Oh no! more lemmings

After telling you how Juno is not the bravest cat in the world, here comes another episode of the more shameful (and funny) things about our cat: the Lemming pose!

Do you remember the lemmings videogames? Hundreds of little lemmings (some sort of funny green-haired-little-humans) trying to reach the level exit door. When Juno hears some noise coming from our entrance door, she usually raises all her body standing only with her back feet, with half her body above the couch trying to figure out if some new monster is coming to pet her.

As very silly crazy cat dudes we find her lemmings pose the funniest thing ever, but everytime we try to take pictures Juno is already hiding under the couch. We thought we would not be able to share this moment with you, and only explaining it would sound crazy, but then this magical image appeared in our (evil) minds: she is able to do anything for her malt love.

Are you curious about Juno’s secret pose? We have evidence that we are not (that) crazy!!

Malt paste at sight turns a kitty interest on - The cat, you and us

As soon as she sees her malt paste, she starts mouth-watering.

Malt and Juno - The cat, you and us

And if you raise the paste tube a little bit…

Even standing with two feet - The cat, you and us

Voilà! The lemming pose ;)

Enjoying malt so much - The cat, you and us Lemming cat - The cat, you and us

And here the complete lemming pose in all her glory. That chubby bottom is what makes us smile more.

Yummy - The cat, you and us


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  1. Jillian P - 28th February 2014

    Juno may not be the bravest, but she is definitely up there with the cutest! So adorable. Especially in that pose!
    xx. Jillian

    • We reply...

      Hahahha, that pose is priceless ;)

  2. petra - 28th February 2014

    oh, that’s too funny. both my cats are the easily scared type too. they often hide for hours if there was someone new at the door. no funny poses tho :)

    • We reply...

      Well, funny poses in scared moments only last a few seconds, yours are wiser to hide directly :)

  3. Jane Y. - 28th February 2014

    omg. the cutest ever. :) i love her paws!!

    • We reply...

      Cat paws are ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Mariko - 1st March 2014

    SO CUTE! I love when cats go up on their hind legs. Neither of our cats do that any more.

    • We reply...

      Mmmm, even with their favorite treat? I’ve observed from Juno that she has a certain habit(mania) for a period of time and that disappears completely when a new one begins.

  5. Fiona - 1st March 2014

    lol lol!! I was obsessed with lemmings – I got stuck on a stage where they kept all dying and I got too sad/frustrated to play on :P

    Juno is even cuter than a lemming though :) :)

    • We reply...

      Lol, I was obsessed with lemmings too!! I even bought the 3d version, it was awful, but it was a lemming game so no much complain from me (I can be very indulgent with my favorite game sagas/characters)! ;)

  6. leeda - 1st March 2014

    ahahaha i love juno, what a cute lemmings pose!

    at this volume

    • We reply...

      Hahaha, thanks Leeda, we are ridicously amused everytime she does it ;)

  7. Louise - 2nd March 2014

    Oh my!! The Lemming Pose is so cute!! I love how she just seems to sit on her bottom/stand on her back paws. She may not be the bravest but she most certainly is one of the cutest!!

    • We reply...

      Thank you Louise, chubby bottoms rock! ;)

  8. Denise - 4th March 2014

    Yay a Juno post again!! I’m always so exited to read your blog when you write about Juno! <3 I'm a fan. Cute pose, I'm going to try that one out with our exotic too :) Maybe it will work! Ofcourse I'll send you a photo when he does the same pose ;)

    Oh and I loved that video game!! Did you know I downloaded a free look-a-like app on my mobile two weeks ago? Haha.

  9. Sally - 6th March 2014

    ahhhhh, she’s SO ridiculously cute!

  10. Shannon of Happiness Is - 7th March 2014

    I can never get enough of Juno! She’s seriously the cutest. What is this malt paste you speak of? I’ve never heard of it!

    • We reply...

      It is a digestive snack for cats, it helps with the hairballs which for Juno is really useful, we are lucky that she likes it so much. Thanks for the Juno love Shannon!

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