2014
    • We reply...

      I think we learned the lesson that it is better to buy the ice-cream in a cup during those hot days instead of a cookie cone, or eat them quickly ;) Mmm your favorite one sounds delish!

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    Violet and blueberry ice cream sounds divine!

    21st July 2014
    • We reply...

      It was!! If you ever find it don’t hesitate for a second :)

  3. The shape of your purple ice cream is making me giggle. Cherry ice cream sounds delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever had anything fancy or gourmet like that, just variations of vanilla and chocolate, but I do love me some mint chip. :)

    21st July 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, I liked that type of triangle the ice-cream boy created, and then it was melting so much but still keeping the shape :)

  4. petra ADDS...

    I always have lemon yogurt ice cream. it’s perfect for hot summer days. great pics by the way. a friend of mine just came back from Barcelona… I so miss it :)

    22nd July 2014
    • We reply...

      Mmm lemon yogurt! never tried in an ice-cream but sounds perfect. Thanks Petra! :) Did you friend enjoy it?

  5. Fiona ADDS...

    oh gosh an icecream date super cute! I actually thought you were off to play tennis (with a tiny racquet) in the first picture – I had to do a double take! The flavours sounds like they would be really tasty and I love the colours and your cute outfits :) Damaris I may have to copy your nails, I’ve never done them like that myself – criminal!

    22nd July 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh! I have checked the first pic and now I also totally see the tiny racket using the air vent and the ice-cream to make it, hahaha :) :) also my outfit can easily be mistaken with tennis-ish? ;) You should do your nails with alternate colors! I got compliments also in my work (or at least they noticed, which is more than I can expect, hahaha) and I smile every time I look at my colorful nails!

  6. Sara ADDS...

    i would melt the icecream all over me before i had taken a decent shot ahahah
    you two look so happy :)

    23rd July 2014
    • We reply...

      hahaha, we both ended with purple hands after my non-stop melting ice-cream ;)

  7. Jane Y. ADDS...

    such a cute date :) i love ice cream on cones. makes it that much more fun

    25th July 2014
    • We reply...

      Ice creams on a cone are much more attractive, right? However, I don’t like them as much when the ice-cream starts melting down ;)

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