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Calpis soda

Japanese vending machine t-shirt outfit - The cat, you and us
More Calpis soda fans out here? I just got this t-shirt from a local artist (very local! she is also from Barcelona) called Oh Caroool that sells prints, apparel, patches and pins inspired by the Japanese culture. When I saw the Japanese vending machine, screen printed on the t-shirt, it was love at first sight.... Read more »... Continue reading ⇢


(Ultimate) Japan Guide: What to visit, eat and shop in 2 weeks

Since helping people to plan a trip to Japan is always a favorite thing to do, we decided that it was about time that we wrote all those suggestions down in one single (and very complete) guide to Japan. Here's everything you need to know if it's your first time visiting, but also there are some eating & shopping tips that will be helpful for Japan addicts as ourselves too.... Continue reading ⇢


Japan 2.0: The films

Trailer Japan - The cat, you and us
Going back to Japan is always a big yes in my book, hope it's the same for you as we would love to have you on board going back with us as well. Let's go back to this Japan 2.0 adventure, shall we?... Continue reading ⇢


Japan 2.0: Tsumago

Tsumago in the morning - The cat, you and us
Tsumago in the morning was one of those experiences that are unique of Japan and heartwarming. For those who have yet to read our previous post, Tsumago is a post town in the Nakasendo trail where samurais during the Edo period used to sleep in their route to/from Kyoto and Tokyo. ... Continue reading ⇢