1st blogiversary: Giveaway of two Mr. Wonderful donut mugs {CLOSED}


We already announced yesterday that we are going to have new exciting things for this month, now it’s the time of our first giveaway ever on The cat, you and us! tuut tuut! :)

The prize we have bought for this giveaway is also related to this months’ theme “Home is with you”. Because there are few things better than staying home with a good cup of good ole coffee, tea (that’s always Damaris’ choice!), hot chocolate, or ice tea (hey, summer is definitely in our heads) with your loved one. Yes, there are two mugs in the giveaway, double yays!

Two Mr. Wonderful donut mugs.. with a twist

While browsing one of our favorite stores in town, we found the two most adorable donut mugs by Mr. Wonderful, an awesome (and successful!) design team from Barcelona. The mugs come inside a little cardbox house which could not be more spot on with our blogiversary theme!

How to enter

To enter the giveaway,

  • Just write a comment telling us what would you drink with the mugs if you win them.
  • Make sure to use the rafflecopter application at the end of the post and check the “I commented” box in order that your comment is counted as a participation (with the same email used for the comment!).
  • If you want more chances to win, you can follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and also check them on rafflecopter, for each one you’ll have extra entries to win!

The giveaway will close on the 22nd of May at 12:00AM (Barcelona’s time) and winner will be announced on the 23rd of May (stay tuned!). Worldwide entries will be accepted, good luck to everyone!

Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us

We thought we had to add some extra goodies because you could not think for a second that we were not going to share our Japanese snack haul, right? ;) We have saved some candies to fill the mugs.

Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us

The blue one is clearly more affectionate.

Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us Mr Wonderful giveaway - The cat, you and us

Let’s celebrate this 1st year of blogging together! Enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter application below. You only need to leave us a comment telling us what you would drink with the mug. Win extra entries by following us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Heather ADDS...

    Coffee is the usual drink of choice for mornings here. So glad I found your blog!

    2nd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Heather!!! :)

  2. Ohhhhhhh i would really really really love to win these mugs lol! i mean i participate at many giveaways (and i never win ^^) but these are so so cute!!!!!!!

    I would drink a home-made Chai latte, with my good friend (you cannot drink alone in one of these mugs, it would be to evil to separate these two!) and maybe a good croissant!

    happy anniversary!!!! :)

    2nd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Naelle! We are excited with the anniversary! So many fun things to come :)

  3. Albert ADDS...

    Mmmm… les palletes també venen de regal? Jo café ja sabeu que no, te calent o fred (tot l’any). A veure si aconseguim que es quedi a propet el regalet ;-)

    PD: el gorro de la Hellow Kitty no cal que l’envieu.

    2nd May 2014
  4. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I’m innnn for this giveaway, super cuuute mugs c:
    As a professional teadrinker, I’m gonna drink
    tea with these mugs. Tea and donuts = nice ^^

    2nd May 2014
  5. vane armenta ADDS...

    qué emoción!!! ya un año!!!… muchas felicidades!!!
    Mi esposo y yo tomaríamos un vino caliente que nos trajo mi suegra en su última visita.
    Esas lindas tazas son para compartir!!!
    Es el primer sorteo y no sé, me siento súper rara, pero la posibilidad de tener un obsequio de ustedes, me FASCINA!!!
    Saludos desde México!!!

    2nd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Gracias por las felicitaciones Vane!!! :) Un beso te viene volando desde Barcelona!

  6. Laura ADDS...

    These mugs are so sweet! I would definitely use them to drink tea at home with my husband and two kitties. Not that my two kitties know how to drink from mugs, but I am sure they would find them cute also! :) Combined with the candy, it would make a great excuse to have to have a tea party with our friends!

    2nd May 2014
  7. csilla ADDS...

    Okay so are these the cutest mugs or what?! I would drink a Yogi Yogi Chai latte – a very spicy tea that kind of blows your head off with the chilly in it but at the same time tastes like Christmas. :)

    Happy 1 year!

    2nd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks! We are very happy with this first milestone! For many more to come :)

  8. Hannah ADDS...

    Hmmm well I think I’ll have to have a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and as I always do put a little cream on my finger for the kitties to enjoy :) feliç aniversari :)

    3rd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Moltes gràcies Hannah! You have a perfect Catalan :) thanks!

  9. yoshimi ADDS...

    I would drink hot chocolate with it :)

    3rd May 2014
  10. Furyak ADDS...

    En primer lugar, moltes felicitats o zorionak (en euskera)! La verdad es que he descubierto vuestro blog hace poco tiempo y me tiene enganchada, Juno ya es famoso en mi círculo de amigos :P
    Creo que de esas tazas bebería muy a gusto un té de frutos del bosque o un café (si hace calor con hielos).

    3rd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Eskerrik asko Furyak!!! Hahaha, que gracia lo de Juno, os manda un miau bien grandote :)

  11. Sony ADDS...

    Mmmmm yo les pondría una mezcla de huevo, harina y chocolate, todo ello batidito y al microondas.. en un par de minutos tendría unos SuperMuffins caseros tremendos ^_^ y por supuesto lo compartiría con mi chico, que es un goloso¡¡¡

    3rd May 2014
  12. Lauren ADDS...

    I will definitely be drinking some coffee in these, and my boyfriend would drink some tea! Thank you so much for the giveaway and congrats on your first blogiversary – ours is today (May 3rd!) :)

    3rd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Lauren!! And happy blogiversary to you!!! :)

  13. Mahdi Martin ADDS...

    I would drink coffee in these mugs. They are so adorable!

    4th May 2014
  14. Fiona ADDS...

    Ah so cute! Mmm, since I’m still addicted to chai, probably chai but last night I had a delicious hot chocolate (our weather is starting to get chilly) so it’s a close tie between the two!

    4th May 2014
  15. Denise ADDS...

    Haha I love the mugs! They’re so cute. Even though I never join a contest, I’ll try out this one! :)

    Goodluck to the rest <3

    4th May 2014
  16. Julio ADDS...

    Pues yo en la taza haría un Nesquik bien calentito y me trapiñaría un pedazo de Donut a lo oldschool!! Guarreo a tope!!

    4th May 2014
  17. Maria ADDS...

    tomaria un buen cafe con DANI besos

    4th May 2014
  18. Angela P. ADDS...

    Happy 1 year blogiversary! I love these donut mugs! I would drink coffee, herbal tea, and hot cocoa out of them!

    5th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Angela! We are very happy achieving the first year and wishing to many more to come! :)

  19. Jane Y. ADDS...

    those mugs are so so adorable! i would definitely drink my morning coffee out of them! crossing my fingers! :)

    5th May 2014
  20. Lucila ADDS...

    A veure, els dònuts no m’agraden, però en Mr. Wonderful sí; a més ja tenim una història amb una torrada i un pot de melmelada del mateix senyor, i dues tasses van ser un dels regals de casament més especials que ens van fer, així que seria molt guai prendre’ns el te dels vespres amb les vostres tasses :-)

    I felicitats pel primer aniversari! Us ha quedat molt mono :-)))

    5th May 2014
  21. Mariko ADDS...

    I mostly just want the Japanese candies, lol.

    I would probably drink delicious, fair trade coffee made in my French press. With just a splash of rice milk.

    6th May 2014
  22. Kacie ADDS...

    Happy Blogiversary! Also, with all the Hello Kitty-themed stuff there, I’d probably give 1 mug to my friend Melissa. She’s obsessed with Hello Kitty, and things between us have been a little rocky lately, so I think she’d appreciate it.

    6th May 2014
  23. Cris ADDS...

    Moltes Felicitats de l’Any!!! Happy year blogiversay!!! M’encanten les tasses, són ideals per esmorzar cada matí el café amb llet… Amb molt d’estil. Ja m’estic veient!!!
    A veure si em toquen i llenço les supercutrades de tasses que tinc a casa… I les xuxes ja tenen amo ;-). Prometo foto!!! M’encanta el blog i sobretot “la” Juno. Petonets-kisses

    6th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Merci Cris! Voldrem veure la foto si et cauen les tassetes eh! La Juno t’envia també un miau gran.

  24. Jessica Clark ADDS...

    If I were to win this fabulous giveaway, I’d make an awesome pot of coffee and drink coffee for several hours in the morning. Thank you for this giveaway and happy 1 year blogging anniversary!! :) You just scored a totally new reader/fan/follower!!! Really love your blog!

    7th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jessica!! And welcome home! :) hope you like it in here.

  25. Margaret-Anne Kerschke ADDS...

    If I were to win this I’d be sipping on hot chocolates all day long :)

    7th May 2014
  26. Mai Tran ADDS...

    I’d love to drink my favorite: green tea latte. Thanks for the giveaway and greetings from Finland.

    7th May 2014
  27. Emily ADDS...

    I would drink hot cacao! :)

    7th May 2014
  28. va ADDS...

    i would drink tea / chai in the mug for myself and the 2nd one would be for my hubby to drink his cold coffee .

    7th May 2014
  29. Abdullah C. ADDS...

    Wow, I want this really , i want this :)

    7th May 2014
  30. Anna ADDS...

    jo prendria un d’aquells pumpkins cafes pero no se si en queda algun!! sino l’haureu d’anar a buscar a St. Francisco jaajaj
    Ale a ver si hi ha sort!!

    7th May 2014
  31. Lynda ADDS...

    is this international? anyways i’ll try for it. the donuts are so cute! if i won these i would definitely drink some coffee from this everyday!

    7th May 2014
    • We reply...

      The giveaway is open worldwide!

  32. Thomas Vase Jensen ADDS...

    Looking forward to the snacks

    7th May 2014

    I love hot chocolate especially last thing at night – mmm!

    7th May 2014
  34. Stephanie M ADDS...

    I would drink my daily morning and evening cups of tea.

    7th May 2014
  35. Hadeel ADDS...

    I would drink hot chocolate with marshmallow :)

    7th May 2014
  36. Karin Shaim ADDS...

    I would definitely drink hot chocolate in them

    7th May 2014
  37. Carmen ADDS...

    Moltes Felicitats per el primer aniversari !! M´agrada molt el vostre blog i us animo a continua amb el mateix entusiasme i ganes de de fer coses noves i que ens feu participar a tots els que us seguim de les vostres coses.
    Les tasses les trobo molt maques i si em toquessin em pendria un te de fruites bonissim que em va regalar la meva amiga Nieves Jimenez , amb una mica de sort ho compartiria amb ella.

    8th May 2014
  38. Caitlyn ADDS...

    Coffee or tea for me.

    8th May 2014
  39. Sonia ADDS...

    I would drink tea out of these mugs.

    8th May 2014
  40. Aileen Chang ADDS...

    I’d make two cups of coffee with these two mugs, for me and my son, and have a celebration. I would also buy a couple of donuts from Big Apple, just to keep the theme. And, f course take a photo. The “extra” snacks would be enjoyed with some tea in the same two mugs in front of the idiot box…. ha ha

    8th May 2014
  41. Jayne ADDS...

    I’d be drinking hot chocolate in the mugs. One for me, one for husband. :-)

    8th May 2014
  42. ISA VAL ADDS...

    I’d like chocolate! :)
    thanks for chance!

    8th May 2014
  43. Fany Ayanomori ADDS...

    Happy 1st Blogiversary!! ^_^
    Really a cute mug!!
    Love it..
    I would like to drink either hot chocolate or my favourite Earl Grey Tea with that mug..
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!

    8th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks! Let’s hope it is the first of many more anniversaries to come :) we are ready for adventures!

  44. yen ADDS...

    i’d drink my fave swiss miss choco with it

    8th May 2014
  45. Nadene Adams ADDS...

    If I won, I would drink my morning coffee from these mugs.

    8th May 2014
  46. Damaris – your new blog design is so lovely! And congrats on the 1-year anni! :) xo

    8th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Shannon!! :) Changes are always a challenge, glad to get your love!

  47. Carmen ADDS...

    Those mugs are so adorable! Because lately the weather is getting better (and also because my water boiler broke down..), I haven’t been drinking so much tea, which I would usually go for. This past week I’ve had a crush on banana pudding, haha, and when I run out of bowls I just start using mugs! This sweet donut mug would be perfect for my after-dinner cup of pudding :)

    8th May 2014
  48. Leeda ADDS...

    oh my god these are so freakin cuuuute!!! i don’t drink coffee so i’d probably drink tea or hot chocolate with coconut milk hehe. also, congrats again on your blogiversary!

    p.s. love that smiths quote

    8th May 2014
  49. Denysia Yu ADDS...

    I would probably drink tea! :)

    8th May 2014
  50. Selma ADDS...

    Hot milk :)

    8th May 2014
  51. maria cristina ADDS...

    I’m in for this giveaway, super cute mugs

    9th May 2014
  52. Evangelia Κollia ADDS...

    So lovely mugs! And all those extra goodies! I wish i ‘ll have the chance to drink my favorite latte macchiato with these mugs <3

    9th May 2014
  53. Eric Aparri ADDS...

    Coffee :)

    9th May 2014
  54. Orlando Aparri Jr. ADDS...

    Hot Chocolate

    9th May 2014
  55. Kati ADDS...

    I would boringly drink black tea and infused banana soy milk out of these!


    9th May 2014
  56. Jasper ADDS...

    Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee every morning.

    9th May 2014
  57. Aleka Nikolaidou ADDS...

    Hot milk with honey!!! Yummy…!!!

    9th May 2014
  58. Gloria ADDS...

    Oh how adorable! I would fill them with iced chocolate (yum!)

    9th May 2014
  59. Mae Ri ADDS...

    OMG!I love the mugs,so cute.Hot milk or Hot chocolate in the morning xD I would to fill it with everything.

    9th May 2014
  60. Coffee :)

    9th May 2014
  61. Marianne ADDS...

    Depending on my mood, I’d probably drink coffee or hot chocolate. :) Happy anniversary! Your blog is really nice, and I love the color palette. :)

    10th May 2014
  62. Joie Fatale ADDS...

    I would drink coffee and tea with these mugs! and of course, some hot cocoa!

    10th May 2014
  63. Thomas F ADDS...

    Since I don’t drink coffee, it would be hot chocolate or tea.

    11th May 2014
  64. Bonnie ADDS...

    My banana chocolate tea :)

    11th May 2014
  65. Emma ADDS...

    My partner and I have “matching” game of thrones mugs, but these would be perfect for us considering we’re planning to get married this year!

    12th May 2014
  66. Nurul Azziera bt Mohd Jafri ADDS...

    Im a hot chocolate lover, so I will definitely enjoy my evening tea with these cute mugs :)

    12th May 2014
  67. jaclyn ADDS...

    They would be perfect for morning coffee!

    13th May 2014
  68. Wendy Hatton ADDS...

    I’d invite my best girlfriend over and make cappuccinos for us to share.

    14th May 2014
  69. Helena ADDS...

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I would dring my coffee and my tea in the mug..
    ilove the mugs!
    Crossed fingers!

    14th May 2014
  70. Francesca ADDS...

    I would love to drink my tea with these adorable mugs! <3

    14th May 2014
  71. Enrica ADDS...

    Hello, for cappuccinos =)

    14th May 2014
  72. Chiara ADDS...

    Che belle queste tazze.. berrò un bel thè verde ehehehe :)

    14th May 2014
  73. Trillina Palemi ADDS...

    i would ues for to drink my the green or milk of soya :D

    14th May 2014
  74. Cass ADDS...

    I would drink green tea and coffee in them! :)

    14th May 2014
  75. Kaci ADDS...

    These are just super adorable! If i win i would drink tea in them with my mom. I like to drink tea every morning with my mom before we start the day so you know these cups will be well loved.

    P.s. Thank you for offering us the chance to win these cuties!

    14th May 2014
  76. kathryn ADDS...

    awwwww!! so cute! i’d drink my everyday green tea ^^

    15th May 2014
  77. Jasmine ADDS...

    Ohh my they are soo Kawaii.. If I won them I would drink vast quantities of Tea that my man and i drink when we are both gaming at our computers. That or Cherry Coke which I am slightly obsessed with. ^_^

    15th May 2014
  78. Simona ADDS...

    Definitely a lovely cup of Irish black tea with a splash of soy milk :D

    15th May 2014
  79. Lucia ADDS...

    Hot Chocolate all the way :D

    Ok, for my diet.. maybe… it’s better lot of Green Tea with Ginger and Lemon!


    17th May 2014
  80. Paola ADDS...

    Hello partecip. you milk& coffee

    17th May 2014
  81. Moira ADDS...

    I would love to drink my coffee and hot cocoa in these mugs. They are so adorable!

    17th May 2014
  82. Cindy Kwon ADDS...

    I will have many kinds of drinks with the mugs if I win them, but mostly, I think I’ll have green tea or black tea in those mugs!

    18th May 2014
  83. Karen Pace ADDS...

    I’d love to start the day with a hot steaming cup of tea and these original mugs will definitely brighten anyone’s day

    19th May 2014
  84. Mariaelena ADDS...

    They’re so cute! I’d use them with my new keurig machine that I got for Mother’s Day! :))

    19th May 2014
  85. karen S ADDS...

    Would be nice to put hot chocolate inside these cute mugs, no?

    20th May 2014
  86. mf ADDS...

    I would like to drink milk with this lovely set of mugs, with friends, of course.

    20th May 2014
  87. Mira ADDS...

    I will drink my favourite milk and green tea like a lot, since the mugs are too cute!

    20th May 2014
  88. Juanjo ADDS...

    Jo no sóc de prendre cafès, així que jo em prendria una tassa de llet a primera hora del matí.

    21st May 2014
  89. amanda whiltey ADDS...

    i would drink coffee with the mugs

    21st May 2014

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