Amsterdam: waters of April

The second day in Amsterdam was a short one as we had our flight back to Barcelona that same evening. We had breakfast at a cool café next to our hotel, in the Pijp neighborhood, called Two for Joy. We had the complete place for ourselves which was very nice to start a day; I guess locals on Sunday get breakfast or brunch at later hours. The croissants were very yummy, and I appreciated the red tulips on our table, starting a day with fresh flowers is my kind of fancy thing :)

Under the rain, we headed to Museumplein a square where visitors can find the Rijksmuseum, The Van Gogh and the Stedelijk museums in a single place. That is convenient! After the recommendation of Anna+Albert (Ranma’s human parents) we visited the Van Gogh’s with the multimedia guide, it was very interesting to learn personal details about Vincent Van Gogh, how his brother Theo supported him so much in his artistic career. It was (almost) explained like a movie story, even with a little twist at the end, we won’t spoil it! It was also the opportunity to see the more unknown and dark (color-wise) paintings from his early years and, of course, watch “The bedroom” up close. In addition there was a temporary exhibition of Felix Valloton, a swiss painter that we felt in love with! we didn’t like to learn about his conservative views on women roles in society, but the paintings of the intimacy moments of people at home were very sensitive.

Almost 4 hours later we were back again at Museumplein to discover that the rain had stopped, it was already too late to go to Vondelpark, but instead we wandered around the Pijp neighborhood, making a brief stop at Sarpathipark, and we made sure to say a proper goodbye to the canals, “dudes” we will miss you so!

Although this sounds like goodbyes, stay tuned for the (real) last episode in Amsterdam (pink goodness ahead) with a brief guide of our favorite discoveries!

** This post is part of our Amsterdam series **

Last canal at Pijp - The cat, you and us

A new morning looking at the canals, can get easily used to this view! :)

Amsterdam window shutters - The cat, you and us

One of the most iconic things about the houses next to the canals are the window shutters, these were gray but you can find several colors like red or green.

A neighborhood courtyard swing - The cat, you and us

We found ourselves walking through neighborhood interior courtyards. I am such a kid, I literally run to the swing.

red bike, red buildings - The cat, you and us Fountains - The cat, you and us

And to goad my reputation of acting like a kid, that’s me acting very grown-up running in the fountain :P

Bridges and bikes - The cat, you and us Two for joy and Damaris - The cat, you and us Large cortado - The cat, you and us

Fresh tulips, croissant, pain au chocolate and orange juice, yummy breakast. I love having breakfast during trips as we indulge ourselves a little more, do you?

Dani having breakfast at Two for Joy - The cat, you and us Red tulips - The cat, you and us Two for joy baker - The cat, you and us

Do you remember the making off picture from our phone? The baker in the process of creating a carrot cake.

the sun is beautiful in Amsterdam - The cat, you and us Cute cat in a shop window - The cat, you and us

Lots of shop windows had cat beds and the cute owners of those were sleeping in them. We found cats in travel agencies, decoration shops, clothing stores and cafés! We even stumbled upon a home with several sphynx cats on their window seal.

A big blue and red hug - The cat, you and us On a tree - The cat, you and us

Good looking tree at Sarpathipark.

Between the branches - The cat, you andu s bikes and brick buildings at Pijp - The cat, you and us Amsterdam boats - The cat, you and us Canals of Amsterdam - The cat, you and us

The canals are sadly fading away, but the images will get stuck in my head. See you soon Amsterdam, see you soon Netherlands! Oh! and don’t forget to stay tuned for the real last chapter of our adventures.

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awww so sad your Amsterdam posts has come to an end!
    Glad you had a great time c; Xx

    22nd April 2014
    • We reply...

      We really hope we have another chance to go to Netherlands in a not so far future :) We loved Amsterdam but we would also love to see more of the countryside and other towns/cities. Any recommendations would be great!

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    can’t wait to see your last post! and those tulips sure would make my day start off on a right note! :)

    22nd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jane!! I should definitely buy more fresh flowers for our home, if only Juno was not a huge plants eater…

  3. As usual your pictures are so great! I hope to be in Amsterdam in October, it’s such a nice city!

    bisous from Paris and thanks for your nice comment on my blog! :)

    22nd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh Thanks Naelle! Hope you like the city, I am sure it would be lovely in October. If you need any tip do not forget to ask! Oh! and stay tunned for the last post with our Amsterdam (small) city guide sum-up. Kisses from Barcelona!

  4. Mariko ADDS...

    Oh man. Your pictures really make me feel like I am in Amsterdam! The canal! The houses. Swoon. One day I’ll make it there. One day.

    22nd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Mariko!!!! :) :) I’m sure you’ll make it to Amsterdam and I’d love to read your adventures!

  5. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh what a lovely little holiday, I definitely approve of all your kid like adventures, tulips on tables and kittens in windows :) I love that you can see the cook baking a carrot cake, my first guess was that he was juicing a lot of oranges :P I look forward to this last pink post you talk about – ohhh suspense!

    23rd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahaha thanks for the approve! :) I sometimes feel too silly to even publish it here, but well, Dani who is encouraging my behavior, and although it may not seem so much from the pictures, waaay worse than me, is always giving his favorites to those so we have to include them ;) pink and more foolishness next week, hope you like it!

  6. Sally ADDS...

    Looks like such a lovely and super fun break! I’ve not been to Amsterdam for years, would love to go back soon :)

    23rd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sally!! We had a blast during the weekend; it really was lovelier than I anticipated. Did you enjoy your visit back then?

  7. What a gorgeous city and all the places you visited look absolutely amazing… what beautiful aesthetics. Plus, you look adorable! Love your relaxed & pretty outfit! xoxo

    23rd April 2014
    • We reply...

      I loved the mixture of brick buildings, canals and the sweet character of all the people we met. Also having some sunny moments surely brought loveliness to every place! :) As it was a short trip we packed very light, sharing a too small carry-on suitcase with the hubs was not fun ;)

  8. Marlen ADDS...

    I seriously enjoy your photos so, so, so much- you guys capture such beautiful moments. And Europe is amazing, I can’t get over that architecture.

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    23rd April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Marlen for the sweetest comment! :) We loved the architecture in Amsterdam, almost every street was interesting, I appreciate that when visiting a city because you can get lost from the main track for a little and still enjoy it as much.

  9. Sara ADDS...


    25th April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks for your smile Sara! :)

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