Pretty things for Christmas

It is going to be the first Christmas with this little silly blog of ours (read it screaming with emotion!), and I have the feeling it will be a good one.

To give a more festive look to our blog we have decided to join the wagon of the blogosphere and add our small bit to the incredible handy Christmas wishlists out there. We have created three boards one for each member of our family. I bet you have already guessed that Juno’s the one with the best taste :)

Hope you like our choices! If you have yours do not forget to leave us the link in the comments, I would looooove to see them.

Her Christmas wishlist - The cat, you and us

1. Rifle Paper flower coasters. We have an old IKEA ones in our home that I am wishing to get rid off soon, the Rifle paper ones will be a beautiful addition to our table.

2. Ohh deer Glam Rock sweater with a Gemma Correll design to be a homey rockstar! I love this type of humour in Gemma’s drawings, it also reminds me of another favorite, Marc Johns.

3. Lately I have an affair with pink, you can tell with the shades of my wishlist, maybe that’s why this Clap clap farm wrapping paper design has become an absolute must in my list. I would use the paper in craft projects.

4. Satsuma Street Tokyo cross stitch pdf pattern. One of my resolutions for this year is to resume my crafty self, specially with cross stitching which I love. The Tokyo pattern would be the best motivation.

5. Anna Berger design in a Society6 pillow. Pink – check!, Clouds- check!, Dots – check! :)

6. Zoe Project Just Trade. 23 talented ladies make the veggies and fruits crochet brooches, fair work for Peruvian women plus the cutest carrot brooch looks like a great gift.

7. Henachoko, written by Shigenori Kusunoki and illustrated by Yoko Furusho. I do not know a lot about it (do you folks have more info?) but the images are mesmerizing.

Him Christmas wishlist - The cat, you and us

1. Skip n’ whistle Ugly Christmas sweater. I chose this one for the snow flakes…or maybe I need a warmer piece to substitute my crazy cat dude t-shirt.

2. Kitchenaid Ravioli Maker. I am an Italianophile in the kitchen, currently I’m mastering the art of pizza dough (be warned a pizza post is coming xD) but I can also add personalized ravioli in the culinary obsession equation.

3. Mew-Genics game by Team Meat. What could go wrong with a game about genetics and cats? The game (probably the best cat-lady simulator ever?) will be available this next year for iOs, so I hope Santa remembers it and brings me an iTunes gift card ;)

4. Photojojo’s White Balance Lens cap. This photojojo gadget is like magic! If you are into DSLR photography, you know how hard can be sometimes to get a correct white balance… With the white balance lens cap, you have only to take a pic (with the lens cap still on xD) and you will get the correct white balance for every situation.

5. Red Casio digital water resistant watch. Since October my Casio watch automatically sets the hour to 01:00 (of the 1st of January) every time I hit any button, so I have to be careful or patiently wait for 13:00pm to hit a button and set the time again. Since Apple is not very talkative about their rumoured smartwatch, I need some high-tech-watch like my Casio again ;)

6. Wes Anderson collection. The admiration for Wes Anderson is a family affair; Juno is fascinated with Moonrise Kingdom opening scene (true story) while we have to run like hell to the nearest cinema theater every time he releases a new film.

Juno Christmas wishlist - The cat, you and us

1. Martha Stewart Pets collection cute mouse. Juno prefers kawaii enemies, so we guess this one will completely fit her standards.

2. Des fils et des gommettes Super hero cat. Juno is such a wuss, maybe she will gain confidence sleeping with a true superhero like this one. We are secretly hoping to find her like this one day.

3. Cat tipi . We are quite cheap and afraid of the random tastes of Juno, so this is more a dream than a real purchase for her and our home, how cute they are! :)

4. Sushi Friends Cat Food Bowl. She is mouth-watering for this sushi new bowl :)

5. Martha Stewart food scoop. Juno is not the greatest eater; we will be able to check how many food she eats in a day with this practical scoop.

6. Donna Wilson’s Moon cushion. Juno needs to be comfortable inside her space capsule, so she has asked Santa for a fluffy (made of wool, her favorite fabric) pillow.

7. Several yummy treats. Her favorite one hands down is the malt paste, but I hope we can find some good looking packaging as well. Do your cats have any favorite treat? We are always on the hunt of treats that she will love (we haven’t had much luck yet).

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    so so sweet! i love these boards. juno does have really great taste. that superhero cat is just adorable! also, i wanted to let you know that i just tagged you as a sunshine blogger! :) happy holidays! hope santa is super generous this year to your family!

    12th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jane!!! So happy! We are already starting to think about our answers & questions :) Hope Santa is also a good guy to you folks (with his cute face Piri has Santa’s favour for sure :P)

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I find Juno’s wishlist the best haha :P
    Sweet items! Xx

    12th December 2013
    • We reply...

      I know! :) she is very selective with her things, hahahahaha

  3. Louise ADDS...

    Is it weird that I actually really want just every single thing of Juno’s list? Despite I don’t have a cat at home? That Sushi Friends Cat Food Bowl is bloody amazing! To be honest I’d love to have those Italian-food stuffs from Dani’s list too, looks damn good.

    12th December 2013
    • We reply...

      I think they should as well have the sushi friends bowls in their human version :P I will then use it for some salmon ravioli made with the Kitchenaid utensils.

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Oooh, such sweet gift guides, okay my favourite from each…. I’ll take one of those of those red spotted cloud pink pillows! I’ll have a white balance lens cap (so nifty!) and one of those moon pillows from Juno’s collection! That’s not asking for too much is it?
    he he he I used to have a sun/moon bedroom theme growing up but I’m still a big kid at heart so I wouldn’t mind recreating that obsession :P

    13th December 2013
    • We reply...

      How awesome to know that you had a sun/moon bedroom! I had in my room a big papier mache yellow sun (with eyes and everything…) hanging from the ceiling. I also had a witch, that I am not sure if it fitted quite the theme :P

  5. Deniz ADDS...

    Haha, this is the cutest christmas gift list ever <33
    I think my favorite is delicious brooches, but still I can't get my eyes of Juno's wishlist–even though I don't have a cat, lol :)

    13th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Deniz!!! :) I think I’ll choose the carrot brooch, but all of them are sweet!

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