MACBA, our modern art love affair

Last Sunday we decided to buy the annual ticket for the MACBA, the contemporary art museum of our city. Although the museum is definitely close to our hearts (more on that later) we haven’t recently visited as much as we used to. That’s why we have decided to change it this year by buying the annual access ticket, which for 15€ allows visiting both the permanent and the temporary exhibitions.

The museum opening was almost 20 years ago (we were not really interested in art back then ;P), giving a new big public space; a giant white structure that was like a breath of air in the packed rather stone gray colored city center. Since the first time I visited the museum I have that space strongly related with skateboarding, there is not a single day that skaters are not practicing their tricks. We mingled with them and took a few pictures; the more the merrier, right?

And now the exciting related news. Today I’m sharing my story about “How did you know (s)he was the one?” at the lovely Jane’s blog Always With Yoo. Along with four other sweet bloggers we participate with our short stories to celebrate Jane & Yangkyu’s 5th anniversary of marriage this next August. Thanks guys for letting us join your wonderful celebration, we love the Yoo family! ♥

Jump to Jane’s blog to read my short piece, if you already haven’t, and learn how important the MACBA is in our relationship.

Skate & Macba - The cat, you and us

The skater in my back had some good moves.

Macba back door -The cat, you and us

The structure combines white walls with big windows, and very rounded entrances.

Macba - The cat, you and us Damaris at Macba front entrance - The cat, you and us

This was Sunday lunch time, and I’m holding both my growling stomach and the cold temperature .

Hat guy at Macba's back door - The cat, you and us Macba reflection - The cat, you and us

Ready to go inside.

Cute guy at Macba's hall - The cat, you an dus Macba hall - The cat, you and us

The interior is spare and, of course, very white.

Macba hall - The cat, you and us Macba love - The cat, you and us

LOVE. Would that couple in the back have our same love affair with the museum? Hope so!
Don’t forget to read our love story at Always with Yoo today!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i loved your story. it was so cute i even told my husband. i grabbed him while he was working from home and told him he had to listen to it. :) thanks so much for sharing. and your pictures are always so touching. that red dress is beautiful. wish it was in my closet too! :)

    11th February 2014
    • We reply...

      It is very touching that you told Yangkyu, it makes my day, thanks Jane! You guys can’t possibly get cuter (maybe Piri is but he is in a totally different league :p), we are lucky to have met you.

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    So awesome to ‘mingle’ with some skateboarders haha :P
    lovely museum, it looks modern! Maybe a bit too modern
    for me as I like a bit retro and classic :P The lovestory
    is lovely as well! (I tagged you The Fairytale Tag btw!)

    11th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks for the tag sweetie! Jumping right now to see it, the name looks promising. Btw, when I saw your last video I thought it would be so cool to see in one your answers to our sunshine+liebster awards questions for you :) :)

  3. Kate ADDS...

    How wonderful. Such a lovely red outfit and a really enjoyable story!

    11th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Kate!! Red dresses always catch my eye at the stores, so I may have a few in my wardrobe ;)

  4. Mariko ADDS...

    Lovely shots. You guys seriously made me tear up with your story on Jane’s blog. Stay adorable you crazy kids.

    11th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Aww Mariko, thanks a lot for your sweetness!! ♥ ♥

  5. Sara ADDS...

    the only time i visited Barcelona i stayed at Raval in a friends house and everyday i walked across MACBA <3
    Good memories!

    12th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Nice to have friends in el Raval! The Macba is indeed a very centric point of the neighborhood.

  6. petra ADDS...

    oh, I have fond memories of this museum. I’m sure you won’t regret having the annual pass.

    13th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Love to read that the Macba is part of the good memories of many people. I’m looking forward to our visits this year.

  7. Fiona ADDS...

    When I read your story over at, always with yoo, I was smiling ear to ear, how magical – you guys really are the sweetest :)

    13th February 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fiona!!! Jane had a great idea, I have loved to read everyone’s story in the comments.

  8. Denise ADDS...

    Aww that’s so cute to read! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 7 years now, and I just know he’s the one! Just like your story :)

    13th February 2014
    • We reply...

      7 years! Congrats! :)

  9. leeda ADDS...

    OH MY GOD HOW DID I MISS THIS POST!? i hate when i go off the internet for a couple of days and then i miss really great posts like this!! first of all, i LOVE the story behind the museum, it’s so romantic! ^____^ annnnd i love that red dress basically love all your photos! and omg my boyfriend is so obsessed with the Barcelona skate scene. we’re always watching skate videos and more often than not there are always pro skate teams (and some amateur ones) always skating through Barcelona. such a dreamy place!

    at this volume

    1st March 2014

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