Juno, the circus artist

One of the few things that we do not indulge Juno into is jumping up to the dining table. It’s almost the only thing we have forbidden her to do. We started with several other restrictions, but hey, they know how to use their charms, and we have finally given up :) in most of them; not the table.

Well, although she is very well-behaved in front of us, we somehow have always suspected that she jumps there every time we are not at home. This was not a feeling but on the contrary some evidences where just under our nose: we sometimes find cat hair and, what most struck us, she has been able to make some incredible contortions with the chairs that require training for a long time. The chairs are usually resting against the table, so she has to climb front and back of the chair to get to the top.

One day we decided that it was time for a demonstration of her skills with a chair, for all of us to enjoy!

Juno Juno Juno Juno Juno Juno Juno Juno
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  1. maria ADDS...

    Oh my goodness, what an adorable kitty!

    29th May 2013
  2. kitsune-kun ADDS...

    ooookkk this cat is killing me with cuteness

    29th May 2013
  3. Vicky ADDS...

    omg this is so darn sweet. <333

    29th May 2013
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    so cute and definitely a circus artist :)

    7th June 2013
  5. R ADDS...

    I was randomly browsing your blog and when I saw this cute little snowball my heart melted. She is so sweet and beautiful :)

    12th June 2013
  6. Haha this is so cute! Love the first picture!

    22nd June 2013

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