When the cat was a little kitty

Juno came into our lives on the 23rd of July on 2010.

I have always been a pet guy, if that is really a concept :P, my parents welcomed a dog in our family when I was little, and I’ve always felt that my own family must have a furry member as well. Although Dàmaris was reluctant at first, as she had not experience with pets, she finally gave me the thumbs up. Juno was originally a rabbit until I discovered the world of the exotic shorthair cats and went completely smitten. They are the short-haired version of the Persian cats, inheriting its good values like their temper, Gizmo-like funny face and lovely personality. It was perfect!

After some months of cat man-style-obsession, we finally adopted Juno. None of us had previously lived with a cat, so we were a little afraid of not being good enough for her. She was 3 months old and she was even more scared than us (later we discovered that she is especially scared of everything, it’s part of her personality).

The very first day at home, we left her inside her new cat litter but she ran to find a hideout. One hour later she allowed us to touch her, and we heard for the first time her lovely purr, which sounds like a little motor. That purr won our heart.

The following months were for training (ours of course :) ) and playing (lots of). She is not an avid eater, so playing is what most bonds us together.

The pictures here are quite old (3 years now!), nevertheless we wanted to show you how Juno was like back then, when she was a kitty with crazy eyes, so here she is!.

pictures shown were taken during the first 4 months living with us
Juno sleeping Juno Dani & Juno Dani & Juno Damaris & Juno Juno and the butterfly Juno Juno Juno Juno
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  1. Fine Little Day ADDS...

    Hi Juno, cool cute one :))

    2nd June 2013

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