All the blues

At the beach - The cat, you and us

All the blues and maybe I should add to the title all the awkwardness because this post is way out of my comfort zone.

I think it’s the first time I post a picture of myself in a swimsuit in the blog, but I thought this was maybe the time. We all have those silly insecurities about our body which are only intensified when you see yourself with less clothes, I now as a grown-up know that I have to feel lucky with my body, and although far (far far) away from the standard fashion models, it’s a perfectly healthy one. I may have chubby legs, which need a little bit of toning (I blame my poor athletics skills… and total lack of interest, ha!) and not the flatest tummy, but I feel good in my skin because I’m healthy, that’s what is all about, that’s the most important thing there can be.

Stripped swimsuit - The cat, you and us Dani and Samuel at the beach - The cat, you and us

Moreover, I think we are lucky to experience new ways of seeing our bodies, where all those stereotypes are changing. We can check out more stores telling that they are no longer selling “large clothing size” as a separate line, but on the contrary embracing every shape as beautiful. Have you seen for instance the Modcloth online store? I love how you can see the same pieces in more shapes, by checking out the model that most looks like you, thus easily knowing how a dress will fit. I think that at some point having more women in high positions making important decisions in companies is making this become true (at least partially), ok… maybe I’m biased because I am in all that girls power stuff after the Ghostbusters screening, ha!

So, well after all the babbling… this is only a post about a few casual phone pics that we took while my nephew Samuel was visiting us and went to the beach. You can enjoy with us the blue goodness of the day, both at the sea and the sky. We stumbled upon so many fishes that day! We were lucky that the water was very clear and they were not shy at all. Do you usully practice snorkel at the beach? Have you seen any of the new masks? (they look quite crazy, don’t they?)

At the beach - The cat, you and us Dani and Samuel at the beach - The cat, you and us Stripped swimsuit - The cat, you and us

My swimsuit is an oldie from Calzedonia. I’ve been trying to buy a new one, but I fail to have an excuse since I only visit the beach like twice a year ;)

Stripped swimsuit - The cat, you and us At the beach - The cat, you and us

Which is your favorite swimsuit to take to the beach? Are you more a beach or swimming pool kind of girl? See you soon my gorgeous pals!

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  1. Elena ADDS...

    M’ha encantat el post…. ❤️ We run the world gurl!!! The size of your heart is huuuuuge miss yu!!!

    24th August 2016
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Que bonitas han quedado las fotos! Han quedado preciosas. estáis todos muy bien, la última es muy original, enhorabuena guapos.

    24th August 2016
  3. I want to acknowledge and thank you for going out of your comfort zone for this post! <3 I haven't gone to the beach in forever, but since I used to be a competitive swimmer, I'd always wear my boring training suits to the beach because I didn't have any fun ones :P Although I really loved the quality and texture of my training suits, so I have no complaints there! It's hard for me to say whether I'm more of a beach or pool girl. I'm more picky about what kind of beach I enjoy, but when I find one I like, I do enjoy it so much! Pools are more or less the same, but overall I like pools too :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    25th August 2016
  4. Kate ADDS...

    I love your swimsuit! Perfect for beach days. It’s funny because I went into the sea for the first time yesterday (since we moved to the seaside) which meant stripping down to my costume and I definitely felt very self-conscious at first but then thought I have to just do this :) It was great floating around! I have a few 50s style swimming costumes – they are my favourites!! P.S I would absolutely love to meet up for tea if you ever come back to Brighton :)

    25th August 2016
  5. Bev ADDS...

    It’s been much too long since I’ve seen the ocean. I need to make a trip soon! I love your suit. Looks good on you too!

    26th August 2016
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh your swimsuit in the cutest!!! How good was ghostbusters! Super girl power, I did some air punches after watching it “yeah go girls” he he he! I also like modcloth and seeing lots of different body shapes pop up more on the internet. It definitely makes me feel better in my own skin and every day i think we are all silly (myself included) for having any body worries – but it’s hard to totally convince yourself hey? Anyway you’re looking killer! :) :)

    26th August 2016
  7. Bivi ADDS...

    First of all, you do NOT have chubby legs, what are you talking about? Your legs look like what legs normally look like, I think. Second of all, thank you for sharing these photos. It’s just so nice and calming to see such a blue and peaceful sea. Hope you had a tremendous time at the beach!

    Alive as Always

    27th August 2016

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