Japan 2.0: The films

A new Japan post? I know the last post was also travel related and this one is specially late, but when it’s a good thing we have to share I feel like it’s always a good time. Also, my head in late-winter is only good for travel thinking. Does it happen to you?

Going back to Japan is always a big yes in my book, hope it’s the same for you as we would love to have you on board going back with us as well. Let’s live this Japan 2.0 adventure, shall we? Make sure to play the film featured in this post first to see a little trailer with some bits of all our travel.

We have finally been able to squeeze (even more) our schedule and edit also the last two films from our travel adventure in Japan from last-last autumn: The always breathtaking Kyoto and the rural (may I add magical?) experience of walking the Nakasendo trail.

You can find them all at our Youtube channel where we post travel films only. If you also have the travel bug, follow us to make us super happy!

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Just in case you missed them, here’s a compilation of all the films from Japan (8!) with all our major stops in this second rail trip around our favorite country in the world (please excuse me all the other countries which I also adore, I can’t help it!). From the buzzing of Tokyo and Osaka, flying to the kawaiiest DisneySea and landing on the traditional Japan, you’ll find plenty inspiration here if you are planning to go! Also, in each video there are little labels explaining what we are visiting or where we are eating.

Hope you like them! Let us know which one raised more your attention and which was your favorite song. Dani always selects them so carefully that he would love to know your opinion.

Japan 2.0, all the films:


And although it looks like a closure post, it isn’t! we still have one more Japan post and then, it will be gone and remain a beautiful memory in our hearts (until we meet again, of course, ha!). The last post will be a super complete guide to spend 2 weeks in Japan, combining experiences & lessons learnt from both of our travels. Stay tuned!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    *gasp* oh my gosh you guys, that was beyond beautiful! All; your videos move me so incredibly, I wish I had the words to convey my adoration of your talent!!!

    19th March 2018
  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    I love it!

    19th March 2018
  3. This video is so stunning!!!!!!! I felt like I was watching a short film :’)

    25th March 2018

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