A Sunday with u, Juno

Juno - The cat, you and us

Happy Tuesday!

Today we have a Juno post! Lately we rarely share a complete post devoted to Juno so it was about time, wasn’t it? Dani joined an 8-hour/4 days intensive course to prepare the theory driving test, so we had lots of only-girlz time during the weekend which, of course, I had to document a little.

I think I have never mentioned anything about driving or cars here on the blog. When you live in a medium-big city like Barcelona, cars feel more like a nuisance for the daily transfers than something to be excited about. I am definitely a big public transport advocate, I think it’s just the best option to have greener & better organized cities. However, when it comes to going out on weekends or road-trips, not being able to rent a car is definitely a big handicap. The same happens when you live in remote places, of course.

Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

We think we are definitely missing out something when travelling by not being able to rent a car ourselves. On the very top of our travel list we have US, just the two of us, on a road-trip. Also I’ve been daydreaming about places like Iceland or Northern Ireland, while we could get there with a group trip it doesn’t fit with our travel pace very well. Do you have experiences to share on any of those destinations? Would love to hear!

The funny thing is that I have a driving license, ha! I’ve had it for more than 10 years now, but I am not able to actually drive because I’ve only done it twice in my life. Dani, on the other side, since has always lived in Barcelona, has never felt the urge to take driving lessons. Never too late?

Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

Dat face ♥

Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

Dani usually wakes up earlier than me, then Juno seizes that chance to sleep next to me using Dani’s spot. This Sunday I lingered more in bed (which is unusual in me) to play with her and read The Handmaid’s tale. Those who follow us on Instagram may remember I asked for your precious advice to choose a new book, and a couple recommended this dystopian novel with a (distant) echo to 1984. So far I’m loving it although the harsh of its words. I haven’t watched the tv series neither, so I will tackle it as soon as I finish the book too. Have you read or watched? What do you think? Please, no spoilers!

Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

I was very happy to have this quality time with my girl on Sunday, not sure if she would agree taking her facial expression on this last picture as a reference *wink*

How does your weekends look like? Love to hear from you!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    That’s so sweet Juno sleeps next to you! Lately I’ve been waking up earlier than Ben, I’ll feed our cats their breakfast and let them wonder outside but Peachy usually comes back to bed to sleep next to Ben, which I always find super cute! Good luck to Dani with his learning and potential driving holidays, very exciting!

    31st January 2018
  2. Mani ADDS...

    I love these photos! Juno is too cute, especially with those facial expressions haha :) Good luck to Dani with the driving course, too!

    1st February 2018
  3. Jennifer ADDS...

    I always love Juno pictures. Such a snuggle! XD

    I wish there was better public transportation in the US. I lived in Philadelphia and they have TERRIBLE transportation! You think that a city that large would have a better public transportation but it doesn’t. I think in the states we just focus on getting people from the suburbs into work, which is mostly what Philadelphia is good for.

    Any locations you are dying to check out for you US road trip?

    1st February 2018
  4. Nieves ADDS...

    Me encantan las fotos de juno! Está preciosa en todas! Está para achuchar la, la pena es qué no se deja.

    1st February 2018
  5. Autumnal ADDS...

    The cutest grumpy <3

    2nd February 2018
  6. I’ve been telling myself that I need to learn how to drive for YEARS. But I’m on the east coast of the States, and I’m in college, so it’s really easy to get away with not driving! And since I don’t have immediate pressure to learn how to drive, I haven’t gotten around to it. But I know that driving is a lifeskill that’s better learned earlier than later :P // I haven’t read 1984 yet, but it’s in been on my TBR for FOREVER -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    10th February 2018

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