Anna + Bernat + Manel

Anna is a long time friend of mine; we met in the college dorm the first year. She once confessed me that I was the first person she met that very first day at the dorm, and she was previously determined to start talking with the first stranger she ran into :) Luckily that stranger was me.

Manel is just her perfect pair, it is a delight to talk with him and he knows absolutely everything about the history and culture of their village.

On November 2012 their precious son Bernat was born and 4 months later we were able to spend a day with them taking some pictures. It was a giddy day for us as it was our first portrait session with a baby.

We hope the results show how lovely this family is!

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  1. Mollie ADDS...

    I love, love your camera angles on this shoot. Hinting at things without saying them out loud, so cool. :) Aaaaaaaaaand what a cute little guy!

    12th August 2013

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