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The cat in love weddings: Maria + Marc

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Maria + Marc wedding - The cat in love
This week has been rough both emotionally and physically thus publishing this post was quite a last minute decision for us, but we finally decided in favour of sharing a little about our work at The cat in love (our photography site), precisely to vindicate this last word: LOVE... Continue reading ⇢


Elena+Eugeni (& big project reveal!)

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Elena+Eugeni - The cat in love
Today we bring great news with one of our favorite photoshoots so far. Although I have been giving some hints here and there I didn't want to share more before everything was ready, and here it is, we are starting our own photography project: The cat in love!... Continue reading ⇢


Maria + Marc

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Maria+Marc - The cat, you and us
Tomorrow we are going to be with this couple celebrating love shooting their wedding. Here you have a (very) few pictures from their engagement session we took at their home... Continue reading ⇢