Catweek: Juno in a ball

During winter we spend much more time at home for the weekends, which in our case means having more play moments with Juno and being a nuisance to her sleep. That extra time has also brought an additional amount of cat (cute) pheromones affecting our minds, and making us think that a week dedicated to post things about cats, present in our daily life, would be the best of ideas. This is how “Catweek” has born!

For the first post – don’t worry, we are affected by cats’ cuteness but will restrain ourselves to “only” three posts – we have Juno, the little furry ball responsible for this series. Last December during a handmade market held in Barcelona called Festivalet, we (acting like Santa’s elfs) bought a gray felt ball as a Christmas present for Juno.

The ball has a hole on top that is big enough for almost any cat to jump inside, also you can cut the hole bigger (with simple craft scissors) if you think that those extra pounds gained during Christmas dinners are also affecting your kitty. Well, there’s not much more to say to describe the ball, but we can explain how Juno adores it. From the first moment she was curious about it, and jumped inside without hesitation. She usually sleeps inside, and demands our attention to pet her while purring non-stop. In case you are curious about them the shop is called rronrron (ronroneo means purr in Spanish).

For the pictures we moved the ball into the center of the living room’s carpet, which arose Juno’s distrust and at the same time decreased her collaborative mood. Well, with a spoonful of sugar we finally can share with you Juno’s new house inside her bigger home :)

We know that we are lucky to have some lovely cat ladies reading our blog, do you have any hideout for your cats?

cat shoes cat ball - The cat, you and us Safety blanket - The cat, you and us

Juno realized that something was happening when the ball moved from its usual spot (next to the window curtains) and ran quickly to hide under the sofa.

Rronrron ball - The cat, you and us Juno and her ball - The cat, you and us

After all she is quite a Sherlock at heart, so had to search for any evidence that weird things were happening.

Drawing Juno attention - The cat, you and us

The nice guy from rronroon gave us two felt lefties from other balls that look like snakes and are a good encouragement to use the ball as a playroom.

Tough battle - The cat, you and us

In the middle of a bloddy battle against the snake.

Jumping in - The cat, you and us

If everything fails you can always show her the way.

Jumping out - The cat, you and us

…and this is what happens 5 seconds after making her do something.

Juno and her ball - The cat, you and us Through the RronRron ball - The cat, you and us Juno in a ball - The cat, you and us

Although it was not in her usual spot, she can’t resist her new humble house.

Juno in a ball - The cat, you and us

And lots of petting!

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  1. SO adorable! love your home by the way :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Molly! :) :)

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    oh my goodness. i love you so much juno. that’s a great little house you got there :)

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Awwww Juno love, thanks Jane, so appreciated!

  3. Mariko ADDS...

    How cute! I love the “action shot” of Juno leaping from her ball. Gatsby and Kala have a little cat tree with a house that they take turns sleeping in and defending against each other. I know they’d prefer to have one each, but until we move into a bigger space, they’re going to have to learn to share ;)

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahahaha, so sweet that you say they are going to have to learn to share. Gatsby and Kala have an awesome human mom :)

  4. So cute! What a nice idea, a catweek ^^ I love the pictures of Juno in action, purrfect :)

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Ooh! thanks! Yay for catweeks!

  5. Ahaha, these are the cutest pictures ever! I’ve always loved those felt balls and was very close to getting my kitty one when she was alive. What type of cat is Juno? She’s darling!

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      We were hesitant as it is so difficult to buy for a cat as he/she will prefer a simple cardbox instead of the more expensive thing that is inside. We were relived when we saw that she liked it so much. Juno is an exotic shorthair cat, thanks for the sweet words :)

  6. petra ADDS...

    adorable. this put a huge smile on my face. Juno is almost as cute as my cats :) xoxo

    27th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahahahhahahhahahaha love the almost! :)

  7. Katie ADDS...

    What a lovely blog you have! Thank you for stopping by mine, you’ve now thoroughly gotten me addicted to yours. Your cat is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen and all of your pictures are beautiful!

    28th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thank you Katie, glad that you stopped at our home as well :) Juno is meowing a welcome to you!

  8. Louise ADDS...

    Oh how adorable!! Luna, the cat over at my parents is way too stubborn to crawl into a little ball like this. I wish she would though, Juno looks really awesome and adorable in it…or jumping out of it. And I definitely approve of catweek!! :D

    28th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Juno is also very stubborn as Luna, that’s why if we make her enter she jumps immediately outside. However, if we leave the ball (nowhere near us) she enters eagerly to sleep and purr :) Thanks Louise for giving us the thumbs up for the catweek!!!

  9. Fiona ADDS...

    eeep! so perfect, I think my future cat will definitely need one of these :)

    Cat week!!!! *dances* you guys are awesome!

    28th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! Very excited for your future cat! He/she will be the king/queen of your awesome blog. I see very good things coming from the cat pheromones once you have her/him :)

  10. Danyele ADDS...

    This little kitty is so amazingly cute. I’ve always wanted a grumpy Persian cat. Something about them makes me feel like I need to try and make them happy all the time. I love your blog! Amazing stuff. I will be creeping on it a lot now. :p

    30th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Danyele!!I love when she is being stubborn and then it’s even grumpier! :)

  11. Sally ADDS...

    Haaa, that photo of her under the sofa is brilliant! This is the cutest post ever!

    30th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sally! The sofa is really her safe place, almost every post should feature her there because it always starts like that :)

  12. Sara ADDS...

    so much cuteness,my heart is so happy <3

    Juno is so pretty and seems so smart :D
    my two cats enjoy sleeping everywhere,the male one Simão has his own couch in the terrace to scratch and sleep and Matilde owns the rest of the terrace!
    Inside the house their favorite spot is always on top of my chest/face/head,making it hard sometimes to write something on my computer when in bed ahahah

    4th February 2014
  13. Hi, I’m Luis, the rronrron maker, I’ve just found your post in Festivalet Facebook’page (know it’s been made a few months ago, sorry), and made me feel so happy!!!!! Your photo report of Juno is great!!!!!

    Thanks a Lot, and congratulations!!!!!

    29th June 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Luis! The rronroon has been the best gift for Juno we ever gave her, she even insists on laying on her beloved felt home during summer ;)

  14. Hola, soy Luis de rronrron, quería preguntaros si cabe la posibilidad de que utilizase alguna de vuestras fotos en nuestra página de facebook o en alguna de nuestras e-shops (etsy o bigcartel) mencionando siempre, de la forma que vosotros queráis, por supuesto, al autor de la imagen.


    Luis Torrents / rronrron

    2nd July 2014
    • We reply...

      Hola Luis, no hay problema en que utilices las imágenes en tu página de facebook, etsy o bigcartel. El crédito para las fotos debe ser a The cat, you and us. Nos hará gracia ver a Juno en las tiendas i/o facebook de rronroon :) por cierto, ¡nos encantan las nuevas entradas con silueta de gato!

  15. Muchas gracias, en cuanto las utilice os aviso para que veáis cómo quedan. Las nuevas rronrron con entrada de silueta de gato están gustando mucho, quedan muy divertidas, la verdad.

    Bueno, gracias de nuevo, y salu2!!!!

    Luis Torrents

    3rd July 2014
    • We reply...

      Gracias Luis!! :)

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