Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house {CLOSED}

Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house - The cat, you and us

We have a good start for this week: the reveal of our secret project with Juno that comes with a giveaway surprise (scroll to the bottom of the post to participate)!

Juno was invited by the lovely folks at rronrron to be their guest star for the new autumn-winter collection of the cute felt houses and we couldn’t be happier to collaborate with them taking pictures of the pretty diva (she is quite a character since then) and the new nice colors: gold, mint, pine green, eggplant and grey with lavender interior. We are going to share lots of pictures from this collaboration next week but you can already see some of them in their shop: how neat is to enter and see Juno everywhere! human cat parents speaking of course….

Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house - The cat, you and us Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house - The cat, you and us Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house - The cat, you and us Giveaway: Win a gold comfy rronrron cat felt house - The cat, you and us

But first things first: you can win the gold cat felt house for your (or your friends/parents/neighbors) kitty just in time for Christmas! We are thrilled to become your kitty’s Santa Claus and send the gift with all our love right away at the feet of your Christmas tree.

You only need to leave a comment telling us the name of your cat/s (they are always quite inventive, right?). Make sure to check in the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway, and you can also win extra chances by following us!

The giveaway will be open until the 30th of November at 12:00AM (Barcelona’s time), winner will be randomly selected by the Rafflecopter application and announced on the 2nd of December 2014. Worldwide entries will be accepted, good luck to everyone!

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  1. Joie Fatale ADDS...

    My cat’s name is Imogen (we call her Immy for short). I think she would love that little cat house since she likes to hide and pounce!

    17th November 2014
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    OMG <3 Junooo you supermodel! The pictures
    turns out really great c:
    This golden felt cat home is lovely! It's a shame
    I don't have a cat cuz I'd totally have joined!

    17th November 2014
  3. Michelle ADDS...

    Oh man, I love pet accessories that look cool and stylish enough to actually want to display in your home! This little kitty nest is adorable. Our cat is named Sandwich. :)

    17th November 2014
  4. Katie Stratton ADDS...

    My sister has the sweetest Persian cat named mr. Meogi (meowgi!) that would love a little felt home!

    17th November 2014
  5. these pictures are soooooo cute!!!!!! i am in love!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Paris!

    17th November 2014
  6. Maria Alba ADDS...

    Ugh, too cute! Do they make one in human size? :)
    My two cats are Gigi (named after Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service) and Mona (it means “cute” in Spanish… plus when she meows she sounds like she’s moaning and complaining – hehe).

    17th November 2014
  7. Amy ADDS...

    Ooh these are so lovely- I think my cats Otto and Tiny would have to take turns in it but it looks so cat nap worthy! x

    17th November 2014
  8. Vanessa Fernández ADDS...

    Juno is wonderful! My cat is Mirinda.

    17th November 2014
  9. Mariko ADDS...

    Juno is getting to be very famous. Kala and Gatsby are very jealous ;)

    18th November 2014
  10. Ann ADDS...


    18th November 2014
  11. Gerard ADDS...

    Awesome model!!! And really nice photos, good job!!! We’ve got two lovely cats at home, one named Pelusita (named Pelu for short) and Pirulina. Maybe not as lovely as Juno, but we love them, hehehe.

    18th November 2014
  12. Fiona ADDS...

    Juno is a star! Well we knew that already but now she can add modelling experience to her resume :) My guy is called Gremlin – I’m actually going to check back here for pet name inspiration in case we ever adopt again in the future (ahh I want to so bad!)

    18th November 2014
  13. Jane Y. ADDS...

    So cute!! Congrats Juno on the feature! And that is such an adorable felt house! :)

    18th November 2014
  14. Albert ADDS...

    Ranma wins!

    18th November 2014
  15. Anabel ADDS...

    I think Arya and Juanita are going to fight to sleep in, and I will not have to juggle to leave the couch with 2 cats up :)

    18th November 2014
  16. Amy duling ADDS...

    My cats name is Mr Miyagi! He looks just like your dearie cat :) I hope he wins this little pod, he would love it!

    18th November 2014
  17. Abigail ADDS...

    My cat’s name is Kitty! She is a sweet, soft Persian cat. She would love this felt house!

    18th November 2014
  18. Katty k ADDS...

    Holly, Jay (3 years old) Zuko (12 weeks)

    19th November 2014
  19. Oh my goodness. My kitties would love this!!

    I have one girl (Pebbles) and one boy (Demon). Pebbles is the lady of the house and Demon, he’s the black cat who rules the other cats in the neighbourhood. They’re the best of friends, though fighting over this little gem might cause tension in their relationship haha

    19th November 2014
  20. Elisse ADDS...

    That photo where Juno’s head is peeking out of the cat house is adorable! She makes a great model :) Our cats are called Pixel & Cera. Pixel is named like a px because he has a mustache-kind black splash right under his nose, and Cera is named after one of my favorite children’s movies ever. The movie is called Land Before Time and it’s basically about a bunch of young dinosaurs becoming friends and going on an adventure to find a place where they all can live. Cera is a triceratops and she is incredibly stubborn and witty, just like our cat when she first arrived here. :)

    19th November 2014
  21. Mariangel ADDS...

    Hola ! My cat’s name is Lucas. Hasta luego Lucas !!

    19th November 2014
  22. Alesha ol ADDS...

    Smokey, Chesney, Gandolfini “Gando”, Jake, and our newest, Halloween Zeus (we couldn’t pick a name)

    20th November 2014
  23. I’ve always wanted one of these! My cat (was) named Bailey. She passed recently. But I’m planning to get another little love soon. I miss her so much! I NEED cats in my life! xo

    21st November 2014
  24. Holly ADDS...

    Henry would love this!

    21st November 2014
  25. becca waterloo ADDS...

    soooo – no cat yet, but on December 6th you’ll be able to meet NUGGET!!! we’re adopting a kitty then, and I seriously CANNOT WAIT! i think i’ll be buying one of these felt beds regardless if I win, they are so cute!!!

    21st November 2014
  26. Colleen Boudreau ADDS...

    My cats name is Little.

    22nd November 2014

    We have two sisters, adopted at 7 weeks, now almost 8 years old. Named SHELL and PEARL by our youngest son.

    24th November 2014
  28. anikaviro ADDS...

    Hala, eso pinta tan tan genial para mi Muwi que no puedo no participar. :D

    25th November 2014
  29. Kelly ADDS...

    What gorgeous beds! Our cat is Bosco. He’d look so handsome peeping out. Thanks for including me in your fab giveaway xx

    25th November 2014
  30. Mary ADDS...

    Buika was the name I chose for my sweet owner that simply picked me. :)

    26th November 2014
  31. giovana villegas ADDS...

    My cats name is Mosha :D I adopted her in 2009! She is a beautiful white cat, i don´t know her

    27th November 2014

    Rocco <3

    27th November 2014
  33. Bailey Dexter ADDS...

    Omg, these are just to cute! My furry son is Houdini would love to snuggle in this one!

    27th November 2014
  34. jeanne ADDS...

    Champ, Uggs, Hobbitt

    27th November 2014
  35. Anastasiya ADDS...

    Robin and Mishka! <3

    28th November 2014
  36. Vicky ADDS...

    Princess and Mike are always in conflict of what bed they think they should be in. Another option would certainly be a benefit. Maybe I’d be able to reclaim my dresser drawer to one the holds clothes instead of cats!

    28th November 2014
  37. cristi andreea ADDS...


    28th November 2014
  38. Liliana A. ADDS...

    I adopted a cat last February and her name is Xan. She is adorable and really smart, I bet she’d love this comfy house!

    28th November 2014
  39. Cris ADDS...

    That beautiful and fun Juno, the gift is for the Chloe cat!!!

    30th November 2014
  40. Ilona ADDS...

    I would love such a felt house for my kitty cat Max. He is an himalayan exotic cat!!!

    30th November 2014

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