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Juno at home - The cat, you and us

Since we are taking a couple of days off work in mid April to go to Madrid – to see my family & meet my new nephew Oliver – we will be working all Easter holidays. One of the perks of working while the office is (actually) closed is that I get to work from my home with a very furry work pal: our sweet Juno.

Juno at home - The cat, you and us

Hands down, she is the quieter office colleague you’ll dream to have, ha! She is way more active during the night (she takes it after her human mom, I guess *wink*) but during the day she goes from nap to nap, only changing her daybed. When I’m working from home I’ve taken the (rad) routine of checking on her for a couple minutes while she is sleeping, which gives me such peaceful vibes that act like a boost of energy, does it sound too crazy? Well, I guess she is reminding me about the wonders of taking life one step at a time.

Juno at home - The cat, you and us Juno at home - The cat, you and us
Juno at home - The cat, you and us

Talking about crazy office routines, we have recently started watching The Office for the first time ever, and ohmy! we were missing so much. The character of the boss Michael is just too good to be true, he has that quality where you are able to feel extremely embarrassed & annoyed by him constantly.

I know it’s like this big comedy everyone has already watched, but in Spain it was aired much later and (sadly) wasn’t that popular. We are watching now through Amazon prime. Do you know that Parks & Recreation never aired in Spain? I have also just binged watched it for the last weeks and I’m in love with Leslie and Ron. Oh! and, of course, Chris Pratt is also a candy for the eyes & soul, ha! Have you watched them both? Which characters are your favorites?

Juno at home - The cat, you and us
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  1. I’ve never watched The Office or Parks & Rec or Friends, only a few odd episodes when friends would show them! I find that I can’t concentrate on sitcoms because they’re too light for me, but if someone else is already watching it, I don’t mind joining in! // I wish I could be like Juno and take all the naps I wanted during the day ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    28th March 2018
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Monísima la Juno, tiene una cara y unas poses preciosa, es toda una diva. Me encantan las fotos!!!

    28th March 2018
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh Juno is such a doll – the best work buddy! I’ve never seen the office but parks and recs is one of my favourite shows, it’s up there with arrested development for adorable characters! I love Leslie!!!

    29th March 2018
  4. Mary ADDS...

    Having a pet at work would end so badly for me! I’d achieve nothing hahaha :D

    29th March 2018
  5. Kate ADDS...

    Need to start approaching things more like Juno does Slow it all down! Yes I love The Office – but have you seen The Office with Ricky Gervais? My all time favourite

    1st April 2018
  6. Louise ADDS...

    Ohhh, The Office is so much fun! I think I might want to start rewatching sometime soon again. I never watched Parks & Rec, do you recommend it?
    Also, Juno really is the cutest <3

    2nd April 2018
  7. Jennifer ADDS...

    I am always surprised when ANY American comedy gets aired outside the US. I remember reading about how TV shows are very cultural so they tend to not do well in different countries unless modified. I mean, we did REDO The Office. I think I am MOSTLY shocked that The Nanny did well in Europe! My sister lived in France for awhile and was like “oh yeah, everyone loves The Nanny in France!” I guess annoying Long Islanders are universally funny. lol

    3rd April 2018
  8. Sharon ADDS...

    OH gosh looking at these photos of Juno makes me want to take a nap too! So cozy~

    4th April 2018
  9. Sarah ADDS...

    Adorable cat!! My cats are always very intrigued with whatever I am doing at home. They make everything much more entertaining!

    11th April 2018

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