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Sonia + Julio got married this weekend

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This weekend we were the guests at my cousin Julio's wedding in Madrid, our wedding gift to the couple was their engagement pictures so I would like to share a few with you in case you are curious about how they turned out! Also, read the adventure my wedding speech preparation was!... Continue reading ⇢



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Nathalie+Ricard - The cat, you and us
Hello! Just a quick shout-out to let you know that we published some new pictures at The cat in love website for all of you that are also photography nuts as ourselves.The pictures were taken at Montjuïc, a mountain inside Barcelona, we climbed it up while taking the pictures walking by several city parks and ended up with Barcelona views at the sunset.... Continue reading ⇢


The cat in love weddings: Maria + Marc

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Maria + Marc wedding - The cat in love
This week has been rough both emotionally and physically thus publishing this post was quite a last minute decision for us, but we finally decided in favour of sharing a little about our work at The cat in love (our photography site), precisely to vindicate this last word: LOVE... Continue reading ⇢


3 years

3 years - The cat, you and us
Today is our third wedding anniversary! Yay! I still remember our wedding preparations very vividly and sometimes I get to remember those details with friends that are in the wishlist stage, which is always nice, but no wonder is quite a milestone to celebrate. I think I have that feeling because I start counting our life together... Continue reading ⇢


Elena+Eugeni (& big project reveal!)

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Elena+Eugeni - The cat in love
Today we bring great news with one of our favorite photoshoots so far. Although I have been giving some hints here and there I didn't want to share more before everything was ready, and here it is, we are starting our own photography project: The cat in love!... Continue reading ⇢


Maria + Marc

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Maria+Marc - The cat, you and us
Tomorrow we are going to be with this couple celebrating love shooting their wedding. Here you have a (very) few pictures from their engagement session we took at their home... Continue reading ⇢