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Caravan Made - The cat, you and us

Hey guys! I just realized it's been 3 months since my last post, oops! Damaris has been under the weather this week, so I'm in charge of today's post.

Last weekend we went to the Van Van Market, a gourmet food truck market that took place in La Ciutadella park during this week. Although food trucks are very popular in other countries (did you watch #Chef? quite fun to check it out), they are not very common in Barcelona due to an old city legislation that doesn't allow mobile food on the streets.

Luckily a group of young talented guys & gals are making food trucks a reality in the city and, although currently they can only work at special events (weddings, private parties, ...) and festivals (like El Festivalet or the Lost&Found market), they are becoming more popular every day. This time they were joining forces in the Van Van market to show to the city what can they offer; after the good reception (45' average waiting for food!) I'm wishing we will be seeing more of them in a near future around the city.

As we love to eat out so much (ok, maybe too much!) we were eager to try every food truck and made plans about going every day. Unfortunately Damaris has been sick these days so we couldn't go through the entire plan, but we were able to visit two days and eat as much as we could (ok, after this confession now I realize we like eating too much).

Caravan Made - The cat, you and us

We were very looking forward to our first stop, Caravan made. Their speciality are gourmet sandwiches with fresh ingredients and amazing breads.

Caravan made - The cat, you and us

As a good crazy-for-stripped-clothing-girl, Damaris has insisted me to show you this pic because she loves that girl's t-shirt.

Caravan made - The cat, you and us Caravan made - The cat, you and us Caravan made - The cat, you and us Van Van Market - The cat, you and us

While Damaris had a chicken & curry & coconut & raisins & cucumber sandwich, I went to a more sweet (and simple) brie & figs choice.

Van Van Market - The cat, you and us Eureka street food - The cat, you and us

When checking the pictures later at home we realized that my doppelgaenger (well, maybe an older version one) was hidden behind the truck. What a good looking man!

Make tacos not war - The cat, you and us Eureka street food - The cat, you and us

The pals at Eureka street food specialize in tacos, sadly we waited 30 minutes in line to discover that they had run out of tacos (and ate some Nachos instead).

Van Van Market - The cat, you and us

La Ciutadella park is the biggest in the center of Barcelona, it is not as green as other parks in other countries but its architecture is interesting enough.

Mr frank and the butis - The cat, you and us Mr frank and the butis - The cat, you and us Mr frank and the butis - The cat, you and us Van Van Market - The cat, you and us

I had a Botifarra sandwich (a local kind of sausage very popular here in Barcelona) at Mr Frank and the butis.

La creperie de Marione - The cat, you and us Creperie de marione - The cat, you and us

I like the attention to detail and decoration of each one of the trucks.

Parc de la Ciutadella - The cat, you and us Mosquito - The cat, you and us

Mosquito and El Petit Bangkok are two of our favs restaurant of the city who rented a truck to join the market.

El petit bangkok - The cat, you and us Skye coffee co - The cat, you and us

The guys at SKYE Coffee co truck had the best coffee I’ve drunk in years! They are usually in the best-coffee-guides of Barcelona, and when they are not on the road, they are serving coffee at a cool design space in Poble Nou district, check out the pictures here.

Skye coffee co - The cat, you and us Skye coffee co - The cat, you and us

Have you got food trucks in your city? Which type of food truck is your favorite? Have you ever attended a food truck market like the Van Van? I will be eager to read what do you think about these mobile gems!

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  1. Deniz ADDS...

    Very beautiful! Do you know that this truck is gonna be there more (like January…) ? I hope so… I like this kind of vans so much.
    By the way, say hello to Damaris, I’m also under the weather and feel too sick to do anything. Damn season changes!

    25th September 2014
    • We reply...

      I’m afraid they aren’t gonna be in Ciutadella’s Park, but some of them usually do collaborations with restaurants or public spaces, so we’ll check back again in January. Hope you are on the way to mend from your cold!

  2. Deniz ADDS...

    And also as an answer to your question: I loveeeeee taco trucks, I saw many while in NY and so delicious.

    25th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh, I think I never ever had a taco from a food truck, lucky you!

  3. Michelle ADDS...

    Wow! In my midwest US city, there are tons of food trucks, but none as beautifully styled as any of these! You guys may be late experiencing the trend in Europe but you’re certainly making up for it with beauty!

    25th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Michelle! We are certainly late but lucky to count with these stylish guys & gals. Hope the trend comes to stay and we get to see many more food trucks all around.

  4. Vera ADDS...

    Oh, these food looks just so delicious! Are they still there? I love food trucks and I didn’t knew they were in Barcelona (I live there, too, visca barcelona)! I’m glad you had a great day!
    With love,

    25th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Vera! The Van Van Market ran from the 19th to the 24th, so I’m afraid you will have to check each of the food truck websites to find out about their agenda. Happy to know about other bloggers in Barcelona.

  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Hey Dani! Good to see something from you again c:
    I love foodtrucks o: And I keep seeing them on
    tv and blogs and I wonder why it isn’t so popular
    in my country :c
    The creperie van has to be my favorite, look at the

    25th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Hey Mei! Maybe you have similar legal problems in Holland, here in Barcelona mobile food on the streets is not allowed (only churros trucks, sigh…). Times are changing (I hope) and I’m sure we will see lots of them soon ;)

  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh my gosh, I haven’t eaten dinner yet and this post is making me go crazy! Welcome back Dani and I hope Damaris is on the mend!!! *sending her well wishes*

    I don’t know even where to start with this post, not only is the food incredible but I have a not-so-secret love of caravans and cute decor, or cute anything! I love your doppelganger too Dani! Also you have to tell us how your sandwiches were, chicken & curry & coconut & raisins & cucumber sandwich – sounds very strange but something I would definitely pick. When we go out to a new restaurant Ben always pick the most tasty dish and I always pick the strangest dish (which is not always the best!) and I’m not even trying to pick a horrible dish I just have poor choosing powers :P lol

    26th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fee! Damaris is doing better and I think that some mail parcel received this week has something to do with it ;) I tend to play it safe with my food picks, Damaris is more risky so she usually gets the most surprising dish and usually ends sharing it with me (hahaha, what a perfect win-win strategy, please don’t tell her).

  7. I LOVE street food! I’ve seen food trucks around, but I’ve never been to a food truck market before. That’s definitely going on my bucket list! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    28th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Audrey! The food truck market was definitely a good idea, so glad to have things like that now in Barcelona!

  8. Jane Y. ADDS...

    those are such cute food trucks! i wish they were this cute with a vintage edge here where i live! :) hope you are feeling better damaris!! sending healing thoughts!

    29th September 2014
  9. Now those might be the cutest food trucks I’ve ever seen! And we have a ton of them here in Seattle / Portland. We hired a famous local one in an Airstream for our wedding food – it was a big hit!

    30th September 2014

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