Festivalet 2013

This last weekend we went to the sixth edition of the Festivalet, an independent handmade market that takes place in Barcelona every December. This year, due to its growing mass of fans, they moved to the Museu Maritim de Barcelona (Barcelona’s old shipyard) a bigger and amazing location which can fit better visitors (not so long queues) and vendors (more space between stalls).

Don’t tell Damaris, but Biel and Santa get almost all of her presents on etsy and El Festivalet. I think Biel gets more discount than Santa because of his wooden handmade condition, what a rascal!

The market is divided into four main sections: products, material, food and publications; each one with a curated selection of independent sellers. Some of them are one of our illustrators/crafter favs, like Little Atae (twin peak brooches, genius!), depeapa (a classic of our christmas gifts), Le Petit Pot (with her cute animal shaped gift wraps) or the fashionable guys from Après Ski.

After two hours checking every little booth on the market (and taking some pics of the trendy sellers), we ended our adventure eating a donut from the Lukumas stall, probably the best donuts in town. They have a little café in Gracia District, don’t miss it if you are visiting BCN and eager for a donut!

Let’s finish our imaginary donut and follow us into one of the coolest Barcelona markets of the year!

Festivalet - The cat, you and us

Damaris looking pretty with her Japanese cape (from a Harajuku shop) and her cow-like shoes by Kling

Cow shoes - The cat, you and us Museu maritim - The cat, you and us

This year the location was amazing. Look at the archs of the building!

Mr. Fisher - The cat, you and us

Don Fisher blew the market away with his handmade fish-shaped bags (ok, that beard had something to do with it as well)

Cute gifts - The cat, you and us Damaris at Festivalet - The cat, you and us Cat balloon - The cat, you and us

Santa kept an eye onto that felt ball for cats (thinking about Juno, although Damaris inside the felt ball could be a good post).

Yarn - The cat, you and us Cool stalls - The cat, you and us Ceramic plates - The cat, you and us Dani at Festivalet - The cat, you and us Colorfull pillows - The cat, you and us Sellers - The cat, you and us Fabric animal heads - The cat, you and us Nice little hats - The cat, you and us

One of the things I like more about El Festivalet are the sellers, all of them were so nice to chat and taking pictures.

Bags - The cat, you and us Life drawing - The cat, you and us

This seller was drawing portraits live for (only) 8€ each one.

Life drawing - The cat, you and us Life drawing - The cat, you and us

Looking at the result I think for the next edition we should ask him for a couple drawing, don’t you think? We have an entire year to think about it, see you next year Festivalet!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i love these kinds of spaces. there is a renegade craft fair (doesn’t come where i am now though) that i used to love. that raccoon box is so cute! i want to make one for my home!

    19th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh, we knew about the Renegade craft fair, it would be awesome to attend it someday ;) the animal wrap papers were super cute, they are available on etsy and also make a good inspiration for DIY wrapping!

  2. Albert ADDS...

    Mare… em sembla que no estic preparat per anar a aquest tipus de llocs. Massa lovely flufis jajaja

    19th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Quan l’any vinent tastis un lovely donut veuràs que canvies ràpid d’opinió ;)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Damaris you are looking super cute as always! The markets looks super rad or your pictures make the markets look super rad! I’m sure Santa and Biel did a good job of present hunting this year :) Yikes Christmas is sooo close. Oh and you guys definitely need to get a couple drawing next year!!

    20th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fiona, we were queing before the opening hour to be able to be at the begining of the day and have some free space to take shots. 2h after that it would have been impossible to have detail pics. I was helping Santa & Biel with their present hunting, hope they won’t fight now about who gives each one! Btw, our christmas song list is on fire! Yai Christmas!

  4. Louise ADDS...

    Oh wow , the atmosphere is so cool! I would love to visit a market/festival like this too! The vendors do look really nice (and so neat!!). The last vendor is so cool, it’s love a drawing like that!

    20th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Louise! Sure there are also cool handmade markets on Amsterdam, and if not, it could be the perfect excuse to travel a few km and come to visit us at bcn!

  5. Deniz ADDS...

    Wow you’re so lucky that you have this kind of design fest in Barcelona! It must be so damn nice as I see through the captures.

    We also think about a couple picture of us, then we did it at last!! We also think about creating a paper sculpture of us (Papier Atelier-you can check this name) to put on our table in our wedding ceremony, this summer :)

    22nd December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Deniz! Damaris showed me your couple drawing on her Pinterest!, Are you going to use it on your wedding? During the preparations of our wedding we the idea of using a drawing of us for the invitation suite, but finally we opt for a completely DIY invitation and change it for our website-invitation (with video included). However it would have been great! The idea of having the drawing is definitely still in our heads. Your paper sculpture idea is awesome, I think you should go for it.

  6. Sara ADDS...

    oh i can spot Raquel and Joao from Arminho Paper <3 <3
    i love them so much!

    26th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Do you know them? They were one of the raddest sellers of the market, I think all the photographers were looking for a pic of these two ;)

  7. Mariko ADDS...

    What an amazing looking market! We have great craft/artisan fairs here too, but they are usually very cramped in the basement of a church. There is a big Christmas market at the convention center, but it is less homey and everything is very, very expensive. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Damaris enjoyed all of her wonderful handmade presents!

    26th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thank you Mariko, I’m a little late but I hope you had a wonderful christmas too as a newly weeds ;) btw, I never seen a market on the basement of a church, it sounds awesome! In my university there was a supercomputer inside a church though.

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