Sitges Film Festival in 2:04 minutes

From the 11th to the 20th of October the 2013 edition of the Sitges Film festival took place, and as we anticipated we were there watching a few movies ;)

A few words about the movies we watched this year:

Disclaimer alert: the following opinions are solely my own, Damaris may not agree in one or (maybe none) of them.

  • Grand Piano – Elijah Wood was in the festival presenting the movie, and yes, despite his blue eyes he is (way) shorter than me, hahahaha. The movie was only ok; it’s about a pianist that has to make the perfect play or his wife will die!
  • The Zero Theorem – Terry Gilliam was there too! He looks so serious in person, but once he opened his mouth we immediately remembered that he was part of the Monthy Python gang, he is so so funny! ;) The movie has a Brazil vibe, but it was a little too much for a Friday night.
  • The world’s end – A British buddy (drunks to be precise) comedy with alien robots, was a perfect match for Sitges!
  • A glimpse inside the mind of Charles Swan III – Well, both Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman were on the movie, but Roman Coppola is definitely not Wes Anderson. Btw, did you watch the (internet celebrated) Wes Anderson’s The Grand Hotel Budapest trailer? We are excited, and this time I can firmly include Damaris in here :P
  • Much ado about nothing – Joss Whedon made this Shakespeare adaptation with his friends on his own house, envy mode on! A film critic while presenting the film said something which we thought was very clever: “It is like Joss just tossed Shakespeare’s play on them”. It was our fav of this Sitges’ edition!
  • The returned – Not the best zombie movie we’ve seen, an interesting plot at first but lastly the most boring!
  • The lesson of the evil – Takashi Miike was also in the festival giving a masterclass. It was awesome to see him in person, hope he will return with a better movie next year! This one was quite painful.
  • Surprise session – Although we were convinced that the surprise session would be Snow piercer, finally it turned out to be The return of the Jedi. My first reaction was “It’s a trap!!!!” because the surprise session is supposed to be a première, but (of course) we had the most terrific time with cheers in every high moment :)

We also made ​​a short video showing how we live one random day at the festival; do not miss it if you want to watch us in movement! (Bonus: Juno is also on it! Hope it is a trigger to click play :P)

My favorite parts:
-0:40 Anna checking twitter to know what everyone is saying about the other movies projected simultaneously in other theaters. Everyone is paying attention to the hashtag #Sitges2013.
-0:48 A surprise appearance.
-0:58 You got us! We faked this part when I was going to rate the film ;) After each screening there is a vote for the Audience’s award. This year it went to Jodorowsky’s Dune.
-1:14 While shooting this part I remembered that there was a nude beach in the area xD Immediately as a bad voyeur I ran away hahahaha
-1:45 Juno always comes to the door when we arrive at home, but when she saw me on the ground with the camera she boycotted the scene xD Yes, she is not the bravest cat, hahahaha.

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  1. Albert ADDS...

    Uala, aixó està fet a traició. La proxima vegada avisa i activo el Hollywood mode ;-)

    29th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Ei! Traició? Pensava que sabíeu que estavem fent un vídeo, glups! xD

  2. Sarah Allen ADDS...

    Now this is so cool! Also I’ve been browsing all your Juno pictures, and they are amazing :0

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)

    29th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sarah! I’m not very objective on the subject but, yeeees, Juno pictures are amazing (just because she is on them)!!! XD

  3. Mariko ADDS...

    One year I will make it to Sitges. I can’t believe you got to watch Return of the Jedi on the big screen! I don’t think I’ve seen it like that since it came out.

    29th October 2013
    • We reply...

      The Return of the Jedi screening was an incredible experience! If you are interested, in Barcelona, once a month, there is a cinema showing 80′ classics like Indiana Jones, The goonies, Aliens, etc… Check it out if some day you guys plan to come to bcn! (you’ll have to translate from Spanish :S)

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh I think I’ll have to watch the much ado about nothing, sounds interesting! That film was so great, you guys are so talented, I know I always say it but when I see you have a new blog post I want to make sure I’ve made myself a nice cup of chai (or something else fancy!) lol and sit down and read it with excitement :)

    btw how awesome is Juno!!!

    30th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fiona, you’re the sweetest, so happy to hear that coming from an amazing and talented person as you are! and yes, I agree about Juno she is the awesome one from our small family ;)

  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i LOVE that film you made. and i love juno! so adorable :) i remember a nineties version of much ado about nothing starring kenneth branagh. my goodness. it’s been years since i watched it or read/seen anything shakespeare!

    30th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks so much Jane! 90’s version of much ado about nothing was very good, after the movie we were discussing a lot about which version was better… I think Kenneth Branagh’s won this time among our friends but it was hard to decide! :)

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